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10 Things About Emily Ratajkowski

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Emily Ratajkowski became a household name after her risqué appearance (wearing a nude thong)in the “Blurred Lines” music video and starring Ben Affleck’s mistress in the thriller “Gone Girl.”

The model-turned-actress has become something of an icon, particularly on Instagram. Some people may think she is just a pretty face with a hot body, but she’s so much more than that.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Emily Ratajkowski.


1. She Started Acting At A Young Age

Emily Ratajkowski fell in love with the theater at an early age. Her first role was Elsa in The Little Match Girl. She studied at the North Coast Repertory Theater School in southern California.

Emily Ratajkowski also took ballet and played soccer. During her preteen and tween years, Emily Ratajkowski pursued acting vigorously. She auditioned for many parts but became more selective as she aged.


2. She Was Signed As A Model At 14

At just 14, Emily Ratajkowski signed with Ford Modeling Agency. Her first modeling job was as a catalog model for Kohls. When she was older, she posed for art-house erotic magazines including treats.

Eventually, Emily found herself posing for fashion photoshoots. She appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2014 and 2015. 10 Things About Rosamund Pike

That year, Emily walked the runway in New York Fashion Week for Marc Jacobs and the Parish Fashion Week for MiuMiu.Believe it or not, Emily’s mom didn’t like the idea of her modeling at such a young age.


3. Her Mom Actually Wanted Her To Become A Brain Surgeon.

“My mom said, ‘No, she’ll be a brain surgeon,” Emily said in an interview.“At the same time, she always told me never to feel sorry or apologetic or embarrassed by my body, to never apologize for my sexuality.”

Gone Girl


4. She Didn’t Have A TV Growing Up

”Emily Ratajkowski was born in London but spent most of her childhood in the San Diego area. Her parents were very bohemian and didn’t believe in having a TV in the house. Her first acting job was on the television show. “

iCarly,” but she’d never even seen it! 10 Things About Han So Hee

“I didn’t grow up with TV, so I didn’t even know what the show was when I auditioned,”

Emily Ratajkowski said.

“I only did two episodes, so I was just on set about two weeks.”



5. Her Video Music Career

Her appearance in the Blurred Lines video certainly got Emily Ratajkowski noticed. She appeared in both the clean and the unrated versions of the video.

In the unrated video, Emily appears topless. She initially took the role because she claims to be a feminist who supports women’s empowerment, but many felt the video was exploiting.

Emily also appeared in Maroon 5’s music video for the song Love Somebody. In that video, lead singer Adam Levine covers Emily in the paint.


6. She Is A Spokesperson For Planned Parenthood

Emily’s feminist views have led her to support several women’s causes and become the spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. As an advocate for women’s health issues, Emily Ratajkowski supports Planned Parenthood which provides free birth control to women with low incomes and no health insurance.

Although sometimes controversial, Emily credits her “3rd wave” feminist views to her parents and her love of Naomi Wolf’s books The Beauty Myth and Promiscuities. 10 Things About Song Kang


7. She Prefers To Play The Weird Girl Role Over Pretty Girl

Emily Ratajkowski really wanted to play Masha in The Seagull, and a role in American Pastoral, but they didn’t want to cast her because she was deemed too pretty. She told the British UK,

“The ones that I really won’t have to be a really interesting script and story and usually the girl is ugly.”

Emily doesn’t like that she’s typecast as the pretty girl. She once told InStyle UK,

“I’m not looking to play the pretty-girl type that you would expect from a model turned actress,” she said.“I want to surprise people. Maybe play the weird girl. It takes fighting for, which I’m prepared to do.”


8. She Made A Tinder Account When She Was Drunk

Some celebrities are on Tinder, and Emily Ratajkowski was one of them — at least for a short time. During her interview with GQ in 2015, she gave some advice for men on dating.

One of the pieces of advice was not to use a car selfie as your profile picture on Tinder because it’s unattractive. She then admitted that she tried Tinder. 10 Things About Sara Waisglass

“I got drunk in New York with my friends at my apartment, and it was two in the morning, so I made a Tinder account for 20 minutes.”

Some people recognized her, but she said she didn’t go on any dates.


9. She Went To UCLA For A Year

Emily Ratajkowski studied art at UCLA right after high school (her mom also taught there), but it wasn’t the right fit. She described her roommates as “these blonde sorority girls.”She left to pursue modeling and acting full time after her first year.


10. Ben Affleck Wanted Emily To Play His Mistress In Gone Girl

Apparently, Ben Affleck wanted Emily to play his mistress Andie in the movie Gone Girl, and there are a lot of make-out scenes. Director David Fincher told GQ,

“We needed somebody where, at the moment she appears the women are going,’ That is unconscionable and despicable.’ And you also have the men going, ‘Yes, but…’And so Ben said, ‘Yeah, like the girl in the “Blurred Lines” video.’”

Emily Ratajkowski told Rag & Bone, 10 Things About Kim So Hyun

“We rehearsed scenes for a couple of hours, and my manager got a call that I booked the role almost immediately after I left. I’m so grateful for this opportunity because I know things like this don’t happen all the time.”

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