Top 10 Best Amazon Prime Original Shows

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Hello, friends today I will tell you about the 10 Best Amazon Prime Original Shows. Amazon Prime and Netflix are trying hard to attract Indian viewers by delivering quality content.

Along with these great guns, broadcast channels such as ZEE5, Voot, Sony Live have also purchased some of the best TV programs. So we expect to see more best shows from these channels in the future.

In this post, we will see some of the 10 Best Amazon Prime Original Shows

Where we take a look at the best tv shows on the various streaming services all count down our top 10 Best Amazon Prime Original Shows. 


10.  Goliath (2016)

IMDb Rating – 8.2


Season 1Episodes 8 (Released, October 13, 2016)
Season 2Episodes 8 (Released, June 15, 2018)
Season 3Episodes 8 (Released, October 4, 2019)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is Goliath this legal drama created by David Kelly and Jonathan Shapiro which first premiered in 2016, stars billy bob Thornton he plays billy McBride a once-powerful attorney with a prestigious law firm.

Who is now a washed-up ambulance chaser living in Santa Monica California seeking redemption Billy takes a wrongful death case against the massive law firm.

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He co-founded if you’re a fan of old-fashioned legal dramas goliath is a must-watch with excellent performances from the entire cast based on the first season alone which is outstanding.

The series would easily bein our top five but the following seasons while still good haven’t lived up to the same standard three seasons of goliath are available to watch now and have been renewed for a fourth and final season expected sometime in 2021.


9. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018)

IMDb Rating – 8.1

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Season 1Episodes 8 (Released, August 31, 2018)
Season 2Episodes 8 (Released, October 31, 2019)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is the action spy thriller tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan which premiered in 2018, created by Carlton Hughes and Grahamrol and the series stars John Krasinski as CIA analyst Jack Ryan it follows jack an up-and-coming agent.

He was thrust into a dangerous field assignment after he uncovers a pattern of terrorist communication that threatens destruction on a global scale Krasinski is surrounded by great support.

Cast including Wendell Pierce as Ryan’s boss James Greer two seasons of jack Ryan are on prime video right now and has been renewed for a third season, three is not expected until the latter part of 2021.


8.  Upload (2020)

IMDb Rating – 8.0


Season 1Episodes 10 (Released, May 1, 2020)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is the science fiction comedy upload it premiered in 2020 and was created by Greg Daniels, who developed our version of the office upload takes place in the year 2023.

Where humans are able to upload themselves into the virtual afterlife of their choosing the story follows Nathan a computer programmer.

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He dies prematurely and gets uploaded to an expensive lakeside community but still finds himself under the control of his still-living girlfriend Ingrid.

This amazing show features top-notch production quality and excellent riding with an interesting plot twist you won’t see coming upload has been renewed for a second season no release date has been announced yet.


7. Good Omens (2019)

IMDb Rating – 8.1

Good Omens

Season 1Episodes 6 (Released, May 31, 2019)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is the fantasy-drama Good Omens which is based on the novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman premiering in 2019.

The six-episode miniseries is an ACO production between BBC studios and amazon studios, the series follows a demon named Crowley played by David Tennant, and Michael sheen plays.

The angel Aziraphale being longtime friends they seek to prevent the coming of the antichrist and with it armageddon.

In the final battle between heaven and hell, the on-screen chemistry between Tennant and sheen is amazing, they’re joined by exceptional support.

Cast which includes Jon hammock Offer man Michael McKeon and many other good omens is a feel-good show it’s a whole lot of fun to watch sadly it’s a mini-series. So there’s only one season available taking.


6. Fleabag (2016)

IMDb Rating – 8.7


Season 1Episodes 6 (Released, 21 July 2016)
Season 2Episodes 6 (Released, 4 March 2019)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows, the spot in the British dark comedy fleabag which premiered in 2016. It’s a co-production between two brothers’ pictures and amazon studios and was created and written by phoebe waller bridge.

She also stars as the title character known only as fleabag an angry and confused woman living in London dealing with the recent tragedy.

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This cleverly written comedy pulls no punches it’s abrasively honest while also being funny with a fantastic performance by waller bridge.

The second season landed on prime video in 2019, and at this time there are no plans for a third season entering the top half of our countdown.


5. Bosch (2014)

IMDb Rating – 8.4


Season 1Episodes 10 (Released, February 6, 2014)
Season 2Episodes 10 (Released, March 11, 2016)
Season 3Episodes 10 (Released, April 21, 2017)
Season 4Episodes 10 (Released, April 13, 2018)
Season 5Episodes 10 (Released, April 19, 2019)
Season 6Episodes 10 (Released, April 16, 2020)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is bosch based on a series of books by Michael Connolly, this police drama is one of the longest-running series on prime video

The first season premiered in 2014 and stars Titus wolves as Harry Bosch, he’s a former army special forces operative who works as a homicide detective in the Hollywood division of the Los Angeles police department.

This slow-burning series presents a new case each season that challenges harry’s moral compass and uncompromising respect for the rules.

six seasons are available to watch now and have been renewed for a seventh and final season to be released sometime in 2021.


4. Sneaky Pete (2015)

IMDb Rating – 8.1

Sneaky Pete

Season 1Episodes 10 (Released, August 7, 2015)
Season 2Episodes 10 (Released, March 9, 2018)
Season 3Episodes 10 (Released, May 10, 2019)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is the crime drama series Sneaky Pete, the first season premiered in 2015 and was created by David Shore and Bryan Cranston.

The show follows Giovanni’s rubric in the lead role as Marius a con man released from prison who assumes the identity of his former cellmate Pete reuniting with pete’s estranged family.

That don’t suspect that he’s not their long-lost loved one the storyline is fast-paced and full of suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat with a fantastic supporting cast including Margot Martindale and the aforementioned Brian Cranston.

All three seasons of Sneaky Pete are available to binge-watch right now with the third being it’s last before we get to our top three here’s some other original series on prime video.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Full Review

That might be worth your time to check out the dystopian alternate history drama the man in the high castle the action-drama series Hannah based on the 2011 film of the same name.

The critically acclaimed period comedy-drama the marvelous Mrs. Maisel and if you’re a car junkie like me you’ll love the grand tour.


3. Zero Zero Zero (2020)

IMDb Rating – 8.2


Season 1Episodes 8 (Released, February 14, 2020)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is the crime drama thriller zero zero zero premiering in 2020, this eight-episode mini-series follows the difficult journey of a large shipment of cocaine from Mexico to Italy.

There are conflicts between the rival groups of cartels mafias and corrupt businessmen caught in the crossfire is an American family from New Orleans who is responsible for brokering.

The shipment perhaps the most underrated on prime video, this high-budget series will have you fully engrossed from beginning to end.

The writing is complex and well-acted with amazing cinematography if you’re a fan of shows like Narcos zero zero zero should be on your watchlist in the runner-up spot.


2. The Expanse (2015)

IMDb Rating – 8.5

The Expanse

Season 1Episodes 10 (Released, December 14, 2015)
Season 2Episodes 10 (Released, February 1, 2017)
Season 3Episodes 10 (Released, April 11, 2018)
Season 4Episodes 10 (Released, December 12, 2019)
Season 5Episodes 10 (Released, December 15, 2020)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is the science fiction drama the expanse premiering its first season in 2015 on the sci-fi network with amazon prime video, taking full control beginning with season four.

The series is set hundreds of years in the future where humanity has colonized the solar system with rising tensions between earth and mars.

The story follows a group of anti-heroes as they work to uncover a conspiracy that threatens humanity for fans of sci-fi.

This is a must-watch show the visuals are spectacular it’s full of action and the storyline is captivating five seasons are available and has been renewed for its sixth and final season at the earliest it could be released by the end of 2021.


1. The Boys (2019)

IMDb Rating – 8.7

The Boys

Season 1Episodes 8 (Released, July 26, 2019)
Season 2Episodes 8 (Released, September 4, 2020)

The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows is the boys premiering in 2019, the superhero action-thriller is based on the comic book of the same name

The story follows a group of vigilantes that fight back against corrupt superheroes who abuse their powers, the show has it all it’s action-packed full of dark satirical humor fantastic riding and acting plenty of twists and turns, and overall high production values.

There are two seasons for the boys to watch right now and has been renewed for a third which is not expected until at least the summer of 2022.

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There’s also a spin-off series that’s in development, The Best Amazon Prime Original Shows.

What is your favorite Best Amazon Prime Original Shows let us know about it in the comments? 

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