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15 Best Adult Swim Show of All Time

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Adult Swim show and its shows have been a creative addition to the comedy nightclubs. Adult swim shows have had a major impact over the years and have garnered prestige and awards for ingenuity and influence in ways that people may not immediately recognize. Alas, that is the danger of being a program block playing major shows titled Your Pretty Face Is Go To Hell and Assy McGee.

There is no refuse that there has been the best adult swim show over the years, but which of them is great? Given the diversity of the actual program and the humor of its audience, it is unlikely that there will be universal consensus, the leading 15 Adult swim show has provided the world that deserves recognition as the start of the programs.


15. Family Guy (1999)


Family Guy

Best Adult Swim Show. Ick, twisted, politically unjust, and a series of Freakin ‘Sweet cartoons depicting the selfless sacrifice of the unemployed Griffin family. Peter, who is a bully and a patient Lois, has three children. Stewie (a smart but cruel kid who is determined to kill his mother and take over the world), Meg (the oldest, and the most unpopular girl in town), and Chris (the middle child, not very bright but love movies).

The last member of the family is Brian – a talking dog and much more than a pet, keeping Stewie checking him while he drinks Martinis and planning his health problems.


14. Futurama (1999)



Futurama is an animated American science sitcom produced by Matt Groening which was broadcast on Fox from March 28, 1999, to August 10, 2003, and Comedy Central from March 23, 2008, to September 4, 2013. The series follows the sacrifice of Slacker Philip J.

Fry, preserved for 1000 years and revived in the 31st century. Fry got a job at a planetary delivery company, working alongside Leela with one eye and a Bender robot. The show was thought by Groening in the mid-1990s while working on The Simpsons brought David X. Cohen on board to develop the story of the characters and characters in order to put the show on Fox.

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13. Home Movies (1999)


Home Movies

When Home Movies originally started life on UPN, it was canceled after only five episodes and re-released on Adult Swim and billed as its first series in 2001. The legends of Brendon and his young friends impressed the audience, as well as many adults – The directed comedy was certainly more supportive than the Adult Swim shows. The Adult Swim show ended in 2004, but Viewers continue to celebrate it as one of the oldest series of the brand.

The main reason Home Movie on this list comes from who created it, Brendon Small and Loren Bouchard. Small went on to create the popular and popular Adult Swim series of Metalocalypse, and Bouchard also met Home Movies voice actor Hon Benjamin of Fox hit and Bob’s Burgers, favorite adult. There’s a lot more to like about Home Movie than what their creators go into after that, of course, so be sure to check it out.


12. Metalocalypse (2006)



A quick question, how many cartoons out there have produced a decent metal band with an album listed in the Billboard Top 200 list? Aside from the subtle series we don’t know, Metalocalypse is, and Brendon Small’s comedy series about the modern metal band became a hot topic among fans of that genre and many Adult Swim viewers were both shocked and delighted by its violent and disrespectful comics.

The detective band Dethklok was just as big as the series, and Small toured with other well-known metal bands Mastodon and High On Fire during the performance of the show. To this day, fans are still begging for it to come back until Adult Swim chases after those hopes so that others can enjoy it. Fans can still eat four season-ending special seasons that appeared between 2006 and 2013, but for now, that turns out the series is not coming back.


11. Sealab (2021)



First, to the launch of Adult Swim, 4 shows by Williams Street began. 1 of them was Sealab 2021, with the first 3 episodes broadcast in December 2020. The series mixed Hanna-Barbera’s Sealab 2020 cartoons from 1970 with original illustrations.

The show stirred people’s minds and set the tone for the Adult Swim show. There was nothing exactly like every episode, and certainly, nothing came close to continuing between episodes. The characters used to die with their base being beaten many times over.

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10. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job (2007)


Tim and Eric


A divisive selection of others, to be sure, but the influence of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim in today’s comedy about Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! undeniable. Since its inception in 2007, advertisers and YouTubers alike have imitated the duo’s unique comedy genre in addition to the unique editing the series became very powerful

Tim and Eric Show Awesome, Good job! it also managed to compete with a number of talented and comedian actors for its show, bringing everyone from Will Ferrell to Tommy Wiseau very late at night on Adult Swim. Spark a spark, Check it out! And Dr. Steve Brule, and we got its feature, Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.

The series officially bid farewell in 2010 but the success of Heidecker and Wahaim in Hollywood continues to this day.


9. Mike Tyson Mysteries (2014)


Mike Tyson Mysteries

This is one of those signs where you keep asking yourself, “Why am I watching this?” and immediately add another episode. The series focuses on former Heavyweight champion, “Iron” Mike Tyson, retiring.

The doves bring her mysteries to solve with the help of her adopted daughter, the ghost of the Queensbury Marquis, and the talking dove. This is an inevitable part of making things worse, worse. The key to this series is the fact that Mike Tyson actually expresses his character without pleading.

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8. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law (2000)


Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law

Like Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Harvey Birdman, Legal Advocate was an Adult Swim series that took the old characters of Hanna-Barbera the generation that grew up with them and made them the most-watched audience of adults. In the case of Harvey Birdman, a lawyer who turned out to be a lawyer was often assigned to protect the actors from any legal issues that might arise.

The first run ran from 2001 to 2007, although Harvey Birdman recently returned with Harvey Birdman: Attorney General in 2018, it was reported that Birdgirl had just been announced and instructed to do the series. With a legacy that has lasted so long and looks set to start again, it’s no surprise that this Adult Swim show makes this list.


7. Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000)


Aqua Teen Hunger Force

One of the surreal initiatives that put adult swimming on the map, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force may not need to be introduced to many fans of the blockchain program.

The show began in 2002, and at the time of its cancellation in 2015, it was the longest-running Adult Swim show. Who would have thought that the show that started the Space Ghost Coast To Coast entertainment tv show would have such legs?

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been another Adult Swim movie discovery series, and one of the few shows to get its characters to live in the Adult Swim branding. Meatwad, Frylock, Master Shake, and especially Carl have consolidated their legacy as icons of Adult Swim show, and their imperfections will remain timeless mainly due to the foundation of this series.

As a side note, the success of the show is particularly impressive as it leaves the character’s perspective as a crime fighter at the beginning of the series.

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6. The Eric Andre Show (2012)


The Eric Andre Show

In the event that there was an Adult Swim show that could best be described as a “flu dream,” Eric Andre Show was. Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress’s conversation with the leading speakers went out of the way, often with no one downstairs who sometimes didn’t know where to go. This has created an unpleasant and funny joke that the series has grown since its inception in 2012.

The Legalize Ranch to the Let Me In a meme, Eric Andre series has established himself as one of Adult Swim’s show most famous games among fans. Season 5 is scheduled to take place, although the bulk of Season 4 was broadcast in 2016, so it can’t be said when the new season could come.


5. Frisky Dingo (2006)


Frisky Dingo

While this was not the greatest achievement of Adam Reed’s creation, Frisky Dingo was one of his greatest talents. It focuses on Killface, a powerless boss who tried to destroy the world but was interrupted by the insignificant giant Awesome X, real name Xander Crews.

The first season focused on Killface’s failed attempt to destroy the world while the second season focused on him using the fall of the event as the basis for his campaign to become President of America.

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4. Rick And Morty (2013)


Rick And Morty

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s science fiction sitcom quickly caught a cultural zeitgeist and tried to strangle it. Calling Rick and Morty black is a trivial matter, but it is that darkness that brings out the humor. Rick’s relentless attack on hope amplifies the series as he cunningly tries to exploit the whole situation to his advantage.

Luckily, he has Morty to make him human. Unique characters and catchy tricks that keep fans coming back for more, as well as hitting the social media over and over to ask when the new season is coming.


3. The Boondocks (2005)


The Boondocks

Best Adult Swim Show. Originally a comedy line of the same name that ran from 1996 to 2006, creator Aaron McGruder transformed it into an animated series of Adult Swim in 2005.

The focus was on the Freemans, a black family that was moving to a white area, especially Woodcrest. With a never-ending look at slander and ridicule, the series explores various issues related to blackness in a world that generally does not accept blackness. Boondocks made you laugh while you often argued in the right way.


2. The Venture Bros (2004)


The Venture Bros

There is an argument to be made that this is one of the best programs in the history of television. Venture Bros. brings a staggering amount of pop culture, which requires its viewers to know more about the performance of music, movies, TV, comic books, books, video games, and more.

Even the most prominent characters are made perfect with many sites and continuous arcs playing in all episodes, seasons, and the whole series. While Venture Bros has not yet gained popularity with some Adult Swim shows, there is still a lot they have to offer.

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1. Robot Chicken (2005)


Robot Chicken

Best Adult Swim Show. Very few shows can garner nearly universal recognition in geek culture, but Robot Chicken is one of the few shows on the field. That’s because it’s very popular for its traditional geek pop culture, and has won several Emmys since its inception in 2005. The series has worked for seven seasons so far and has specialized in Star Wars, DC Comics, and The Walking Dead which was once a classic.

As a case of unfamiliar fans, Robot Chicken came up with a comic in ToyFare magazine. Eventually, a show was created, great shows that were passed on until Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane suggested Seth Green and staff put the show on Adult Swim. Suffice it to say it was a game made in heaven, and Robot Chicken seems to have a home in Adult Swim for as long as it wants


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