Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moments At Award Shows

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Today, I will tell you about 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moments At Award Shows. These celebrities destroyed their careers at award shows might be a little dramatic but these Embarrassing Celebrity Moments are hard to forget and some of them impacted their careers in a negative way some are enough to get canceled while other ones were just innocent flubs that could have happened to any of us.

10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

10.  Steve Harvey


Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey has many years of hosting on his resume so he was the perfect candidate to host the 2015 miss universe pageant but even with years of experience that was not enough to prevent this from happening.

He went to announce the winner of the national contest but accidentally said 

The wrong person, he was just reading from a card and didn’t notice it until after the whole crowd and miss universe was already celebrating her win like she literally had the crown on her head already, he then had to announce to everyone that she was not the winner and it was just incredibly awkward and embarrassing

It was hard to even witness and watch the clip he came under a lot of fire for the mistake and people were even booing him while he was on stage they even had to awkwardly remove the crown from Miss Colombia and then put it on miss Philippines head and it was just one of like the most cringe-worthy moments.

I’ve ever seen happen at an award show steve, of course, took full responsibility and said that he read the card wrong but people were not happy about it sliding.


9. John Travolta


John Travolta

John Travolta can’t blame this mistake on reading a card wrong this mistake is something he had to take full responsibility for we’re not sure how it happened but Jon was in charge of introducing an artist at the 2014 Oscar award siding a Menzel was performing.

Her iconic song let it go from the Disney movie frozen which actually went on to win the Oscar for the best original song so her performance was a big deal and one that she’s performer would probably always remember except, she won’t because Jon did not say her name when he announced her performance.

He didn’t say a name but it wasn’t her I’m not sure what explanation he had but he mispronounced her name and said something completely different the announced her as adele Dazeem her name is Idina Menzel he did apologize to her after the awards and they went on to make a joke out of it at a future oscar award show.

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8.  Neil Patrick Harris


Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick harris the Oscars are one of the biggest awards shows in the industry and safe to say that all celebrities dress up for the evening wearing long gowns and tailored suits, but Neil had a different attire in mind for the evening and went on stage in nothing.

But his underwear he did a sketch that was a spoof from the best picture winner Birdman and it ended with him in a little white brief facing the audience in his underwear people were shocked as some would say the Oscars might not have been the time and place for something like that.

But some people still had a good laugh people were probably just worried about how he would behave at future talk shows if he was asked to host or announce another winner it probably wasn’t the most appropriate choice for the event but he did it with confidence cruising.


7. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga

Lady gaga her meat dress has gone down in history for a few different reasons and if you don’t know what I’m telling about let me fill you in or refresh your memory lady gaga showed up at the 2010 MTV music awards in a dress that was made out of raw meat not only the dress but she had a matching headpiece and boots.

That was also red bloody looking raw meat a lot of people were offended by it especially vegetarians and vegans as you can imagine animal rights activists were also disgusted and angry about her decision and she had a lot of explaining to do in the media.

After that, she went on the Ellen Degeneres show after the awards and said it was no disrespect to anyone who is vegan or vegetarian and said it was tied to her protest against the military don’t ask don’t tell policy.

She also explained that it went with her recent cover for vogue japan where she wore a meat bikini to symbolize that she is not a piece of meat although she wearing a piece of meat while people could appreciate the message that she was trying to put out there there may have been a better way of going about it

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6.  Katy Perry


Katy Perry

She definitely stole the show at the the2008 Latin American awards and all for the wrong reasons she is known for being an epic performer who usually has a lot of fun costumes and props incorporated into her performances so when she showed up to the awards and brought a giant cake on stage during her performance people weren’t that surprised.

But they were surprised with what happened as the song went on she started by standing above the giant pink cake which was real by the way and during the song she jumps on it doing a belly flop directly into the cake after she climbed out of the cake.

She could not walk or stand because she was covered in icing and kept slipping her guitar player was trying to help her stand up but every time she got up she fell again she ended up having to crawl off the stage


5.  Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to an artist is dropping the award when winning it a speech can be enough pressure when you win an award having to walk up on stage and gracefully put it into words.

It means to you while an entire crowd watches you and the world watch you behind their screen Kristin won best female performance at the 2009 MTV movie awards and won herself a golden popcorn statue, while she was accepting her award.

She ended up dropping her golden popcorn statue and it broke viewers gasp and it was just very awkward and an embarrassing moment to watch but she did handle it with grace the woman in charge of handling the trophies Susanna Delarosa said they actually shipped the awards back to new york before the artist actually gets them to engrave them so Kristin did receive anew one that was not broken up.

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4. Jennifer Lawrence less


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence less her heart she had one of the most embarrassing moments captured on camera for the world to see but she did handle it like a champ it was at the oscar awards when she was called up on stage to receive the best actress award for her role in the silver lining playbook.

That’s the moment that every artist probably dreams about and like plans out in their head how they would do it she could have rehearsed winning the award as many times as she wanted but it still wasn’t enough to prevent her fall from happening that is right as she was walking upstairs on the stage to get her reward.

She tripped and fell down she ended up just staying on the stairs for a minute on the ground just laughing to herself and covering her face from the camera after the award she explained “what happened” and said that she remembers her stylist telling her to kick and walk meaning kick.

The dress out while you walk and she just got distracted and forgot the dress tucked under her feet and she went down it was pretty much game over from the retaking over.


3. Madonna



Madonna speaking of falling another beautiful woman, who happened to fall during the worst time possible in front of the whole world. This one was painful to watch for a few reasons one because it is so embarrassing and you just feel so bad for her and two because she fell down a set of stairs backward.

Which we can imagine would be very painful it was during her performance at the 2015 brit awards when she was wearing a cape that was apparently tied too tight around her neck what was supposed to happen was, she was going to untie the cape at the top of the stairs and the dancers were to pull the cape off of her from the bottom of the stairs well they did that but the cape did not come undone madonna later explained what happened and said she was told to tie the cape tighter.

So that it wouldn’t fall off throughout the performance so when she went to untie it, it did not come undone but the dancers were pulling it so they basically strangled her and yanked her backwards and that is how she felt she ended up hitting the back of her head on the floor and had whiplash from it she was okay but she did vow to never perform using a cape ever again sliding.


2.  Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus her 2013 VMAs performance with Robin Thicke was one of the most talked-about performances of all time, it caused a ton of controversy way more than anyone ever expected Miley went on stage in a skin-colored two-piece and twerked on Robin Thicke while holding a giant foam finger.

That’s just like a little piece of the whole performance so go watches it people threw Miley in the fire for her outfit her actions, which were pretty provocative, and dancing on robin who was a married man. when she received heat for it

She explained they were both in rehearsals prior to that and said that he had no problem with the twerking and choreography so it didn’t make sense that she was just getting heat for the fact that he is married the performance was one to remember to say the least and if you have not seen it go watch it’s pretty epic earning.

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1. Kanye West


Kanye West

Kanye West was back in 2009 at the MTV awards when Kanye did the unthinkable and started a feud that lasted for a decade Taylor swift woman award which she was really excited about but then Kanye had to take that excitement away from her while.

She was giving her acceptance speech Kanye climbed on the stage took the mic from her and announced to everyone that he thinks Beyonce should have won the award, he let everyone know that Beyonce music video put a ring on it was one of the best videos of all time.

The audience was in complete shock including Beyonce who just looked completely mortified and embarrassed Taylor looked shocked and honestly didn’t even know what to say Beyonce later apologized to Taylor on Kanye’s behalf because she had nothing to do with it and was happy for Taylor receiving her award Kanye. Embarrassing Celebrity Moments.

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