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10 True Facts About Park Bo Young

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Park Bo Young is a well-known South Korean actress who has made a mark in both films and television earning huge acclaim in a career, spanning over a decade her big break came with the 2008 south Korean film scandal makers counted among the biggest hits of Korean cinema, that not only shot her to limelight but also garnered her huge acclaim basking with the success of the film and continuing with other projects.

Park Bo Young got entangled with several disputes with a film production company as also with the management agency, she was associated with resulting in a number of lawsuits her the second innings saw her doing several notable projects including films like a werewolf boy and the silenced and tv series like oh my ghost and strong woman Dubong soon bringing her back to the limelight


Here Are 10 Things You May Not Know About Park Bo Young

1. Her Real Age

Many people had mistaken her real age many thought that park is really young given her short height cute baby face and cute overall appearance in fact her real age will come as a shock to you she was born on February 12, 1990, and has a face like a teenager although she is in her 30s.

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2. She Made Her official Debut In 2006.

Pocstarred in the youth series secret campus along with now top starry Mino the drama which aired on EBS educational broadcasting station ran for a total of 24 episodes and centered on the lives and relationships of six students after debuting in 2006 park rise to fame came two years later in the movie scandal makers starting opposite chateau Yun


3. She Was Bullied In School

During sports, Danga’s interview in April 2017 she opened up about what she had gone through back when Park Bo Young was a student for the very first time she acted in a short movie that her video production club made in middle school after participating in the project she took acting classes for a few years and auditioned for several roles once she entered high school she officially made her debut in EBS’s secret campus in 2006.

Park Bo Young explained that due to jealousy from her fellow schoolmates they began to treat her differently she revealed

“It was not because I was pretty. There were no actors and actresses in my neighborhood back then, so I got attention just for being an actress.”

“Some kids would deliberately knock shoulders with me while passing by. Students from other classes put trash all over my desk and seat.”

“There were some friends who wanted to protect me. They would try to clean it up for me.”

When she got cast in an EBS teen drama her teacher tried to put up the poster she was scared that it would only make the bullying worse so she broke down into tears and begged her teacher to take it down upon seeing the poster she also revealed that people around her were saying things like

“Park Bo Young is becoming a celebrity? I guess I can become one too.”

Also, she added that a lot of acting academies had opened up in her hometown soon after her debut.

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4. Her First Ever Kiss Scene Was With Jo Jung Suk

Park Bo Young has been absent from drama and for a whole seven years before she decided to start in TVn’s drama “oh my ghost” many fans have been very vocal about wanting her to be in another drama and their wishes came true when reports confirmed her addition to the romantic comedy-drama.

Park Bo Young also has never had a kiss seen in any of her previous projects before the 2015 drama making the drama a truly historic moment for her and her fans since then she has continued to show kiss scenes in some of her romantic projects.


5. Kiss Is A Taboo Subject For Her Family


Park Bo Younge held an interview in 2017 to talk about her drama strong woman bong soon she was asked how she felt about the many kiss scenes in the drama and mentioned that Park Bo Young feels like she improved at acting out kiss scene she replied

“Does it look like I improved?”

“My parents were surprised seeing my first kiss seen in my last drama (Oh My Ghost). This time, I didn’t tell them that there would be a kiss scene. It seems like it’s a taboo subject with them.”


6. She Hates Horror Films

Sounds a bit ironic considering she starred in 2012, horror film don’t click she said she does not care for the genre despite not liking horror, she gained positive reviews for her role in the film she also starred in the mystery, thriller the silenced as a sickly young girl who gets transferred to a girl boarding school to recover her health for her role in the movie.

Park Bo Young received her favorite actress at the 15th Korea world youth film festival and popularity star award at 36blue dragon film awards.


7. Injuries

Park Bo Young went for a surgical procedure for her ankles in June 2017 and revealed that she sustained the injury while exercising since she was filming strong woman do bong soon at the time details of her injury remained private in November 2019 her agency shared that the actress received treatment after injuring her arm while filming in the past and she received surgery to remove the scar on her arm she personally talked to fans about her injury through a v live broadcast saying

“My arm is injured. I hurt it a long time ago, but I haven’t been able to treat it. I’ve finally gotten around to treating it now”

“I should be wearing a cast, but I took it off for today. They said I have to wear a cast for about six months. You might see me walking around outside with a cast.”

After hiatus for nearly two years, she came back on screen through the tv drama doom at your service in May 2021


8. She’s Musically Talented

Park Bo Young

Sometimes it’s surprising to know that our favorite actors are not only skilled on screen but have other talents outside of their main occupation pock is known to play piano and guitar and she’s also a good singer her song was featured in the original soundtracks of some movies and dramas she starred init seems music also runs in the family her older sister is a music and piano teacher.


9. Her Thoughts About Marriage

In a neighbor v live broadcast for her movie on your wedding day, she was asked when she wanted to get married and she revealed that Park Bo Young has no thoughts of getting married at the time she also stated

“I may not be considering it yet, but even if I were to, I would get married when I’m much older.”

“When I was a student, I thought I would get married at a young age. I also thought things would be stable if I marry, but right now, I want to enjoy my current lifestyle.”

“However, other people tell me that someone who will change these thoughts will appear.”

As for her ideal ceremony she is dreaming of a small wedding and wants her future husband to be the one to put on a celebratory performance instead of someone else

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10. She Just Launches Her official Instagram Account

On April 26, 2021, Park Bo Young launched her Instagram account and uploaded her first post she wrote in the caption

“Hi, Instagram.”

Though her account doesn’t have the Instagram verified sticker yet her agency BH entertainment has reposted her post proving the authenticity of the account her Instagram bio also reads

“This Instagram account is run by BH Entertainment and Park Bo Young go follow her right away.”

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