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Top 10 Romantic Anime Series of All Time

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Today, We will tell you about the Romantic Anime Series of All Time. One of the most successful tropes that aren’t quite, the well-beaten dead horse is making the two romantic leads live together that is they have forced into a relationship, this set is a perfect vessel not only for a lot of dirty situations but for the drama that needs a kind of romance with it

If your taste in Romantic Anime Series requires you to seek out a love anime series where a boy and a girl are forced to have a relationship together due to circumstances then these anime recommendations will feed that need.


1.  My Wife Is The Student Council President (2015)

My Wife Is The Student Council President

The first Romantic Anime Series is My wife is the student council president. 

The story begins with Sumi Hayato running for president of the student body but when the beautiful girl changes she promises the freedom of love while wearing condoms to the audience.

He ends up losing to him and becomes vice-president at a student council meeting the newly elected president invites to Izumi’s house where he immediately announces

You will become a sumi wife due to the Romantic Anime Series agreement between their parents when they were only three

Now the story itself is straightforward and as it is short you won’t have to worry about being filled at any point in the series.

This is the kind of series that, not every anime needs to be the art of storytelling, some shows are just for fun, and often when the show understands what it is and doesn’t try to be more so when the show enters its league.

My wife who is president of the student council is a good example of how to do a simple simulation in the right way she has no way of critical issues no hot drama no annoying romantic jokes have never been anywhere.

It’s just a pure intimacy in love and lust for the real expression of what teenagers do to each other in real life and frankly, it’s a breath of fresh air because it gives you exactly what you want as a spectator and nothing more. Romantic Anime Series.


2.  Inu X Boku SS (2012)

Inu X Boku SS

The second Romantic Anime Series Inu x Boku ss. Sometimes a boy and a girl are forced to live together and discover something new using a completely insane strategy while Inu x Boku ss is not completely insane

It’s a refreshing breeze in this musty part of the romance genre this series follows the safe daughter of a wealthy family who want to live alone.

So he moves into a high-security apartment where he discovers that his neighbors, as well as himself, are all strange little demons next door.

He’s also forced to live with a secret service agent who is quiet and very attached to this anime which was actually a short and innocent story about richiro and his sacrifices with his airy friends at Ayakashi’s luxury house to clarify.

That’s how the anime played out until the last few good episodes and especially the anime slice of life.

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3.  Clannad (2007)


The third Romantic Anime Series Clannad. Follows the story of Tomoya Okazaki a criminal who thinks he will never be anything and decides to spend his school days with his friend tsunahora.

They both did both with their humorous antics and one day Okazaki stumbles upon another Nagisaa student due to a basic illness Nagisa dreams of reviving the school sports club as Okazaki sees Nagisa.

He helps her see this dream with the other girls on the way (Romantic Anime Series) and begins to solve the girl’s problems and realizes that life is not as bleak as she once thought.

It was when part of Clannad’s ad was missing about the two main characters living together in the end due to the boy’s negative circumstances at home. He enters with his love interest and his beautiful family while Clannad uses this trope.

It’s not the main focus like any other series instead it’s just another vessel for the main couple getting closer together, unfortunately, they don’t use it with as many fun scenes as they could but there are a lot of awesome scenes throughout this series to make you go.


4.  Nisekoi False Love (2014)

False Love

The fourth Romantic Anime Series Nisekoi false love. Twists Romeo and Juliet’s jokes about the heirs of the Kuza family into a forced union with the chitogegr and the daughter of a mafia leader as a way to bring peace between them. of the work of continuing to make things difficult Raku made a promise to a girl 10 years ago

But he doesn’t remember who he was he just knows (Romantic Anime Series) he will have the same key paint on his neck and he has a love for his school friend in doranisokoi is not an anime that kills the world in any way

But one thing has proved to be that it really does go beyond the basics and that Waifus has a reason for saying that this story and the characters are made before and because they are fun.

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5.  Brighter Than The Dawning Blue (2006)

Brighter Than The Dawning Blue

The fifth Romantic Anime Series Brighter than the dawning blue. The series The Moon and Earth are linked by a single point of contact for the story following Tatsuya who is the son of the United Nations president and princess Fina Pham earthlight next to the throne next month.

It was decided that he would live on earth in a home environment in order to better prepare for his ascension to the throne naturally where he lived with Tatsuya and his family.

The driving force of the show without question the relationship between Tatsuya and the ending of the relationship grows and makes it very fast to, the focus of the show and all the conflicts in the show.

I don’t want too much corruption but events are interesting when you consider that the political relationship between the earth and the moon is much brighter than the blue light that brings an end,

However, it is beautiful and has a twist that I did not expect


6. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (2012)

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

The sixth Romantic Anime Series Pet girl of sakura sou. The pet girl of sakurasoul is more comedy with just some bare-bones romance mostly drama. The story follows a boy who gets moved to the misfit’s dorm because he can’t stop taking in stray cats.

However, the new girl also enters into an extremely talented artist but actually can’t take care of herself while living in separate dorm rooms in the same building.. He pretty much does everything from dressing, her to feeding her it’s a good setup for comedy as well as romance.

But thankfully they keep an arm’s length away from how weird of a romance that could be the great atmosphere of characters and cast and solid pacing that intertwines comedy and drama. Romantic Anime Series.

If you’re a romantic comedy fan, by all means, watch this if you want something with a change of pace pet girl of sakura hall was quite the ride and this anime will sincerely leave a good impression on you in the end.


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7. Engaged To The Unidentified (2014)

Engaged To The Unidentified

The seventh Romantic Anime Series. Engaged to the unidentified. A high school girl who lives with her mother and older sister has become a 16-year-old coupon and is shocked to learn of it because of her late grandfather’s arrangement.

She has promised a boy named Mitsu mine that she and her younger sister Mashiro will stay with kobine as kobine spends time adapting to the new family.

She learns there is more to hakuya and mishits than meets the eye for half of the show its standard fair in terms of a slice of life rom-com a large chunk of comedy of the more kind but a pea-sized amount of romance.

The latter half is where the show begins to peak when we learn that the Matsu mines are far from ordinary folk and the connection with Kobini linked to a long-forgotten accident leading to the reason behind this engagement to conclude a simple premise of a girl forced to betroth a boy with an innocent yet unusual twist halfway that sets the romance into motion engaged to the unidentified is a very solid series.

If you don’t want anything serious and just want to get out of the good stuff. I would say that I have completely tried this. Anime series.


8.  Rec (2006)


The eighth Romantic Anime Series is Rec. Rec is about a guy who represents a movie date with another girl when he goes to throw tickets at a random girl on the street telling her not to waste it and they go to the movie together instead of a day.

He walks her home surprised they live in the same neighborhood only to find that her apartment has burned down. So he ends up taking her home where they not only live together but have more than friends but less than a relationship.

The Rec is a great show especially because it can be entertaining and features really interesting characters to see the episodes short one would think the show would not leave an impression as opposed to the fact but because this might be a very exciting short look.


9. Final Approach (2004)

Final Approach

The ninth Romantic Anime Series is “Final Approach”.This anime series perfectly matches. The final approach Rio and his sister live alone after their parents die.

However due to the low birth rates in japan the government tests a new program in which young people are forced to marry, so it comes Rio’s new fiancee shit Suka and a dozen government-issued bodyguards.

There to oversee the success of the marriage Rio is reluctant Shizuka is over-enthusiastic and hilarity ensues but so does the romance despite having a weak plot.

I have to say you will love the last few episodes around the climax overall the anime was really funny and you’ll have a share of laughing doses and will go through romantic album lab moments. Romantic Anime Series.


10. Mayo Chiki (2011)


Mayo Chiki

The tenth series of Romantic Anime is Chiki. Chiki is quiet but funny at the same time it seems that the main focus of this anime is the people who help a young Japanese boy overcome his fears of women. the protagonist of mayo Chiki is a young Japanese male kinji to Sakamaki Kanjiro was born into a strange family that loves the pro-wrestling sport throughout the years.

However, he developed genophobia because his mother and his younger sister Kanjiro meet a ton of new and amazing people during his high school life even (Romantic Anime Series) though they can seem strange to so many people

He still thinks of them like family especially his little sister Kureha and his close friend and lovers part, in the end, you will receive so many positive feelings and also some romantic feelings as well I still wish that the series could have lasted longer.

So we can see Subaru and Kinjiro’s relationship develop more than what was already shown to usurp. Romantic Anime Series.

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