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10 Best Free Streaming Site For Movies & TV Shows

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let’s face it cable is expensive and if you want to replace it with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney plus, those costs can add up, so if you’re looking to save some coin.

I will tell you the 10 Best Free Streaming Site For Movies & TV Shows, where you can watch tv shows for free online these are all trustworthy and legal. So you won’t have to fear a knock at your door by the FBI or another government agency with that out of the way.


Top 10 Best Free Streaming Site


1. Peacock

The Best Free Streaming Site is peacock on this newer service owned by NBCUniversal as you would expect you’ll find tons of content from the MVC library along with original programming in addition to their large lineup of classic tv hits

You’ll also find the latest episodes of their current shows including this is us transplant law and order SVU and the blacklist just like most of the other services. Top 5 Best Travel Backpack On Best Price

Coming up peacock can be streamed on your computer in your favorite web browser or from a supported device with apps available for ios android Roku apple tv and many other peacock offers.

Three tiers of service on their free plan you get access to more than 13 000 hours of programming and if you want more content than what is offered for free premium plans to start at 4.99 per month.


2. Tubi

The Best Free Streaming Site, Tubi is a video-on-demand service owned by fox corporation currently it has over 20 million active monthly users and it’s one of the few that doesn’t require you to have an account to use their service.

They have apps for just about any device all of their apps I’ve tested work great with no issues which are quite rare these days QB has a large library of tv shows and movies in addition to fox entertainment.

You’ll find content from studios like MGM, Sony pictures Lionsgate Paramount Pictures, and warner brothers in addition to the content you won’t find anywhere else you’ll find new shows and episodes from networks like and lifetime and fox all of which are completely free.


3. Pluto Tv

The Best Free Streaming Site is Pluto tv. If you’re a cord-cutter looking for that cable-like experience pluto tv is for you it’s owned by Viacom CBS and now boasts more than 25 million users with more than 170 content, partners.

It features thousands of movies and tv shows on-demand along with more than 250 channels when you launch pluto tv you’ll see what is playing on the selected channel clicking on the show guide in the lower right lets you browse the various channels just as you would with cable.

If you don’t want to scroll through the list of channels you can quickly jump to another category here on the left to find the type of programming that you’re looking for other than watching in your favorite web browser pluto tv has apps for just about every major platform.


4. IMDb Tv

The Best Free Streaming Site is IMDb tv. That you can think of this will be a quick one IMDb tv owned by amazon is only available on their website the prime video app and fire tv devices in addition to their good selection of movies. Top 5 Best HP Laptops On Best Price

You’ll find originals and great tv shows broadcast elsewhere first including the killing leverage and fringe.


5. The Roku Channel

The Best Free Streaming Site is The Roku channel. The Roku channel is another fantastic source for watching tv shows online not only is it available for streaming devices and Roku TVs.

You can also watch it in any web browser or use the Roku apps for both ios and Android with their on-demand content.

You’ll find a wide variety of tv shows to choose from but for some like gangs of London, only a few other episodes are available in addition since its launch on the Roku channel.


6. CW Seed

The Best Free Streaming Site is CW Seed. Now has more than 100 live channels including the familiar news channels sports scripted and reality tv shows and game shows like family feud and wipeout CW seed is one that can’t be missed on the site.

You’ll find thousands of hours of tv shows both new and old with each episode as their tagline states free for all shows. Top 5 Best Facial Cleansing Brush For Women

We recommend watching include Alcatraz Constantine forever and the far superior UK version of the house of cards CW seed has apps for most of these streaming platforms including android tv apple tv and Roku along with mobile apps for apple android and amazon fire devices.


7. Crackle

The Best Free Streaming Site is crackle founded in 2007 it’s now a joint venture between Sony pictures television and chicken soup for the soul entertainment while you won’t find the latest and greatest on here.

You will find old classics like fantasy is and Charlie’s angels and YJ hooker they also have original tv shows created exclusively for the service.

The oath and startup are two we highly recommend watching in addition to streaming content on their website crackle has apps for just about all the major platforms.


8. Hoopla

The Best Free Streaming Site is hoopla. Hoopla is different from the sites previously mentioned with partnered libraries it lets you use your library card to check out digital copies of various types of content including tv shows.

That you can watch on any supported device with no advertisements they have a large collection of tv shows from around the world to borrow once an episode is checked out.

You’ll have 72 hours to watch it Stephen king’s Mr. Mercedes and DCI banks are both great choices to get you started. Top 5 Best Body Groomers For Men


9. Crunchyroll

The Best Free Streaming Site is Crunchyroll. If you enjoy watching anime Crunchyroll is an ad-supported service from the folks over at warner media with more than 70 million users worldwide on their site.

You’ll find limited access to hundreds of popular titles and originals available to watch for free if you want an ad-free experience with unlimited access to their library plans to start at 7.99 per month with mobile apps for ios and android.


10. Popcorn Flix

The Best Free Streaming Site is popcorn flix. And most streaming devices popcorn flix is another totally free service that’s been around for a decade with more than 1500 tv shows and movies. Top 5 Best Budget Drones 2021: DJI Mini 2


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