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10 Things About Brianne Howey

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After being in the industry for more than a decade Brianne Howey has recently gotten to a place in her career where major opportunities are really rolling in she has previously appeared in Batwoman Dollface the passage and the exorcist among other TV shows but Ginny and Georgia is her biggest role yet.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Brianne Howey

1. She Wanted To Be A Flight Attendant As A Kid

How he never dreamed of becoming an Actress as a kid instead, she wanted to be a flight attendant and traveling the world but life clearly had other plans once she discovered acting she knew there was no turning back


2. She Travels Often

Her dream of becoming a flight attendant didn’t come true but her dream to travel the world certainly has thanks to her job as an actress, she has gotten to visit all sorts of different places some of the countries, she’s been to include Italy Australia and Portugal. (10 Things About Felix Mallard)


3. She Attended An All-Girls Catholic School

Growing up Brianne Howey attended an all-girls catholic school where she was a self-proclaimed good girl and where her fellow students weren’t nearly as mean as Tv shows and movies will lead you to believe she spent most of her time concentrating on getting good grades in high school but she also discovered her love of improv during that time, Brianne Howey told

“I think it was there that I kind of found my voice because I was involved in improv and the plays, and I would also do the plays at the all-boys school it was just sort of what all the cool girls were doing.”


4. She Booked Her First Job While Attending NYU

New york university after high school, Brianne Howey studied drama at new york university’s Tisch School of the arts where she started looking at acting through a different lens. (10 Things About Kennedy McMann)

Brianne Howey appeared in a handful of short films including sucker punch appropriate sex and party favors among others before graduating a semester early in 2011 she even booked her first-ever tv role.

Brianne Howey said

“My first audition was for the CW’s 90210. I remember being very nervous and showing up way too early. I went in for the role of the “Girl in Green” and ended up booking a different role with the name, Stacy.”

Her character appeared in Episode 4 of season 3 and though it was a small part it was enough to kick off her career.


5. She Minored In Child Psychology In College

In addition to her major in drama, Howie decided to minor in child psychology though she said she chose that minor almost by accident as she explained to imagistic. (10 Things About Shin Hye Sun)

“I found myself taking all of those college classes, and before I knew it my college counselor was like, you know you basically have a minor. All the classes I chose to take fulfilled the requirements for the child psychology program.”

“I love kids. I am from a huge family, and I think I have always been curious to know why we are the way we are, which I believe all stems from our childhood.”


6. She Has Four Siblings

Howie has four younger siblings and she told complex that she’s very close to her large family,

Brianne Howey said

“Both my parents remarried and had more, so three of them are much younger. It was cool to play a kind of different role in their life, being a little bit older than them. I’d be running them to their practices and helping them with their homework and just kind of watching them grow up.”

And though she feels a lot of pressure as the eldest she enjoys being a role model

“It’s nice when you have someone looking up to you they think everything you do is so cool.”


7. She Played In Two Short-Lived Vampire Shows

2013 mark Brianne Howey, first time playing the same character for more than just a few episodes that year, she appeared in a short show called red scare which follows 10 strangers including Howie’s teenage character Audrey stone who are forced to lock themselves in a fallout shelter during an air raid only to discover.

That one of them is secretly a vampire a few years later in 2019 Howie popped up in another vampire-centric show foxes the passage the series depicts au.s government experiment gone wrong in which a group of death row inmates is turned into infectious vampire showie plays one of the inmates a woman named Shauna Babcock, fortunately,

The passage garnered mediocre reviews and ratings and thus was canceled after one season.


8. Her First Leading Role

Over the years Brianne Howey has appeared in guest roles in shows like criminal minds baby daddy heart of dixie and many other TV shows.

Criminal Minds

Brianne Howey also had a role in the Jennifer Aniston Jason Bateman movie horrible bosses to her acting credits steadily grew and in 2015, she earned one of her first leading roles portraying the model Scarlett in the comedy central sitcom I leave with models she moved to London to film the series


9. She Met Her Future Husband In A Bar

How we first met her future husband Mattziring at a bar in La, he was celebrating after taking the bar exam and how he was enjoying a night out with friends apparently.

The two happened to run each other again the following night and then the night after that five years later they are still together but unfortunately, their October 2020, Santa Barbara wedding was put on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, she told Los Angeles magazine. (10 Things About Antonia Gentry)

“We canceled our wedding. We couldn’t get married in 2020, but we did get a dog.”

The couple adopted their Australian shepherd mix body in march 2020 and they hope to finally tie the knot sometime in 2021.


10. She Is All About Social Justice

Brianne Howey certainly isn’t afraid to speak her mind and she has used her platform as a way to raise awareness of the things that are important to her.

Brianne Howey is a strong supporter of the fight to end racism and she has also shown her support for LGBTQ and women’s rights.

She also has a link in her bio for an organization called donors Jews which is dedicated to helping teachers get the sources they need to do their job self-actively. (10 Things About Jun Ji Hyun)

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