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25 Anime Series of All Time If You Love “Naruto”

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Best Anime Series of All Time. Despite having the right number of critics, ‘Naruto’ is one of the most popular anime series ever made. It started in Konoha village where the Fourth Hokage was supposed to shut down the Demon-Tails Demon Fox inside a newborn boy, giving his life for this.

The boy was none other than Naruto. The exhibits show his historic journey as he strives to gain the recognition and respect of the local people and become the next Hokage. Besides, he also plans to become the most powerful ninja ever to live. But nothing is easy for our hero as he is always struggling inside because of the presence of a demon inside him.

Finally, ‘Naruto’ is the story of the last passing. Not only do we all have “Nine-Tails Fox” trapped inside us in private, but it is the will and determination to face any difficulty of achieving something that makes Naruto so respected. The original Naruto Anime Series consists of 220 episodes in total and contains slogans known as Naruto Shippuden.

With that being said, here is a list of the best anime series like ‘Naruto’ which is our recommendation. You can watch more Anime Series like ‘Naruto’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Crunchyroll and TBS.


25. Eureka Seven (2005)


Eureka Seven

Instead of the fox’s spirit centered on the main character, Eureka Seven portrays a young boy who gains the power to control mechas. As the series begins, Reston Thurston laments his boring life. As usual, when someone was talking about boredom, the pilot, known as Eureka, crashed his mecha into Reston’s room.

So begins an adventure in which a young boy joins a rebel group that is trying to liberate his planet. Like Naruto, Reston grows more confident about himself and his skills with the anime series run.


24. Boruto: Noruto Next Generations (2017)



What makes an anime series like Naruto? What about the one who bore his son, Boruto? The sequel includes the sacrifices of Naruto’s son and other students of the Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Academy. After a quick look at the elderly Boruto, the series returns to the details of how he discovered his skills and the friendships he accumulated during his time at school.

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23. Dr. Stone (2019)


Dr. Stone

When Naruto wants to put his district first, Taiju high school student wants to put humanity first by being removed. He will need help from his friend, who also lost his stone building after everyone became idols.

This is Dr. Stone‘s plan. It looks easy, but there are many obstacles that Taiju and his friend encounter. They grow from them and, then, strengthen their friendship and faith to restore the world’s population.


22. Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)


Yu Yu Hakusho

Like Naruto in his self-proclaimed anime series, 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi on Yu Yu Hakusho was an opposition criminal until one tragic day changed his life forever. After making an unexpected dedication to save the little boy’s life, Yusuke was given another chance in life by the infant ruler of the Spirits of the World.


21. Soul Eater (2008)


Soul Eater

Similar to Naruto and My Hero Academia, Soul Eater is an anime series genre about powerful young actors who learn to control their power in school. What makes Soul Eater unique, however, is its extraordinary layout and stylish design that makes the beautiful world of Death City look like a version of the anime series version of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The anime series revolves around Maka Albarn, a soul-trained trainer, and his live weapon Soul Eater Evans, a punk kid who could be transformed into a Demon Scythe. The two work together as they try to pass the class by eating 99 evil creatures and the soul of one witch.

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20. One Piece (1999)


One Piece

‘One Piece’ is the story of Monkey D. Luffy and his team, who set out on a quest for the famous treasure, One Piece. It’s a classic pirate adventure full of action and a lot of shows as Luffy makes an effort to call himself the king of thieves. ‘

One Episode’ is an ongoing proverb with 842 episodes to date. So if you want to make a long-term commitment to anime, this would be our personal recommendation.


19. Nabari no Ou (2008)


Nabari no Ou

If you have been dragged to ‘Naruto’ because of mysterious ninja using powerful and mysterious methods, you should try ‘Nabari and Ou’ next. This anime series is about ninjas from ninja families and having powerful strategies. The anime has 26 episodes in total and each episode is 24 minutes long. Rokujou Miharu, the lead anime, is 14 years old.

He is quiet and lacks deep emotions and (Anime Series) can sometimes be cruel. Rokujou has a Hijutsu, Shinrabanshou, a powerful process that various ninja families would like to have in order to be able to control Nabari. To protect Miharu from various threats, his English teacher Kumohira and classmate Kouichi, both of them Ninja.

At first, his indifference catches on as Miharu tries not to accept their invitations to the ninja club but after a few accidents, he decides to become a member to ensure his survival. Anime Series.

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18. Blue Exorcist (2011)


Ao no Exorcist

The protagonist of ‘Blue Exorcist’ is almost identical to Naruto. They are both orphans and have dark forces within them that can cause great destruction and as a result, they are isolated from each other. But they do not compromise, but they do their best to be the best version and to protect their friends and family.

Assiah and Gehenna are a world of people and demons in a row. Demons can only enter the human world through materialism. But there is not a vessel strong enough for Satan, so he decides to have children and when the time is right, he will have his son and thus enter into Asia. Rin Okamura, the lead anime actor, is a type of teen who has a problem but it is not uncommon.

However, one day, he is possessed by a host of demons and learns that he is the son of Satan when this man kills his adoptive father. But Rin doesn’t want her fate to be decided yet, so she decides to enroll in an Exorcist academy to gain strength and protect Assiah from demons.


17. Seraph of The End (2015)


Seraph of the End

The reason ‘Seraph of the end’ is on this list is because of the protagonist. Both Naruto and Yuuichirou have similar reasons and want to make things right. They both start out weak but their determination to achieve their goal makes them work harder and stronger.

There are 12 episodes in total for this anime series, each episode 25 minutes long. Anime occurs at a time when there is an unexplained outbreak of the virus. The virus shows murder in anyone over the age of 14. As humans gradually fell, vampires, who had previously been hiding, appeared and decided to take control. They promise to protect people but they need to donate their blood.

Yuuichirou and Mikaela are two orphans. They and other children from the orphanage have been abducted. Mikaela is tired of this and makes an escape plan. But the plan failed and the only survivor was Yuuichirou, who was fired by the Moon Demon Company, an organization determined to fight vampires. This begins Yuuichirou’s training to become one of the rebels.

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16. World Trigger (2014)


World Trigger

World Trigger is an anime with tons of action and works with sci-fi and supernatural elements. Like Naruto, here too, the main characters go through various body modifications while changing their ways. An average shounen anime with seventy-three full themes where each episode is 24 minutes long.

Suddenly the gate of another world opens on Earth. From this gate, a different group of creatures called Neighbors begins to invade the earth and cause destruction.

Traditional weapons do not work with them, so people from a border protection agency, which consists of workers who use special weapons known as Triggers to fight neighbors. Although several years have passed since the gate was opened, Neighbors are still at risk, so training is still underway for members of the Border Defense Agency.

Trainees are not allowed to use their weapons outside the training area. But when a group of Neighbors attacked a boy named Yuuma Kuga, Osamu Mikumo could not sit still so he decided to break the law and attack the creatures. But Yuuma Wonder him by taking down the aliens alone. It turns out that Yuuma is a hidden human-like neighbor and is very powerful.


15. Cells At Work (2018)


Cells At Work

When Naruto wants to do good to the people in his community, even though they don’t like him, Erythrocyte wants to do the same with the body he lives in. He wants to help bring oxygen and nutrients everywhere. However, it is regularly blocked by viruses and other viruses.

Fortunately, he has a partner in Cells at Work. This is a white blood cell called Neutrophil. Although extremely aggressive in repairing these viruses and T-cells, Neutrophil is extremely gentle, especially when interacting with red blood cells.

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14. Ninku (1995)



The anime series ‘Ninku’ gets a place on this list because it is about ninja with powerful strategies that allow them to become badass on the battlefield. Ninku is a ninja family consisting of some very powerful ninjas. During the war, they came close to destroying the monarchy but for some reason, they lost the battle and were forced to hide.

The army of the kings wins the war and by means of propaganda makes the people believe that they are good boys and that the Ninku are the ones who started the war. Fusuke, a strange-looking child, had been the captain of Ninku’s first division.

During the war, the army of the kings took her mother, and now she is about to fetch him. Along the way, he meets some of the chiefs of the Ninku family and meets them. Together they will need to fight the forces that want their system and they can do anything to get them.


13. My Hero Academia (2016)


My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is probably 1 of the most popular anime series currently. If you are a fan of the hero type, then you will surely love this anime. It’s fun and funny as it is a heroic type of simulation. Also, the similarities between the main characters include this anime on this list.

People are starting to develop superhuman skills that they call quirk and as time goes on, most people have these quirks. But like a great power, it comes with great responsibility, and it signifies the coming of the devil who will use his power for evil.

To stop them are heroes who use their quirks to keep the peace and defend the law. Midoriya Izuku has always wanted to be a hero but lacks confidence in her dark opportunities. But after encountering an opportunity for his inspiration for All Might, he learns that the final quirk can be transferred.

Therefore, Midoriya begins training hard to inherit the All Might’s quirk before the entrance exams at UA Academy, which is a champion training center.


12.  Mushibugyou (2013)



Mushibugyou ’is about the act of exterminating the bugs with swords. Yes, the show revolves around people trying to kill giant bugs. Anime takes place in Feudal Japan where suddenly, noisy bugs begin to appear and cause destruction.

Citizens are tired of this and are appealing to the government to help them which is why the Magistrates’ Office is being set up. Jinbee Tsukishima wants to be a sword mastermind like his father but when something happens because of his mistake.

He decides to pay for his actions and join the Insect Magistrate’s Office. The series consists of 26 episodes in total and each episode is twenty-three minutes long.

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11. Black Clover (2017)


Black Clover

Black Clover ’is an ongoing pleasant about 2 boys, Yuno and Asta. The two cannot be separated from birth even though they are very different people. In a world where magical power is everything, Yuno is born with supernatural powers. Asta has no magic gift and should do it for you through physical activity. ‘Black Clover’ is currently available on Hulu as 38 episodes have been released so far.


10.  Basilisk (2005)



Basilisk ‘is also an action-packed anime about ninja. Iga and Kouga are two rival ninja gangs that constantly clash. Then the powerful military commander, Ieyasu, ordered them to stop fighting. In the meantime, the leaders of both nations are in love with one another and want to bring peace to the long-running dispute over marriage, but this has finally led to a rift between them.

Currently, there are two heirs to the shogunate throne and (Anime Series) they challenge each other. Therefore, the top 10 fighters from both nations should fight in a battle for one of the two heirs, the prize being a shogunate favor for many years to come.


9. Saint Seiya (1986)


Saint Seiya


Seiya is an orphan boy who travels to the Sanctuary in Greece to receive a Bronze Cloth worn by the Athena defender. These defenders are known as ‘saints’. The show (Anime Series) is heavily influenced by Greek Mythology and the action is amazing, to say the least. At first, the games were about sports but soon it became a matter of life and death. Santa Seiya’s original series, which aired in the late 80s, features one hundred fourteen busy episodes.

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8. InuYasha (2000)



If you are looking for another demonic anime series with a demonic protagonist living in the symbolic meaning of ancient Japan, then try Inuyasha. Inuyasha is about a fifteen-year-old girl named Kagome Higurashi, who is transported from modern life to the Sengoku period in Japan by an angry demon followed by Shikon Jewel lying inside her.

To save his life, Kagome awakens a powerful demon named Inuyasha to defeat the beast behind him. Amid the chaos, the Shikon Jewel is torn to pieces and scattered throughout the country. Now it is up to Kagome and Inuyasha to pick up the pieces of Shikon Jewel before they fall into the wrong hands.


7. Fairy Tail (2009)


Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail ’is a magical myth set in the world of Fiore where magic exists as an important part of life. Guilds are the centers of all the magical activities around. Lucy Heartfilia, a young maze, wants to become a witch and join one of the most famous guilds known as the Fairy Tail. ‘Fairy Tail’ has one hundred seventy-five episodes.


6. Dragon Ball Z (1989)


Dragon Ball Z

‘Dragon Ball Z’ lasts 5 years after the end of Dragon Ball. Learning about his past history and his original purpose for the earth, our hero Goku defends the world from enemies outside the world. The Dragon Ball Z is very popular and has been one of the most inspiring features of Naruto.

Powerful characters, bright animations, and scary action scenes make the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ very effective, and don’t be surprised when people say it’s the biggest anime ever made, because that’s good.

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5. Katanagatari (2010)



In the world of sword-fighting, Shichika Yasuri Learns Kyotouryuu, the most unique style in which the body of the sword-wielding owner is treated as a sword. When Togame asked for Shichika’s help in collecting twelve special swords they became known as ‘Davidant Blades’. Shichika welcomes and embarks on a journey to stop the heart. ‘Katanagatari’ is one of the most rated anime and has (Anime Series) some amazing images scattered throughout its twelve episodes.


4. Fullmetal Alchemists (2003)


Fullmetal Alchemist

For a scary and brave anime series than Naruto, the Fullmetal Alchemist is the way to go. Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers who, when they were growing up – practiced archenemy in an attempt to resurrect their dead mother and paid dearly for it.

Ed lost his left leg and right arm, while his brother (Anime Series) Al wrapped his soul in blankets after losing his body. Now, working as students of the State Alchemists, the Elric brothers are on a mission to find a respected philosopher, who holds the key to restoring their mutilated corpses.


3. Hunter X Hunter (2011)


Hunter x Hunter

‘Hunter x Hunter’ is about a boy named Gon Freecss who, for the first part of his life, believed his parents were dead but now finds out that his father is alive; not only that but his father is also a very good hunter. He decides to take the Hunter test organized by the Hunter organization to become a hunter like his father.

Like Naruto, ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is a story of strong will and determination to fight obstacles and hardships. The anime series consists of 62 episodes and is often considered one of the best anime series.


2. Bleach (2004)



Ichigo Kurosaki becomes the Reaper of the Soul (a person who protects (Anime Series) souls and puts them at rest). Though reluctant at first, he needs to accomplish his tasks.

He is responsible for fighting evil spirits and for guiding souls who go after death. Although the shows tend to decline slightly after a solid start, they are still viewed at least. ‘Bleach’ has 366 episodes full of some of the best images ever screened.


1.  Attack on Titan (2013)


Attack On Titan

Titans Attack is another popular anime series that has been making some buzz in the anime world recently. The second part of the third season of the anime is hopefully coming out this month. Anime gets a place on this list because of the similarities between the opponents.

Eren becomes an orphan after a large beast kills his mother. He later learns about the confidential power within him. But the secret is far greater than the people around him who do not trust him and therefore fear him. He needs to work hard and try to move forward with his goal of protecting people from the animals around them.

Anime took place about a thousand years ago (Anime Series) when humanoid-like monsters called Titans roamed the Earth and treated humans like fodder. To combat them, humans have developed special combat gear that enables them to navigate better and allows them to strike monsters.

After seeing Titan kill his mother Eren, the main character of the anime promises to join the army and train hard to destroy all the Titans. Watch Best Anime Series.

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