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10 Things About Song Kang

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Song Kang has been given the nickname the son of Netflix after the success of his series love alarm and sweet home on the streaming platform.

He made his acting debut with a supporting role in the 2017 romantic comedy television series the liar and his lover despite having a babyface to play as a high school student he will turn 27.

10 Facts You Should Know About Song Kang


1. He Wanted To Be An Architect or A Furniture Designer

Song Kang shared his personal growth in a 2020 interview with cosmopolitan Korea about his childhood dream, he said that he wanted to be either an architect or a furniture designer he lamented

“I saw cool pictures and thought I wanted to do it, but it wasn’t easy I had no idea where I needed to start.”


2. He Would Never Download An App Like Love Alarm

In real life in Netflix’s drama love alarm, Song Kang plays a handsome model who grew up as an only child in a rich but uncaring family with lots problems in the drama a dating app called love alarm created by secret developer sync up with the user’s mind and shows

How many people have feelings for them within a 10-meter radius Song Kang was asked if he would ever download an app like love alarm he answered in an interview with mixed media? 10 Things About Sara Waisglass

“I wouldn’t use the app in real life, since I’ve already seen what it would go through this show. I don’t want to lose loved ones through the app.”

Season two of love alarm will premiere on March 2021 via Netflix there were.

Love Alarm

3. Around 900 Applicants For His Role In Love Alarm

The emerging actor beat around 900 applicants including models and k-pop stars to land the role as a sauna in love alarm he said in an interview with a max movie

“I honestly didn’t know I would get the part. There was too much competition we auditioned in pairs and it seemed like the producers were more interested in the other actor.”

I was so surprised when I heard the news that I couldn’t sleep well. 10 Things About Kim So Hyun

The filmmaker told that his innocent and sentimental aura ultimately won her over he felt.


4. Pressure After Finding Out The Budget For Sweet Home

With 2.7 million dollars spent per episode sweet home are the most expensive original Netflix Korean drama production to date beating kingdom and Mr sunshine,

Hollywood special effects studio legacy effects worked on the monsters they are known for their works on the avenger’s avatar and x-men were you surprised by the hit drama production budget.

So was Song Kang who talked about the pressure he felt as soon as he found out about the budget for the drama when he was cast he wasn’t aware that the drama had a total budget of around27 a million dollars he said

“After I heard about it, I suddenly felt a lot of pressure, I thought a lot about how I could better lead the show as Hyun Soo. I needed to show both the good and Evil Hyun Soo, so I had a lot of thoughts about the character in general.”

He also revealed that it was difficult to act with the green screen but he was helped by the occasional use of real makeup in the realistic set.

Sweet Home

5. He Would Like To Reunite With Lee Do Hyun

On another project, we aren’t the only ones who want to see more of Song Kang and I do Hyun together song would also like to work with him. 10 Things About Brianne Howey

On another project, if the chance arises since they’re both around the same age he said that they had a good connection and despite their character’s relationship and sweet home.

Song Kang liked working with him and would like to reunite again on a new project with him soon, he said

“It would be nice if we could play really close friends, something like Hye Young and Sun Oh in love alarm.”


6. His Sweet Home Place

Song Kang has graced the cover of Elle’s February issue the first time the actor has decorated the cover of a fashion magazine since his debut during the photoshoot.

Song Kang posed without a hint of nervousness and he stunned everyone with his striking appearance and chic outfits in the interview the actor was asked about a comfortable place that was like a sweet home to him he replied.

“It’s a place surrounded by nature. I think it would be nice to spend time in such a place while reading books and quietly thinking about different things.”


7. He Took Half A Year Lessons To Prepare For His Role In Navillera

Navillera is a 2021 TV drama which is based on the popular woodturner of the same name in the drama song plays as Cherokee a 23-year-old ballerina.

He gets lost while chasing his dreams although Cherokee possesses extraordinary talent as a ballet dancer he starts dancing relatively late in his life compared to his peers as he winds up tasting.

The bitterness of reality he loses his way on the road to his dreams but his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets a one-of-a-kind student. 10 Things About Antonia Gentry

Song Kang hinted that the drama will highlight the dynamic between a teacher and student as well as romance according to the producers of naval era song took lessons for half a year to prepare for his role in the drama he said

“While Song Kang was filming his ballet scenes all of the staff on set stopped breathing and we were all drawn into his performance.”

“His acting in the ballet scenes which came about through an enormous amount of practice is certain to shock viewers as well.”


8. His Ideal Type

Song Kang has a soft heart on his interview with the singles magazine he was asked about his ideal type or the type of person he finds himself attracted to he shares that he looks at people’s individual charms instead of focusing too much on appearance he also revealed that he likes people who radiate warm energy he said

“Instead of their appearance I look at their individual charms but I like people who have a warm feeling to them.”

Song Kang opens up and shares that he is the type of person who falls in love at first sight although he is the type to easily fall for someone when he meets them he is also the type who doesn’t easily confess his feelings.

The Liar and His Lover

9. He Reads Mystery Novels Before He Goes To Sleep

Song Kang reads books because he doesn’t want to think about anything he shared that he’s very into mystery novels that can help him relax and he reads them before he goes to sleep the interviewer of Marie claire expressed their surprise at him reading mystery novels to relax he explained

“It’s okay because I enjoy it when I’m reading and then I forget everything once I close the book.”

“When I first started living on my own in Seoul, I’d leave the television on when I slept because I hated the loneliness and emptiness it became a habit, and then I’d always wake up in the morning with a headache.”

“So instead of the television, I started leaving a meditation app on reading before I go to sleep and it made me feel light and happy the next day that’s how I ended up getting into the habit of reading.”

In an interview with cosmopolitan Korea, he said that he would read novels to make up for his lack of experience in a novel even just a single sentence can be expressed in many different ways he thought he had become more expressive after using his imagination.


10. He Wants To Travel A Lot Before He Turns 30

Song Kang started dreaming of becoming an actor right at the age of 20. that’s when he made up his mind and started preparing in earnest. 10 Things About Jun Ji Hyun

Song Kang felt lucky enough to get into college and find an agency although he’s grateful for his packed schedule, he also revealed that he hopes to carve out some time for himself before he turns 30.

He explained I’m now in my late 20si think that if I focus too much on just acting I won’t get to really experience my 20s after working a little more I’d like to travel a lot before my 30s arrive.

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