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Top 10 Best Hottest Korean Series To Watch Now

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The last month of the first quarter is coming up and March will be a blast with the new Korean Series to watch. Musical, thriller, romantic comedy, or action?

Which genre are you in the mood for?

Good thing we have all sorts on this list.

Now sit back and relax as we share with you the upcoming Korean Series this March. Just a friendly reminder that the Korean Series in this list may change their air dates and experience some delays. For our little segment, reaction time:

10 Best Hottest Korean Series To Watch Now

1. Love Alarm (2019)

Love Alarm

The Hottest Korean Series, Set your alarms because our favorite love app is coming back to our screens this March. After a really long wait and some delays, Love Alarm will be knocking on our hearts post-Valentines. Get ready for an emotional coaster ride as we finally get a continuation of that cliffhanger ending.

We need our answers! Apart from wanting to be loved, we also want to know who loves us. Thanks to a new application called Love Alarm, people can now find out who has romantic feelings for them.

Just make sure you are within a 10-meter radius if you want to find out if your crush likes you back! Just like how this application made the lives of our characters complicated, this drama created a stir in our hearts with that unpredictable love triangle that turned into a square.


2. Mouse


The Hottest Korean Series, A serial killer is on the loose, so you can’t blame the entire nation for being anxious about all the merciless murders. No one wants to be in the same place as this killer, but fate puts a rookie police officer’s face to face with the murderer.

This incident changed the life of our officer after he survived the suspenseful encounter. If Lee Seung Gi is in it, then we’re for it! Just from its plot, Mouse really knows how to capture our attention.

A story about psychopaths? Korean dramas know how we really love all the mind games and shocking revelations. Can’t wait to find what will make Mouse unique from all the crime and thriller dramas.


3.  Will You Leave

Will You Leave

The Hottest Korean Series, A musical drama awaits us in the month of March with “Will You Leave?” An aspiring singer will entertain us as she continues to dream in a challenging environment. Here comes the sprinkle of fantasy as our female lead meets people tied to the past and the present.

Will you leave this drama or will it have the charm to make you stay? Just a few more days and we’ll finally find out. For SF9 and N. Flying fans, we know you’ll surely stay because our boys Chani and Lee Seung Hyub are starring in this drama. Since we have these two idols, who are excited about a swoon-worthy and enjoyable OST from them?


4. Monthly Magazine Home

Monthly Magazine home

The Hottest Korean Series, It’s time to watch some romance develop at a magazine company. If you work hard, you’ll achieve great things, and that’s the case with the CEO of a magazine company and a real estate investment company who went from rags to riches.  Bulletproof Season 4, Release Date And Everything

Entering his busy life is a magazine editor who’s been living alone and renting for ten years. Things will change as the employee meets the CEO. And you know what will come next, an unexpected romance.

We love romantic comedy dramas and if Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min are involved, we’ll love it even more. Another cast member we’re looking forward to is Kim Won Hae.

He’s been making us laugh with his different roles in dramas, so we’re anticipating what his character will be like in Monthly Magazine Home.


5. Ok Kwang Sisters

Ok Kwang Sisters

The Hottest Korean Series, A divorce is in the works when a mother gets murdered. The mystery begins and her immediate family is now seen as potential suspects. Let’s take a look at some of these suspects.

We have a father of three daughters, a daughter who received unconditional love from her mother, another who works as a public officer, and the youngest daughter who works part-time jobs to support herself.

Also entering the picture is a man who dropped out of school to pursue his dream. Who could’ve murdered the mother? Ok, Kwang Sisters is a family drama that will give us more episodes compared to the usual16 and 20 episodes we get from most dramas.

We’re crossing our fingers for an engaging story that will stay in our minds as we guess


6. Oh Master

Oh Master

The Hottest Korean Series, who the real killer is. Rom-com drama in March? Check!“ Oh Master!” tells the story of a drama screenwriter and a rom-com actress living in the same quarters.

Hmm, wanna know more about their dating life? Our actress can’t date while our writer chooses not to. Will the rom-com actress be funny behind the scenes too? Joining actor Lee Min Ki, we have some Kpopidols waiting for you.

Welcome Nana and Kang Min Hyuk. As much as we’re waiting to witness the love story of our lead actors, not gonna lie, we’re curious about the path our male second lead will take.

Will we have a love triangle unfold on our screens? Fast forward to March, please!


7. Joseon Exorcist

Joseon Exorcist

The Hottest Korean Series, We love some comedy, we love some romance, how about something exciting that might give us goosebumps? Killed by the royal family…what’s this?

The undead comes back to life! Joseon Exorcist offers us a young man forced to protect Joseon from evil spirits, a monarch who’ll try to control the evil spirits, and a prince who’ll do anything to protect his loved ones, and that includes entering a contract with the evil spirits.

Action, fantasy, and set in the historical period, are you in for a ride filled with evil spirits? Our funny crossdresser in The Tale of Nokdu Jang Dong Yoon will be starring in this drama.


8. Navillera



The Hottest Korean Series, Which side of his actions will we see this time? Only one thing’s for sure, we’ll get to see our handsome Oppa again.

Navillera is one of the most anticipated Korean dramas this March. Two different people who share the same interest.

The drama will revolve around a 70-year old retired mailman and a 23-year old dancer who’ll cross paths at a dance academy.

Both of them will learn ballet and have their own problems to face and stories to tell. I guess Navillera holds a heart-warming story for everyone. Recently making noise and entertaining us with the 2020 drama Sweet Home, which you should definitely check out, Song Kang is back on our screens.

That was a fast comeback but no one is complaining. We’re marking our calendars because ballet dancer Song Kang is definitely a sight to see.


9. In My Wildest Dreams

In My Wildest Dreams

The Hottest Korean Series, also known as A Fool’s Dream. Two families will become one as their parents marry. This late marriage of two old people will lead their children who are now adults to join together.

Will peace be present or will we be showered with family wars? In My Wildest Dreams brings us a family drama. Seeing as there are different cultures in the plot, I think we’re in for a lot of chaos and misunderstanding between the two families.


10. Summer Guys

Summer Guys

The Hottest Korean Series, We’re also hoping for endearing relationships and lessons that will touch our hearts. It’s raining K pop idols in the youth drama summer Guys. We have artists coming from the groups Gugudan, CNBLUE, and IOI.

It’s always refreshing to watch our young idols exploring the world of acting and giving us lovable stories to look forward to. KonoSuba Season 3, Release Date & Everything

Plus, another discovery of their never-ending talents. Summer Guys tells the story of young men and women joining together to revive an old cocktail bar on the beach.

That sounds fun! We’re sensing that a potential summer love will develop. We have many actors, so we’re counting down the days before we see who among them will make us swoon.

With their different personalities, how will this young group bond and act in each other’s company? While other dramas get delayed, others surprise us with sooner dates. So if we missed a Korean Series that will air in March, 

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