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10 Things About Shin Hye Sun

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Do you ever watch KBS’s tv show angels last mission love or tv’s hit drama Mr. queen if you do you must be familiar with this talented south Korean actress from minor roles to leading roles Shin Hye Sun gives an impressive performance befitting the A-list actress?

She’s always successfully stolen the viewer’s heart with her acting and the chemistry with her co-stars as well.

10 Things You Must Know About Shin Hye Sun


1. Early Life

Shin Hye Sun was born on august 31,1989 in Seoul South Korea. She began dreaming of becoming an actress at the age of 11.

She saw one bin on the 2000s hit drama autumn in my heart, her family was against her when she told them that she wanted to go to an art school but she ends up studying at the national school of traditional arts in Seoul.

Then after three years, she joined Sejong university in the department of theater and film where she studied acting in depth.

She made her debut on KBS’s drama school in 2013 an installment of the long-running school series and her popularity has increased very fast since then.


2. She Wasn’t The First Choice To Start In My Golden Life

Shin Hye Sun always shows her amazing acting skills in every drama and film that she starred in who would have thought that she wasn’t the first choice to start in KBS 2’s drama.

My golden life took her fame to another level Yui was originally offered the lead role but she turned it down because of scheduling conflict then the lead role in my golden life was given to sin and it represents a significant turning point in her career.

Shin Hye Sun has received praise from viewers for her accurate portrait of the character’s complex emotions and her clear pronouncing of the script.


3. She Achieved The Top Rankings For Her Performance on Mr. Queen

The year 2020 marked the unexpected success of her on-screen through her role of queen so young and Mr. queen good data corporation has shared its rankings of the dramas and cast members list was compiled from analyzing news articles blog posts online communities videos and social media posts about 20 dramas.

That is currently airing or set to air soon Shin Hye Sun holds the top spot on the cast ranking on the weekly list of most buzzworthy dramas according to Nielsen Korea.

The penultimate episode of Mr queen scored an average nationwide rating of 14.2 and a peak of 15.9 percent taking first place across all channels including public broadcast networks.

Although currently, the drama is receiving a lot of criticism from Korean viewers for its content intended to distort history on the international front Mr queen received a lot of love helping skin’s name grow more and more with her current acting style she is sure to be more and more explosive in the near future.


4. She Always Chew Gum Right Before She Starts Shooting

Shin Hye Sun admits that she has a dry mouth and has a trick to pronouncing words better she always chewed gum right before shooting when she came as a guest on knowing brothers, Shin Hye Sun said

“It’s because my mouth gets dried easily. It must wet inside your mouth to pronounce well right? I spit it out just before we start shooting.”

It’s also confirmed by her co-star in the movie innocence belong-o

“On the set, She’s always moving her mouth. She’s either chewing gum or eating something. It might seem strange at first. She could be misunderstood by doing this, but it’s a bit cute.”

On the drama set they also film a making-of but sim looks so bad on it she said that she feels more comfortable standing on one leg but it made her look bad because she did it while chewing gum

“So I’ve tried a lot of things (to replace gum). I’ve tried candies, and I was even prescribed drugs by the otolaryngologist, but the gum was the most suitable.”


5. She Was Intentionally Unfriendly With His Co-Star While Filming Innocence

In mid-2020 she starred as a lawyer in the movie innocence based on a real-life story the movie focuses on a lawyer who decides to defend her mother after she is wrongly accused of killing someone at her husband’s Funeralbejongo starred as the lawyer’s mother who hasn’t seen her daughter in years in a variety show sin revealed

“In the movie, we meet after decades. We have an awkward relationship. When we were filming, we didn’t really spend time together.”

They were intentionally unfriendly to create awkwardness and act like they haven’t met for a long time.


6. Lee Jong Suk and Kang Ha Neul Were Her Classmates

Did you know that she was in the same class as Lee jong suk and Kang handles the two famous handsome actors who were her classmates?

When she studied in the national high school of traditional Korean arts in her guest appearance in happy together three, she mentioned that when Lee jong suk transferred long hand moved to her school further she said

That Kang Hanal hit the jackpot when he took over I jong-Suk’s seats in and di jong-suk acted in two dramas together KBS’s drama school 2013 and SBS’s drama.

The hymn of death in2018.once she acted together with kong Hanolin 2014’s SBS drama angel eyes, it also revealed that she had the best grades in class, she said

“My school was an art school. I didn’t work that hard in school, but you could get good grades if you memorized well.”

Awards in three years since her debuts in won an awarded second scene steel festival for rookie of the year thanks to her performance in the movie of the (10 Things About Margot Robbie) violent prosecutor and drama five enough a year later she brought two trophies to take the drama.


7. Awards

For excellence award and best couple award with park xi who her co-star in drama my golden life, she also won the top excellence award Matapan star awards in 2018 for her role in my golden life in the same year.

Shin Hye Sun received the top excellence award at SBS drama awards for her role in drama 30 but 17., her performance on drama angel’s last mission love won her the top excellence award and best couple award with her co-star Kim Jang-suk.


8. She Was Rumored To Be Dating Her Co-Starin Five Enough

Shin Hye Sun is a fairly quiet Actress during her eight years of her career, she has almost never had dating rumors in 2016 she had the opportunity to play the leading role on KBS 2’s drama 5 enough.

Shin Hye Sun acted as an elementary school teacher who is very she doesn’t have any confidence is a practical thinker and has an ordinary look.

The Romantic moments between her and her co-star sun soon grow up naturally with some touch of comedies they got a dating rumor because the two gave viewers extremely sweet scenes and extremely honest chemical reactions many people wish that sin and sun will actually be dating but they still keep a close friendship.


9. She Isn’t Shy When It Comes To Love

Shin Hye Sun, not the Shy girl, used to be when she was a guest mc on SBS’s my ugly duckling, she opened up about love and how it is important that you let the other person know you like them.

Shin Hye Sun said that she used to be Shy and when she liked someone she couldn’t bring herself to confess to them she also admitted that she had confessed to someone on April fool’s day, Shin Hye Sun said

“I used to like them first, but I didn’t have to courage to confess. So, on April fool’s day, I said jokingly let’s date.”

“If he had said he didn’t want to, I would have just said that I was joking. And if he was okay with it, I would have dated him.”


She also talked about her age and how it influenced her thinking.

“I’m not young anymore, so I don’t think I have to worry about things like that. However, it’s harder to meet people now.”

10. Plastic Surgery Rumor

As usual, celebrities are always being rumored about their visual changes people are also curious about Shin Hye Sun has she done any plastic surgery see her transformation from her first role to the recent one as you can see her facial features have not changed at all just some signs of her maturity vibe and different style

Her unique smile with that cheekbone hasn’t changed at all also her small nose has stayed the same Shin Hye Sun just looks more feminine and mature year by year.


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