Ryan Guzman

10 True Facts You Didn’t Know About Ryan Guzman

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Ryan Guzman first danced into Hollywood as he led the way in 2012 promoting the change that breakout performance led to continued climbs all along following Jennifer Lopez in the neighborhood boy and tv gigs in small liars of reborn and famous heroes.

Right now, the stars of Ryan Guzman as Eddie Diaz in a procedural 9-1-1 hit part of it dropped unexpectedly on his lap.

10 True Facts About Ryan Guzman


1. Early Life

Ryan Guzman was born September 21, 1987, in Abilene texas to highlight Guzman and Lisa Guzman. His father is a Mexican immigrant who later settled in texas while his mother was born English, German, French, and Dutch.

He has a younger brother named 7 when he was very young he moved to Sacramento California where his mother Guzman was born high school in western high school after graduating in 2005 he enrolled at sierra college in Rocklin California. 10 True Facts You Didn’t Know About Britt Robertson


2. He Was A Model

He was a role model before imitating at the age of 18. Ryan Guzman decided to try modeling and participated in the marketing campaigns of the old Gillette seafood and his network and was a role model for Calvin Klein Abercrombie and fitch and reebok among others despite his initial success but Ryan Guzman did not want to pursue it as a career.

“Modeling has never been mine. I’ve never enjoyed it at all. It’s really useless. It would be trying to imitate or go back and fight.”

He then hired a talent manager for acting work

Everybody Wants Some

3. His Breakthrough Role

Once he decided, he wanted to be an actor she didn’t waste any time getting a lead role in 2012. Ryan Guzman also acquired half of the sean and also promoted the change in natural nature helped him enter the field of dance that required the body. 10 Things About James Franco

She learned to dance professionally and did all of her stances to promote the transformation into a commercial venture earning more than $ 140 million at the box office and later did her part in 2014 to include it all.


4. He Wanted To Play Baseball Professionally

While in college he played baseball and even developed big-league baseball ambitions but injured his arm and had to undergo surgery which effectively ended his career opportunities.



5. He’s  A Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Apart from baseball Ryan Guzman also loved martial arts from an early age, he started training at the age of seven and when he was 11 years old.

He was already a black belt for Taekwondo and continued his involvement in mixed martial arts as he grew up and eventually converted to technology. 10 Things About Arnold Schwarzenegger

She initially moved to Los Angeles to pursue the sport as a career but after her modeling career was released she allowed her combat license to expire but she has plans to return to MMA which she eventually tries to get into.


6. Production Direction and Screenwriting

In 2013 Ryan Guzman starred in and directed and wrote his own feature film on how the mind can apply what he says.

“It was amazing to get behind the camera. I was a great actor and, just because I knew what I wanted, it was very easy to imitate.”

It taught me a lot about the industry and opened my eyes to many things

Step Up All In

7. He Enjoys Drawing

If he doesn’t write away he spends all his free time he said

“I like to express myself artistically.” I draw “anything that comes to mind. I have a few drawings of a woman I have seen in my mind a girl that I just thought was probably my dream girl or something.”

He likes to cook Ryan Guzman has admitted that. 10 Things About Anne Hathaway


8. He Loves To Cook

Especially for the special women in her life, she told celebs

“I like to cook so I don’t have to worry about cooking dinner and bring it to a wonderful place for fun.”


9. He Prepared For His Role In The Boy Next Door By Researching Serial Killers

Ryan Guzman studied the killers to inform the actor who at the beginning of the movie looked good and innocent to be one of the most corrupt people in movies in recent years, he told In Style

“I’ve done a lot of research on various killers because I feel like the killers are people you don’t see coming.”

“It is these people who bring out this false life with this deceptive attitude and play this game with others around them and hide their true nature.”

“And slowly but surely they let go of their true nature and finally when people find out they are actually really bad, it’s too late”

Step Up Revolution

10. He Was Nervous While Filming The Sex Scenes With J.LO.

Jennifer Lopez and a boy next door sex was a challenge to Guzman who admitted to Lopez on the day of the shooting that he was too scared to tell the sex. 10 Things About Russell Crowe 

He’s the one who told me, This is for a film, and unless this part is very memorable or romantic and moves one of the movies makes sense. “

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