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10 Sexy Netflix Shows of All Time To Watch Now

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Sexy Netflix Shows of All Time, feeling hot and bothered in the mood for a steamy show something that gets your heart racing here are 10 Sexy Netflix Shows you can watch right now.

I don’t know about you but there something about Sexy Netflix Shows that reels me in yet leaves me wanting more every episode thanks to Netflix the streaming options are endless for shows that bring heated drama and much-needed romance to the screen if you want more amazing top 10s like Sexy Netflix Shows.

10 Sexy Netflix Shows of All Time


10. Marvel’s Luke Cage (2016)


Luke Cage

If you’re a fan of Jessica Jones you will love Luke Cage you may have seen him get hot and heavy with Jones in her sexy Netflix shows but now after their breakup.

He’s got a show of his own and plenty of sex to go along with it for those previously unfamiliar with the Marvel Universe character, Cage is a man with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin. basically, the guy’s invincible and so is his ability to take multitudes of women to bed they take their time with these sex scenes you’ll see lots of douche so for those who really want to see it all go down this one for you.


9. Gypsy (2017)



These Sexy Netflix Shows original actors Naomi Watts as the so-called gypsy follows genie a therapist in the United States who is unorthodox practices in practice, actually, she’s pretty kosher, she asks the good questions.

She has the calming voice of your average therapist outside the office she’s more off-kilter she’s desperate to emerge from the confines of suburban life and explore her primal urges as are the other leading players in her life her daughter dolly is grappling with gender dysphoria and her husband is straining under the weight of an enormous workload in an all too sexy personal assistant.


8.  Too Hot To Handle (2020)


Too Hot To Handle

Ten hot young songs from all over the world come together in a tropical paradise in what they think will be a unique and sensual summer in their lives but there is a deviation from these committed people, who love extraordinary connections will have to give up all sexual desires for every withdrawal.

If they want to win the $100,000 grand prize no kissing no heavy petting and no self-gratification of any kind with every slip the prize money goes down in this luxury no bone zone will these contestants stay focused on that grand prize or will the temptation simply be too hot to handle?


7.  Sex Education (2019)


Sex Education

When the son of sex the rapist Otis played by Asa Butterfield decides to start an underground sex therapy clinic with one of the most 12 verse girls in school. He uses his own personal knowledge to help people with their relationships and ultimately helps himself overcome.

His own sexual frustrations each episode of this delightful comedy begins with a sex scene most of which are awkward and deliberately so bogus as a Butterfield starts a pop-up sex therapy service to help his classmates out the show’s most memorable sex scene comes when Adam and Eric’s contentious relationship gives way to something else.


6.  Jessica Jones (2015)


Jessica Jones

Adult female superheroine series Jessica Jones features tons of super hot super heavy sex between heroes Jessica Jones played by Kristen Ritter and Luke Cage played by Mike Colter later on in the series. Sex is so good breaking the bed literally for anyone interested, that happens in episode three.

But we have a fondness for the first time they ever got it on about halfway through the first episode in an epic hump fest that’s long loud and incredibly sexy if you want to watch (Sexy Netflix Shows) a badass woman effortlessly kicks criminal but with her superhuman strength as she processes her troubled past and gets hot and steamy with her side characters then tune into Jessica Jones.


5.  Elite (2018)



Elite early on someone gets murdered and no one knows who is dead or who did it but they do know that there’s a lot of tension and most of it is sexual in this hot teen drama. These teens are definitely not focusing on their homework this semester.

The first episode alone has two different adventurous pairings one couple who decides to try the school shower and another couple who invites a new student into their relationship dynamic, if you love watching steamy encounters catfights and a who did it murder mystery then this teen drama will keep your eyes glued to your screen.


4.  She Gotta Have It (2017)


She Gotta Have It

You have Jon’s latest Spike Lee is not the first single of his 1986 film, he found it on sexy Netflix re-enacting Lee throwing himself into the characters. He created over 30 years ago in a 10 episode series that soaks in every inch of Brooklyn while telling the stories of the melon and rich characters.

Who lives there even so truly not enough words can be said to describe the show’s main character Noah darling is a sexy strong independent black woman that explores any sexual encounter.

She pleases without fear and judgment which makes for hot and sexy scenes she’s arguably the heroine all women need an inaccurate representation of the millennial woman which is nothing short of refreshing. Sexy Netflix Shows.

Here are some Sexy Netflix Shows honorable mentions.

Riverdale (2017)



imagined Twin Peaks Meets The OC and you’ll understand what the stark teen soap encompasses when they’re not cracking the mysteries and secrets that plagued their town Archie and his friends try to figure out their own romantic drama Riverdale definitely puts a sexy spin on the wholesome light-hearted Archie comics from your childhood


The Vampire Diaries (2009)


vampire diaries

You may think of it as a teen show but it’s about the passion of love Damon longs for Elena and each look at almost every touch sends a shiver down your spine when you’re not in foreplay well there is a lot that leads you to something cool about vampire sex being supernatural. Sexy Netflix Shows.

so they can throw each other around really not much biting but there are a lot of men who don’t have a shirt and women who are a little dressed so come on teenage romance to get hookups


Shameless (2011)



The beautiful Emmy Rossum and strangely sexy William HMacy this incredibly raunchy and hilarious series follow a woman attempting to keep her life her relationships and her five younger siblings together in the south side of Chicago while her bumbling alcoholic father continuously wreaks havoc on them all. Sexy Netflix Shows.


3. You (2018)



When you first see books to her manager Joe Goldberg you see an innocent young man who wouldn’t even harm a fly but then it begins he meets writer Guinevere beck for the first time in a seductive slow-motion shot and is instantly drawn to her.

His infatuation begins she begins to obsess over her and Beck who seemingly does not own any curtain because Joe keeps on her getting intimate with her douchey boyfriend Joe soon replaces him and this is where the story gets hot steamy and creepy the show you really Sexy Netflix Shows the audience to be careful who you potentially date.


2. Dear White People (2017)


Dear White People

Lovely white people who do not stand up for what they believe in colored students at this Ivy League university roam through the trials and tribulations of college life while experiencing a few sexual encounters along the way.

While a satirical comedy-drama at heart dear white people also depicts collegiate relationships and hookups with a generous stash of sexiness, if you’re looking for an intellectual conversation on race relations with hot attractive young adults watch to your white people.

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1. Troy Fall of A City (2018)


Troy Fall of A City

Troy Fall of the City oo Netflix brought in these swords and sandals to show off the beach to watch your pleasure in the emphasis on fun, the show its first sweet sex scene in the first five minutes of the premiere, and things arouse more passion in Paris Helen and Achilles from there.

this Sexy Netflix Shows might just make Netflix and Chilla thing again this romantic and very dramatic series tells the epic story of everything that led up to the historic trojan War hint it involves love secret temptation sex intrigue and the ultimate betrayal well that’s it for the Sexy Netflix Shows to watch on Netflix right now 

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