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10 True Facts Know About Jang Ki Yong

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Jang Ki Yong has become popular for his awesome acting skills in his dramas. Jang Ki Yong started gaining popularity when Jang Ki Yong played a minor role in the Korean drama go back Couples in 2017.his masculine physique has caught the eyes of many k-drama fans.

10 Facts You May Not Know About Jang Ki Yong

1 He Started As a Model

Jang Ki Yong debuted as a model in 2012 at the 2012 ss general idea-collection show during soul fashion week as a model, he participated in many fashion shows and pictorials Furthermore, he won the fashion model award at the 2014 Asian model awards and best-dressed model at the 2015 Korea’s best dresser swan awards, he debuted as an actor in 2014 drama it’s okay that’s love and gained popularity for his appearance in 2017 drama go back couple know he becomes one of Korean drama lead actors since 2018when he got his first lead role in MBC drama come and hug means for transitioning from a model to a lead actor he said in an interview

“I’m cool-headed when it comes to working I have big ambitions as well even if others say that I did a good job I usually tend to think that it Wasnt that good or that I could have done a better job.”

“People ask me if it’s necessary to be that hard on myself, but this tendency makes it so I don settle for the present.”

2 He Dreamed Become a Model After Seeing Lee Soo Hyuk

On the runways career in the entertainment industry began when he moved from his hometown of Ulsan to Seoul to try out modeling did you know that he wanted to be a model after seeing Lee Soo Hyuk’s fashion show videos after getting the same project with is yuck through the drama born again he revealed in a 2020 interview with esquire

“When I was around 19i saw Soo Hyuk’s fashion show videos and the tv program 7 models I realized that the job of modeling held a certain fascination for me and I thought it was my fate to pursue it.”

“I had a lot of difficulties in persuading my parents to let me come up to Seoul from Ulsan. It goes to show how much I respect Sayaka’s a senior, so it’s a big deal that we’re working together on the same production now.”

“It also shows me how much I’ve grown since then I like that we’re able to talk together while filming it holds a special meaning to work together as an actor with someone who you wanted to be like.”

3 He’s Appeared In Two of Iu’s Music Videos

Jang Ki Yong and Iu worked together in2018 drama my mister but the two had already shared the screen years prior as it turns out he got the opportunity to star in two of the singer’s music videos in 2013namely red shoes and Friday before he even made his acting debut.

4 He Has Been Nicknamed “The Perfect Boyfriend”

The actor has gained huge popularity thanks to his role in KBS 2 drama go back couple. He played a popular upperclassman in the history department, the character has everything from the looks to the background and the dedicated love for the female lead Johnnara.

The actor was a source of the second lead syndrome for many k drama fans and got the nickname the perfect boyfriend. He is the perfect boyfriend that girls dream of in university impressing many as he pulled his umbrella over john Nara who was standing in the rain after the drama the age range of people who recognized him also expanded to include people in their 30s and 40she explained in an interview with the highcut magazine

“During my modeling, days my fans were mostly teenage school girls. These days when I go out to eat after filming men in their 40s stopped to say hello.”

“And sometimes, during on-location shoots, grandmothers in their 70s and 80s will greet me warmly. It’s has given me a stronger desire to show a more actor-like image.”


5 He Booked 3 Consecutive Lead Roles From 2019 to 2020.

It’s safe to say that his career positively took off after his award-winning run come and hug me the actor was booked and busy just a year later as he top-billed three consecutive k dramas including the 2019’s thriller drama killed the 2019’s female-led romance-drama search www and the 2020s mystery drama born again in this year alone 2021 he has got two series and a movie as lead roles.

6 He Can Sing And Rap

Jang Ki Yong has expressed in past interviews how he loves to sing and rap when he gets the chance even while busily filming dramas. He revealed that he often practiced singing at coin karaoke room singing is a hobby that he likes to indulge in and he was even able to showcase these natural skills in various shows in 2016. He was on the second season of the reality program called the tribe of hip-hop and he did a cover of tops song doom dada, Jang Ki Yong also showed his singing and rapping skill when he appeared on you he Yul’s sketchbook in 2020

7 He Was Timid And Introverted

The actor had admitted that Jang Ki Yong was incredibly shy but as he started to model it brought out more confidence in a 2019 interview with GQ Korea he explained

“I was really timid and introverted when I was young. I was a child who feared talking in front of others, and talking alone with someone like this was unimaginable.”

“My personality slowly began to change after I stood in front of people as a model and while doing this job (as an actor).”

My Mister

8 He Likes To Go Walking Every Day

We’re not just talking about your casual stroll from your couch to your fridge for Jang Ki Yong walking is a serious activity which he treats his exercise, he developed a habit at a young age, when he would go hiking with his family every weekend apart from the obvious physical benefits the actor takes advantage of his daily walking routine to clear his mind in an interview with GQ Korea Jang Ki Yong said

“When I’m worried about something and just home without doing anything the worry gets bigger and I can’t think straight but if I get some fresh air and walk amongst people my thoughts feel lighter the same worry doesn’t feel heavy.”

“I walk without thinking and talk to myself. I then began to wonder if it was something that I needed to worry about to that extent.”

Jang Ki Yong shared in an interview with Vogue that when he’s lonely he enjoys walking along the Han River while listening to music.

9 He Loves Taking up Active Hobbies

Considering that he walks almost every day it should come as no surprise that he leads an active lifestyle in fact the former model loves taking up new hobbies which are more often than not related to various sports in separate interviews he has mentioned trying out a range of activities from skiing to boxing to mixed martial arts.

10 He’s Different From What People Expect In Real Life

Sometimes played cold and dark characters in dramas, he is quite different in real life in an interview with cosmopolitan he revealed that a lot of people say that they didn’t expect him to be the way he is when they meet him he also added

“I am really shy at first, but once I get to know you, I’m quick to smile, play around, and I like physical contact.”


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