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10 Things About Russell Crowe

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Some actors are considered to be legends in the business and others are considered to be well on their way there Russell Crowe seems to be somewhere near the former.

Since he’s been in a large number of great films that have showcased his talent and his ability to turn a character into someone that people will either love or hate or love to hate.

10 Things You Might Not Have Known About Russell Crowe


1. He Lost One of His Front Teeth

When he was 10 he lost his front tooth playing rugby and never had it replaced in 1990. George Ogilvie the director of the Crossing insisted he gets, it fixed and even paid for it out of his own pocket.


2. He Never Graduated High School

While attending Mount Rosco Grammar School at the age of 16, Russell Crowe decided to drop out in order to concentrate on acting. The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, Anya Taylor-Joy

It was rumored that the aspiring actor saved up money performing odd jobs in the acting field in order to attend the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney by the time he had saved enough.

Russell Crowe was 21 and was already on his way to stardom so he decided not to attend.


3. He’s A Musician

For quite a while Russell Crowe pursued a career in music, he started out as a rockabilly singer and Wor huge pompadour style hair singeing under the name Rustler oak in the midst of many acting gigs.

He held down this role until the group dissolved after releasing three full links records in 2005, he then began focusing on exclusive musical collaborations with a Canadian great big C band member Alan Doyle and produced several albums.


4. He Turned Down Roles

He turned down the role of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, he went on to do another movie instead of this one a lot of people might feel.

That he turned down what would have been a great role that could have elevated him in status but looking at the role with him in it and then as it turned out with Viggo Mortensen.

It really seems like Vigo was the better choice, he also turned down the role of Wolverine Russell figured the role was too much like his previous role in gladiator and he also thought.

It was a cartoon which he wasn’t into doing anyway it also seems like he didn’t even bother to look up just who Wolverine is or that it would be live-action. 10 Things About Emily Ratajkowski

He also turned the lead about a boy 2002 sergeant norm hoot Hooton in Black Hawk Down 2001 and the lead in collateral 2004.

True History

5. He Once Assaulted A Producer

Russell Crowe assaulted the producer of the British film award Malcolm Jerry, this was due to the fact that part of his acceptance speech for Best Actor was edited out.

He even went as far as to threaten the producer with never being able to work in Hollywood again later on he apologized but this was kind of poor thinking on his part.


6. He’s The Owner of Her Rugby Team

One of the oldest rugby league teams in Australia, the South Sydney Rabbitohs or simply the south, he’s owned by Russell Crowe. 10 Things About Rosamund Pike

Russell Crowe has part ownership in the team with entrepreneur Peter Holmes a court under a subsidiary firm black court League investments.

When Crowe’s marriage to Australian singer Danielle Spencer was on the rocks, he anticipated selling his share of the team in an effort to simplify.

His life reported The Sydney Morning Herald although the marriage eventually fell through with Russell Crowe and Spencer sighting separation in2012 the actor still owns part of the team today.


7. He Was Arrested For Second-Degree Assault

In 2005 the actor was arrested for striking a hotel desk clerk in Soho with a telephone after multiple failed attempts to contact his wife in Australia.

Russell Crowe was charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon which happened to be the telephone despite a laceration on the mail desk clerk’s face according to the New York Times.

Crowe’s publicist declared that although words were exchanged at no time did he crow assault anyone or touch any hotel employee.


8. He Lived In A Tiny Apartment

While researching his role as a Los Angeles police officer bud white in LA Confidential 1997. Crowe discovered that white was considered to be the largest cop on the force at just under six feet.

Russell Crowe was concerned with how to carry off White’s extra-large presence to get a feel for his character, Crowe lived in a tiny apartment in which he could barely fit through the door she says the experience made him feel like a giant on set. 10 Things About Han So Hee


9. He Ranted on Twitter About Circumcisions

In 2011 Russell Crowe became very vocal about his views on infant circumcision by having a rant on Twitter the actor said

“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that God requires a donation of foreskin? babies are perfect.”

However, he later logged back onto the popular social network and made a few apologies and clarifications stating that his intentions were not meant to offend anyone.


10. He Was The Target of An Al-Qaeda Plot

The gladiator actor revealed in 2005, that he was indeed the target of anal-Qaeda plot for cultural destabilization apparently. 10 Things About Song Kang

The actor was approached by the FBI in 2001 and informed of the threat this led to an increase in security for him privately and the assignment of an FBI detail all throughout the filming of two of his movies.

The extremely secretive and vicious group sought to terminate a select number of high-profile Americans including Russell Crowe it seems that in Crowe’s case as with anyone’s fame can have a deadly price.

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