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10 Things About Rosamund Pike

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Rosamund Pike first rose into prominence playing the bond villainous Miranda frost in Pierce Brosnan’s final double07 outing die another day since then she has had a very consistent career appearing in supporting roles for the next decade.

Rosamund Pike finally rose to lead lady status thanks to her powerhouse performance as Amy Elliott Dunn and David Fincher’s gone girl throughout her career she’s appeared in everything from comedy films to action-thrillers to period pieces and she has done it all with the undeniable talent, she first showed almost 20 years ago.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rosamund Pike

1. She Speaks French And German

Mary Ellen pike was born on 27 January 1979 in London, the only child of opera singers Carolina friend and Julian pike her childhood was spent traveling around Europe with them as they performed with the result that she speaks french and german. 10 Things About Brianne Howey


2. She Had Never Seen A Bond Film Before Being Cast

Rosamund Pike played bond girl Miranda frost indie another day at the age of 21following her very first film audition but she admitted that she had never seen a James bond film before she was cast to add to her dismay at the casting she felt out of place because she had chosen the wrong outfit she told w magazine

“All the girls in this beautiful old townhouse waiting to see the casting director were sleek and dressed in what seemed tome-like leather. I was wearing something very thick and woolly. I was convinced I was all wrong.”


3. She Had To Gain And Lose Weight For Her Role In Gone Girl

Her performance in the movie gone girl was highly appreciated and she received many award nomination for her role part of her characterization was to slip in and out of different persona school girl perfect wife diary Amy and pike needed to lose and gain weight three times over she told vulture

“I had to be slimmer in L.A. and heavier in the Ozarks, and then heavier and slimmer in the studio, so I had to do it three times over.” 10 Things About Han So Hee

Rosamund Pike was forced to gain 20 pounds in two and a half weeks during gone girl and then lose 15 pounds in 10 days, she put on the weight through lifting heavy weights and then eating carbs to gain fat.


4. She Was Five Months Pregnant While Filming Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher

Rosamund Pike played the female lead, Helen Rhoden, in the tom cruise starring action flick jack creature and by the time shooting wrapped.

Rosamund Pike was five months pregnant mercifully for the actress though the part didn’t require her to do much in the way of stunt work, that was all Cruz’s bag still it’s a prominent role in the movie and despite some online commentators noting.

The seemingly enhanced size of pike’s cleavage during a few scenes of her real-life pregnancy was largely undetected by most viewers


5. She Almost Starred In Harry Potter

As it turns out pike could have gotten the chance to play another sharp-witted strategic-character albeit a far more tame version had, she decided to take on the part offered to her in harry potter.

Rosamund Pike was in the running for the part of gossip writer Rita Skeeter in harry potter and the goblet of fire but after hearing, that she would need to sign on for two films even though.

She had limited screen time the actress had second thoughts pike turned down the role because she felt it was too large of a commitment with not enough screen time though. 10 Things About Song Kang

Rosamund Pike would go on to nab some other impressive roles it would have been interesting to see pike’s take on a fun character like a skeeter.


6. She Is No Stranger To The Stage

She fell in love with acting while playing Juliet in the national youth theatre of London’s production of Romeo and Juliet at the age of 17.

She’s gone on to star in west end shows like Tennessee Williams summer and smoke and performances based on the life of composer Leo’s Janicek.


7. She Was Rejected By Multiple Acting Schools

After landing a spot in Britain’s prestigious national youth theater as a teenager Rosamund Pike was subsequently turned down by every drama school she applied for she said

“I was rejected from a number of drama schools before I went to university. It was devastating at the time.”

But I knew what I was. I was an actress and they could knock me down but they couldn’t knock that out of me. I wanted to prove them wrong.”


8. In The Name of The Father Inspired Her To Become An Actress

Rosamund Pike credits daniel day lewis’s performance in 1993’s in the name of the father for inspiring her to become an actress she said

“It made me realize the power of film and that this medium could have a physical reaction on me and I hadn’t really experienced that before.” 10 Things About Sara Waisglass


9. She’s A Model

In 2013 the stunning star added a model to her resume after being named the face of the duchess of Cambridge’s go-to label.k Bennett


10. Personal Life

For most of her twenties, English actor Rosamund pike seemed to be best known for being unlucky in love with her university boyfriend of two years actor Simon woods turned out to be gay.

Then Rosamund Pike was swept up in a very public love affair with British director joe wright who proposed at lake Como in Italy save the date cards were sent out and then wright called off the wedding in 2008 in the raw aftermath pike said

“I don’t think you ever get over something like that”

Since 2009 she has been in a relationship with businessman and researcher Robionic and they have two children together 10 Things About Kim So Hyun

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