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Top 10 Best Action Anime Series To Watch All Time

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The Action anime series is one of the most-watched anime genres. This is because the way the action is portrayed in the anime is quite different. The action scenes are cool and ‘over’. This is emphasized by other unfamiliar characters, the concept of power levels, hidden power, and other things. We all loved it when Ichigo unveiled his Bankai for the first time or when Goku switched to Super Saiyan 3.

So, what are some of the best action anime series acts out there one can watch? To know, keep reading this list of top anime action movies and shows. I’ve tried skipping the famous ones like ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Naruto’ to make sure some of the lesser-known anime made the list. You can watch some of these great acts on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, YouTube, or Amazon Prime. The list also includes the best action anime series.

10 Best Action Anime Series


10. Witchblade (2006)


Witchblade is one of my favorite action anime series. If you like to watch female characters dressed in anti-evil clothes then this should be a good option for you. Masane is trying to evade the government to prevent his daughter Rihoko from being taken away. But he fails and loses his daughter. He was then attacked by a human-like machine. This awakens the hidden power in him and transforms him into a powerful creature. This allows him to win the machine. The event attracts many organizations looking for his power.


9.  Eureka Seven (2005)


Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven ’is one of the most popular action anime series. Renton has a good standard of living in his hometown, Bell Forest. His grandfather wants to be a mechanic but he wants to find pleasure in his boring life by joining a mercenary group known as the land of Gekko. Her wish is granted when a girl from Gekko province hits a traffic light in her garage. He asks her to fix the robot. Renton did as he was told and joined him as a co-driver of the robots, thus embarking on his journey.

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8. One Piece (1999)


One Piece

One Piece ’is one of the most popular action anime series currently. It has been 20 years since its release in 1999 but it is still doing very well. To date, there have been over 800 episodes in this anime. So, getting into this means you will have to invest in it for a long time. But it’s totally worth it. Anime revolves around a band of robbers called The Straw Hats ’Pirates to its captain Monkey D. Luffy who wants to be the king of thieves by discovering a treasure known as the one-piece hidden by the previous robbery king Gol D.

Roger is somewhere in the Grand Line which is a relatively safe and dangerous place for water. But he is not the only one in the game. Many robbers are behind the pirate king title so they have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Luffy ate Gomu Gomu Fruit, the devil’s fruit that gave him the skills of a rubber man who allowed him to stretch his body to an inhuman length. The show is really fun as it is fun to see a group of people who are not compatible as they go to different events.


7. Bleach (2004)



Bleach is one of the most popular action anime series. Almost all anime viewers know about it. If you are looking for a good, viewer, long-lasting program then go to ‘Bleach’ The anime revolves around the ordinary young Ichigo Kurosaki who has the ability to see ghosts. One day on his way home he came across a sniper named Rukia trying to fight a terrifying creature, later known as the Hollows, who attacked Grandmother’s house.

Rukia is injured and falls to the ground. Now, Ichigo must muster up the courage to accept Rukia’s offer to take his power to defeat this monster in attacking his house. He does that and defeats Hollow and is now Shinigami himself. But Rukia still needs to regain her strength before she can do anything. So, for now, Ichigo is the one who has to take care of all the useless hunting and save the world business. Join him as he goes to various events like shinigami. There are a total of 366 episodes in the anime and each episode is 24 times longer.

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6. Hellsing (2001)



If you want your action anime series to be used on a silver plate full of blood and flowing and adult scale then ‘Hellsing’ is something that might interest you. It is one of the most popular vampire anime out there and has a lot of action and violence. Anime occurs in a world where supernatural beings are one of the greatest threats to human life. The police can do so much more. Therefore, when things went awry they called Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing the leader of the Hellsing organization to reduce the threat. More recently, a vampire has been wreaking havoc on a village named Cheddar.

To overcome the threat Sir Hellsing sends him a very powerful weapon, Alucard, a vampire. He quickly controls things but in the midst of all these gunshots, a young female police officer is seriously injured. Alucard pities him and gives him the opportunity to choose between dying as a human or leaving as a vampire. You choose the last one. But being a nocturnal creature is not easy. Therefore, he trains hard to be a part of the war against supernatural beings.


5. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Tokyo Ghoul

Toyo Ghoul ‘is a truly entertaining horror, a kind of action anime series. It is also high in blood, blood, and violence. So, sign up for that only if you are in these types of things. The manga of ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ has always been very popular and only seemed to get an anime familiarity with it. Anime is happening in Tokyo where people are facing a big problem. Ghouls have begun to live among the people. They have the power to unite people as they look like us. Ghouls have been a major cause of death and cannibalism. Ken Kaneki is an ordinary boy who enjoys reading books and going to the library.

So when the girl asks her out on a date, she decides to take him to her favorite study. But when he comes back from their days he finds out that the girl is actually a ghoul and attacks her but an accident happens and kills both of them. Kaneki wakes up in the hospital and learns that they had inserted a girl’s limbs inside her since her limbs were injured in the accident. Now, Ken has become a human-ghoul hybrid which is an anomaly in both species. Therefore, he should try his best to hide and protect himself in both worlds.

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4. Dragon Ball (1986)


Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball ‘is one of the most popular action anime series franchises whose popularity has transcended the boundaries of entertainment media. It is one of the largest-running action anime series. Anime is best known for a series of action-packed characters that try to strike each other with light rays. Fighting in this anime is pretty much what we expected from a genre of karate genre anime. The franchise began back in the 80s when the main character Goku was a young child. Bulma is trying to find and collect all the dragon balls and it seems Goku has them.

He asks Goku to give him the ball and join him in his many events. The show is one of the pioneers in making electricity levels a reality. It also follows the simple format it has been following so far. The main characters have to face a new enemy stronger than them. So guess how they go about training in order to improve their strengths and kick the asses of good enemies. If you want to watch anime then I would suggest you start at the beginning and gradually build your way to the top.


3. My Hero Academia (2016)


My Hero Academia

The superhero genre is one of the hottest genres right now in any genre of entertainment. It could be movies, television programs, comedy, cartoons, etc. Type is turned on. So, it’s just right that anime has its own good products when it comes to the superhero genre, right? Yes, that’s the answer. Today the two best and most popular action anime series come from the genre of superhero viz. ‘Boku no Hero Academia’, and ‘One-Punch Man’. We’ll talk about ‘One Punch Man’ later. For now, let’s focus on ‘Boku and Hero Academia’.

The people in this action anime series started developing quirks that gave them superhuman abilities. But such a powerful force brought on criminals as well. Therefore, to stop these superhuman criminals we have our heroes working for the government.

Being Quirkless is rare these days but it turns out that Midori Izuku is one of the rarest creatures. Quirkless and his dreams of becoming a great hero like his All Might motivation seem to be in vain until he finally meets him a few times and learns that his quirk is something one can inherit. Though he has never stopped being a hero he has gained new confidence in these issues and is starting to train hard so that he can gain, support, and use power.

2. Attack on Titan (2013)


Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is one of my best action anime series. Humans have been forced to the brink of extinction after being eaten and regularly attacked by the Titans, giant beasts with human-like appearances. Eren Yeager vows to join Survey Corps after seeing his mother’s death at Titan’s hands. He is joined by his adopted sister Mikasa and childhood friend Armin. You start training and learning 3D navigation techniques to defeat Titan but you have a secret that can change the fate of humanity.

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1. Naruto (2004)



Naruto is one of my favorite action anime series. It’s one of the first action anime series I’ve ever watched. It is one of the most popular action anime series out there. But if you want to watch this you need to drag it long because the whole tv series has 450+ episodes including ‘Naruto’ and ‘Naruto: Shippuden’. The anime surrounds a young ninja who loves to create trouble and is hated by the locals. He is an orphan. People keep their children away from him. Years, before his birth a nine-tailed fox appeared and began wreaking havoc on the village.

To protect the local people Hokage at that time decides to shut down the demonic spirit inside Naruto. He wants to be seen as a hero but instead, people ostracize him. But this will not stop Naruto because he wants to be the biggest ninja and be the Hokage of his village. The action anime series follows his self-sacrifice as he moves from being a rebel to being the greatest hero of his generation.

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