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10 Things About Han So Hee

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Han So Hee is a fast-rising Korean actress she started out as a professional model and later extended her career to acting her debut acting role was a minor role in SBS 2017 drama reunited worlds.

Her face is quite exotic because she looks like both a western and Asian model at the same time since she has definitely caught our attention.

10 Things You May Not Know About Han So Hee


1. She Arrived In Seoul With Less Than 250 dollars In Her Pocket

According to an article on dom in a since-deleted blog post from 2018 has claimed that she came to Seoul alone at just 19 years old with about 300 000 won or 247 dollars in her pocket, she then started working part-time to support herself


2. She Worked As A Waitress

Han So Hee once worked in a beer joint in the trendy Gangnam district and claimed that she worked from the moment she opened her eyes to sunrise despite the hard times. Han So Hee does not regret this as it made her who she is today. 10 Things About Song Kang


3. She Starred In K-Pop Music Videos

Han So Hee is such a versatile talent that besides acting in k dramas, she also starred in music videos by hit pop acts including shinies tell me what to do in 2016, that girl by john Yonghwan 2017 Roy Kim’s the hardest part in 2018 and you and I buy Melomance.

100 Days My Prince

4. Her Big Break

Though she has starred in other hit series like tv’s 100 days, my prince and Abyss, she is receiving the most spotlight for her risque appeal in the world of married Korea’s remake of western hit foster.

She received praise from viewers for her convincing acting throughout the show as pilots instructor Yo Dakyon an only child born to a wealthy family.

The world of the married is the most-watched drama in Korea with the last episode hitting a rating of 24.33 breaking the previous record of 23.78 held by the last episode of sky castle in 2019.


5. She Got Flooded With Hate Comments

Although her role in the world of the married skyrocketed Han So Hee to fame, she received her fair share of hate comments for an incredibly convincing portrayal of the character, and with all the twists and turns in the plot thus far some viewers have become simply unable to hold back.

She hates her character and leaves a lot of negative comments on her Instagram in an interview with a new one she said

“A lot of people say that it’s a compliment to receive hate when playing a villain, but since I was in a position where I had to understand Da Kyung wasn’t all that great.” 10 Things About Sara Waisglass

“I think of all of it as focus and attention on the character rather than viewers I received more hate from my friends and family to not live like that.”

While haters opted to leave negative comments as an irresponsible way of dealing with their feels after watching the series many international fans have come to her rescue and apologized for the support apologize comments encouraged her to disregard.

The criticism from those who can differentiate between the drama and the reality and showered her with love and raise a talked about other characters.

She wanted to take on in the future with dazed magazine rather than an extreme romance she wants to act in a realistic romance story in which similarly aged people date problems are solved steadily of conflicts arise and it finishes off with a happy ending

“Next time I hope my character will be loved.”

She said while laughing.


6. She Doesn’t Want To Get Married

After starring in the world of the married, she took the world by storm with her spectacular acting in the record-breaking drama the world of the married shocked fans by confessing.

That she no longer wants to get married because of the show in an interview she opened up about the hardships that came with playing the role of a woman who committed adultery after playing the role of a beautiful young woman who had an affair with a married man she revealed that she no longer wants to get married she said

“I don’t think I can get married. It’s not just because of adultery. Between the characters, there was suspicion, anxiousness, mistrust and a sense of deprivation in their marriage.”

“The drama portrays the detailed process of a family falling apart, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever be able to get married myself.” 10 Things About Kim So Hyun

7. Awards

In her debut year, Han So Hee bagged the commercial film model award in 2017, maxim Kmodel awards she won best new actress for her role in monkeyflower in 2017, MBC drama awards for her role in one of the most popular dramas of the year the world of the married.

She earned four awards including best actress of the year rising star rookie of the year best-rising star actress and best supporting actress.


8. She Was Suffering From Breathing Difficulty While Filming Undercover

Earlier this year Korean news outlet sports chosen reported that according to a source who had been present on set Han So Hee fainted in the middle of filming for her drama undercover due to difficulty breathing.

She was rushed to the hospital and the shooting was stopped immediately at that time her agency Otto entertainment confirmed that the actress had been taken to the hospital.

But reassured the public that Han So Hee had only suffered a minor injury

“Han So Hee suffered a minor injury while filming an action scene, for the actress’s safety filming was halted and she was taken to the hospital for examination and treatment of her injury.”

Han So Hee is part of the main cast of undercover where she plays the role of an undercover who infiltrates the police to reveal the secrets behind her father’s death. 10 Things About Brianne Howey


9. She Has Had Multiple Tattoos

Although we can not be sure if Han So Hee has removed them or is merely adept at strategically concealing them, she has previously shown off photos of her inked arm on social media.

While the photos have since been removed they have been shared widely on various community sites this came as a shock to many fans as the actress is now known for her feminine images.

The rising star is being criticized by netizens some online news and features platforms published the pictures and labeled them dangerously sexy and badass and many fans were quick to agree.


10. She Didn’t Get Much Care From Her Mother

In July 2020 and is an accused Han So Hee mother of scamming money from them years ago, the report said that her mother borrowed money in her name in her blog post.

Han So Hee came out to apologize for what happened, she also shared that her parents got divorced and she was raised by her grandmother since she was five after school graduation.

Han So Hee moved to Seoul and began pursuing her current career path she also added

“Because my mother was the daughter of the woman who raised me and because of the moral duties of parent-child relationships I repaid my mother’s debts as much as I could before I made my debut.”

“After my debut, through contact from various debtors, I learned that she had more unpaid debts than she had borrowed in my name. I also learned that she had put my name in the debt documents without my knowledge and that my name was involved in debt so large that I could not handle it.”

“I was so young at the time, and through my immature judgment, I thought that the only solution was to repay the debt in her stead. However, I think that that ended up causing more victims in the end, so I apologize.”

Finally, I would like to bow my head and apologize once again to the victims and who were hurt by this ordeal

Medicines have also come out in defense of her and some of her former classmates and friends also came out to share their experiences with her one of her former classmates shared

“It’s true that Han So Hee did not get much care from her mother. I hope that Han So Hee won’t get caught up in her mother’s fault now that she’s doing well.” 10 Things About Antonia Gentry

It was also shared that she would occasionally attempt to correspond with her mother, but those conversations would not turn out well and they would drift apart again since her childhood. Han So Hee has had no special affection or relationship with her mother.

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