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10 True Facts You Didn’t Know About Britt Robertson

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Britt Robertson is one of the most exciting young actresses working in Hollywood, today she became a household name in 2007, with her performance in Dan in real-life many of her best works have come on television. but she has also done a wide range of movies like the space between us Tomorrow land and the longest ride.

While her name is starting to become more common in the Hollywood ranks it has surprisingly been a slow coming process

 10 True Facts About Britt Robertson

1. She Lived In LA Alone From The Age of 16

When she was just 14, Britt Robertson moved out to Los Angeles in order to start auditioning for TV pilots guest roles and just about any sort of acting, she could get her hands on at first her grandmother Shuler aka mama shoe also moved out to the west coast to care for the young actress.

Britt Robertson said that the pair would always be knit together in their spare time whether it be in their home or on set, but when Britt Robertson hit 16 mamas Shue returned back home leaving Robertson to roam freely around the city.


2. Her First Big Break

In 2004 Britt Robertson got her biggest break when she played Michelle Seaver on the TV movie growing pains Return of the Seavers however.. 10 Things About James Franco

She went on to land her most notorious role, when she played Cara and Stevie Carrell Stan in real life the same year, she donned the part of Amy in an episode of CSI crime scene investigation.

Robertson’s careers started to pick up further when she nabbed a recurring role as Samantha in CBS’s swing town in 2008.


3. Her Favorite Movie As A Kid Was Pretty Woman

As a young kid growing up in the South. Britt Robertson always wanted to get into acting but the first movie she saw in theaters was a bit unexpected while the pretty woman is a classic romantic comedy, it’s not one you usually associate with childhood but for Robertson.

It was the relationship between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere that caught her eye she explained her favorite movie choice to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think the one that stands out in my mind would be a pretty woman, which is kind of a messed-up movie to love as a child but it was the first movie my mom ever took me to I was really young.”

“I didn’t really understand any of the ideas or concepts in the film but I loved Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and I just love that whole story it’s so nostalgic now when I rewatch it at this point in my life.”

The First Time

4. She Followed Around Hillary Duff And Frankie Muniz

Britt Robertson started her acting career at a very young age and had the typical la child actor experience. She lived in the Oakland apartments a notorious hub for child actors and their stage moms and for the first few years.

That Britt Robertson lived in the apartments Hilary Duff and Frankie Muniz were often there Robertson told interview magazine 

“For the first few years that I lived there, Hilary Duff and Frankie Muniz frequented the apartments. I was much younger than them at the time. I would follow them around and try to be their friends and they would have no interest in me whatsoever.”

“I was just such a big fan of theirs. I wouldn’t consider them real friends, but I definitely saw them and would stalk them like a weirdo.” (10 Things About Arnold Schwarzenegger)


5. She Collects Aprons

Britt Robertson really loves collecting aprons she collects them from all the different places that she visits she explained this unique collection to Collider

“I first started when I was in Italy because I thought that would be really appropriate. I got a hand-stitched Italian apron from this woman in Sicily who put my name on it and it said, Sicily Italy so now I get one from everywhere I go.”


6. She Loves Reality-TV

Britt Robertson maybe scoring bigger and better roles but her favorite thing to watch continues to be bad TVs, he told interview magazine that reality shows are definitely her guilty pleasure but would she ever be on one she denied that possibility (10 Things About Anne Hathaway)

“I like really bad TV it’s a problem. Love me some reality. Would I ever be on a reality show? no, no, no, no, no, no,  that would not be for me.”

“My mom used to think it would be funny if I had a reality show: it would be cute, we could call it being B,’ because my family calls me ‘B’ we’re not doing that. We’re not the Kardashians. I also love the Kardashians.”


7. She First Realized She Was Famous In Chipotle

It’s a feeling that only a select few people will get to experience that bizarre moment of being recognized by complete strangers for the first time and Robertson’s story is as humble and interesting as any from her regular food haunt of Mexican chain restaurant Chipotle she told in New York Daily News

“There was a lady there who always makes my burritos and I always recognize her but this was the first time she recognized me as an actor all of a sudden she said wait are you the girl from the longest ride.”

“And I kind of wanted to say, No I’m the girl who’s a regular here who comes in every day and order’s the exact same thing.”

But Fame isn’t changing our regular routine (10 Things About Russell Crowe)

“It’s not as crazy and overwhelming as one would think. I still have all The Regular places that I go to particularly here in LA I still always go to that same chipotle.”


8. Her Secret Talent Is Rapping

Apparently, when Britt Robertson isn’t winning over audiences with her stellar acting performances the young actress enjoys spitting some rhymes in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Britt Robertson admitted that her secret talent is most likely rapping and that she tends to obsess over learning some of her favorite raps.


The Longest Ride

9. Her Favorite Stephen King Adaptation Is The Shining

When working on the sci-fi drama series under the dome. Britt Robertson got a taste as to what it’s like to be a part of Stephen King’s world.

The series has Robertson in a recurring role of Andy McAlister a waitress and candy striper who dreams of leaving the small town of Chester’s Mill but when asked what Robertson’s personal favorite Stephen King adaptation was she went with the shining she explained to interview magazine

“It was one of the first Stephen King (stories) I had ever even experienced. I was in Maryland at the time. I was doing a film and we all had to stay in this house during a tornado warning we put off production. The producers were like, I know, we should watch The Shining.”

“I was never a huge fan of those things, or had never really experienced them, or had access. We watch The Shining, and it changed my life. Not only was it such a surreal experience because it’s The Shining and it’s so incredible, but it’s so beautifully written and so artistic so scary and intriguing and mind provoking.”


10. George Clooney Wanted To Strangle Her On The Tomorrow And Set

Despite being more extreme than it actually sounds Clooney admitted in a recent interview that he wanted to strangle Britt on set don’t worry though the pair get along, well George actually wanted to kill her because he believes she has talent a bit of a funny way to pay someone a compliment.

“Britt is an old pro-Clooney explained, she’s been doing this for a long time and she’s incredibly talented and she’s going to have a long and bright future. I just wanted to strangle her, she’s so talented.”

The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, Anya Taylor-Joy

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