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Atlantic Crossing Season 2 Release Date Review

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Arranged during World War II, the ‘Atlantic Crossing’ is a historical drama depicting a time when the Queen of Crown Märtha of Sweden was struggling to liberate her country and her marriage under the desperate conditions created by the war. Created by Alexander Eik, the series highlights the time when Martha was a fugitive from the White House after the Nazis invaded Norway in 1940.

The controversial presence of Crown Princess in her residence alters the perception of President Franklin Roosevelt about the brutality of the war in Europe. This has a profound effect on the politics of his country. His decision to support Norway becomes the first step in sending the US to the camp. After watching the first season of the series, you should be curious about what’s to come. If so, here’s what we all know about ‘Atlantic Crossing’ season 2!

Atlantic Crossing Season 2 Release Date

Atlantic Crossing

Season 1 of ‘Atlantic Crossing’ premiered on April 4, 2021, as part of the ‘Masterpiece Theater’ on PBS and wrapped up on May 23, 2021. The series consists of eight episodes, each with a working time of 60 minutes. Prior to the release of stateside, it began rolling out on October 25, 2020, on a Norwegian broadcasting network called NRK. With its beautiful appearance and intriguing storytelling, the show impressed the audience everywhere. This naturally raised many questions about its renewal.

As for the second season, we know the following details. First, ‘Atlantic Crossing’ is basically a miniseries, which usually conceives only a limited number of episodes and does not exceed the first season. So it is unlikely that the show will release. Second, although some would argue that the structure of this historic game is similar to Netflix’s The Crown, ‘an account of the many seasons of Queen Elizabeth’s activities as king of England, the creators always aimed at making Atlantic Crossing’ one-season show.

In addition, the series is made in a way that completes its narrative towards the end of the first season. So it is useless to trust any more than the eight current episodes. The author and founder of the series Alexander Eik noted that the series was inspired by real events in the 1940s with the arrival of World War II. It can be pointed out that the basis of this play is too broad to be included in eight episodes, which is why it had to be extended to the standard series. However, he also clarified that they were able to combine five years of war history into an eight-hour match.

The creators simplified real-life events to fit the needs of the series format while trying to be as historically accurate as possible. So, from now on, ‘Atlantic Crossing’ season 2 is officially completed. But if the end of the show has left you wanting more, you can look at another Masterpiece PBS, ‘World on Fire,’ based on World War II. This series records remarkable moments in battle for five different purposes. Unlike ‘Atlantic Crossing,’ the latter are not machines. You can also check out Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ if you taste a women’s drama scene focused on women who have changed the course of social and economic politics.


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