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10 Things About Kim So Hyun

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Kim So Hyun is a very talented South Korean actress known for her roles in many successful films and tv shows the young star started out as a child actress at the age of seven and acted in numerous projects before having leading roles after a successful follow-up role in MBC’s drama missing you.

She was affectionately labeled the nation’s little sister despite her young age, she became a household name thanks to her roles in dramas and movies over the past 15 years.

She is known as one of the most promising young actresses working presently in the south Korean entertainment industry. (10 Things About Brianne Howey)

10 Things You May Not Know About Kim So Hyun


1. She was Homeschooled

Everyone knows that being in the entertainment industry requires a lot of time and effort to keep up with one’s busy schedule and performing well it is difficult to fully concentrate on academic activities while trying to keep up with script readings and filming due to her busy schedule.

Kim So Hyun would frequently miss out on school, she didn’t like being a nuisance to her classmates or her teacher, so she eventually dropped out of high school after dropping out.

Kim So Hyun was homeschooled by a variety of tutors and was able to pass the test and earn her high school graduation certificate.


2. She Was A Villain Child Actress

Kim So Hyun got her first acting role in 2006 and officially debuted as an actress in 2008. she went on to play supporting characters mostly the younger versions of female villains in dramas such as king of baking Kim to moon embracing the sunroof top prince and I hear your voice.

Kim So Hyun officially became a leading lady in the teen drama who are you school 2015 in early 2021 he appeared in Netflix drama love alarm season 2 and KBS 2’s drama river where the moon rises we know her career is getting brighter year by year.


3. She Seizes Every Opportunity

Despite her long list of acting credentials, Kim So Hyun doesn’t think she’s a workaholic instead, she simply wants to seize every opportunity and play every (10 Things About Antonia Gentry) role that she wants otherwise, she might regret it later. 


4. Acting In Modern Dramas Is Easier For Her

The actress has experiences in acting for modern and historical dramas according to her acting in modern dramas is easier because of the costumes in an interview with KBS world, she said

“When I act in modern dramas, I have bags or at least pockets in my jackets. I feel comfortable with my hand gestures and actions. But when I wear a hanbok, there are no such things.”

“So it’s a little awkward, there’s nothing to hold, so I hold my skirt. I think modern dramas are easier because it’s similar to my daily life.”

Kim So Hyun added that in the future she wants to play a pickpocket. (10 Things About Jun Ji Hyun)


5. She Wasn’t The First Choice To Play In The Moon Rising River

Previously it was reported that Son Ye Jin and Kang Hyun were offered to play the main characters of the moon rising river.

The first news about this drama casting, Kang Hyun chose to appear as a cameo instead because the drama’s shooting schedule coincided with the shooting schedule of his new movies.

For Son Ye Jin there is no official information about her rejecting this drama it can be concluded that she refused because Kim So Hyun so young had accepted the character.


6. She Learned How To Handle A Sword

For the river where the moon rises in the KBS 2’s drama river where the moon rises. Kim So Hyun plays a character who was born a princess but raised as a soldier and the story follows her quest to uncover dark and dangerous conspiracies in the kingdom super cool right for her role as a warrior princess, she shared

“It felt foreign to me because it was my first time doing action scenes with a Sword so I watched a lot of action videos.”

“I filmed while asking many questions and learning from the stunt actors. I studied hard on what I could do to portray my emotions better.”


7. She Has Never Dated Anyone

Her thriving career means that her schedule is constantly jam-packed as a consequence she has never dated anyone during a 2018 press conference, she revealed

“I’ve never dated anyone before. When I say this, no one believes me. But I really never had a boyfriend before. Honestly, I’m now at the point where I want to say that I had one.”

In 2019, she also confessed that she did feel slight regret about not dating during her school days while filming love alarm due to her lack of experience in the romance department.

She watches dramas to fully immerse herself in the role, she once admitted that she’s had a one-sided crush before in a fun game with her love alarm co-stars she elaborated. (10 Things About Shin Hye Sun)

I think it’s not good for me so I try to avoid developing any one-sided crushes.


8. She’s Trying To Have Real Feelings For Her Love Interests on Screen

During an interview with sports, a soul she spoke up about her stance as an actress without real-life dating experience when she was asked if it was difficult to act in romance projects as a result, she replied

“Since I have no dating experience, I have a hard time understanding romance, so when there are breakups or heavy feelings involved in what I’m working on, I often feel overwhelmed.”

For that reason, I do my best to feel real emotions when I act at times I get so into it that I feel like I actually love my on-screen love interest.


9. She Used To Hate Her Eyes

Kim So Hyun has shown tremendous growth since her debut as an actress early in her career she thought her eyes were complex,

Now they’re one of her favorite features, Kim So Hyun guessed it on MBC’s section tv and she talked about her favorite part of her body, she mentioned that while her eyes are currently one of her favorites they haven’t always been, she said

I really like my eyes now but at one point I disliked them they didn’t give off a bright feeling but made me seem perpetually sad

So I thought I could only play sad depressing roles that’s why I hated it.


10. She Loves Spending Time Alone

Kim So Hyun even had watching movies at the theater alone as part of her bucket list, she was able to do it and according to her, it sounds awesome. (10 Things About Felix Mallard)

Kim So Hyun shared on days of rest in between filming I went to the movies alone I’ve even watched three movies in one day I ate popcorn by myself too and it was really healing.

I regularly enjoy spending time alone being alone at the theater gave me waiting time and time to think by myself after the movie which felt like recharging it’s a different kind of joy from being with others.

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