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10 Things About Jun Ji Hyun

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Jun Ji Hyun is one of the reigning queens of Hallyu, her name became more popular after she starred in the movie “My sassy girl” and dramas like “My Love from the star” and “The Legend of the blue” season of the highest-paid Korean Actresses in the industry.

Jun Ji Hyun has gathered a massive fan base over her 24 years in the industry from acting in comedy tv series modeling for commercials to acting in action-packed movies.

Jun Ji Hyun has done it all she has recently recaptured the media attention for her surprising appearance in blockbuster drama kingdom season 2 in 2020 aside from her memorable acting how much do you really know about her.


10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jun Ji Hyun


1. Her Real Name Isn’t Jun Ji Hyun

Prior to her acting career, she was actually known as Jang Jian when she starred in the 1998’s drama steal my heart the producer upon casting her suggested that she use a pseudonym the reason has he felt the name Songjiang did not roll off the tongue like other actresses names this would eventually serve as the catalyst for her name change.


2. She Is Known In Hollywood As Gianna Jun

In 2009 Jun Ji Hyun starred in Hollywood’s adaptation of blood the last vampire this move makes her one of the few South Korean actresses, who have made it to Hollywood during the filming and promotions for the movie prior to its release in 2009

Jun Ji Hyun adopted the westernized name Gianna Jun, she then went on to launch her luxury jeans brand Gianna by true religion


3. She Wanted To Be A Flight Attendant

It never occurred to her to be an actress initially, she wanted to be a flight attendant but gave up after a particularly stirring plane flight experience, it was at the young age of 16 that a friend introduced her to a photographer and signed her first modeling contract in 1997 which helped her land her first-ever modeling gig.


4. She’s One of The Most In-Demand Celebrity Endorsers

In Korea, Jun Ji Hyun has earned over 11.5 million US dollars from more than 14 commercials, she’s filmed, she’s considered one of the top advertisement spokespersons in south Korea lipstick.

Jun Ji Hyun wore on my love from the star YSL ruse Turku tour number 52, sold out worldwide while the same coach he wore on the show caused a surge in sales of over 2 500 inches as stores in 10 days, she’s advertised for major brands like Samsung lock duty-free and even Chinese brands in the past.


5. She Married Her Long Time Friend

Outside of her many careers, accomplishments the beautiful actress is happily wedded to her longtime non-celebrity friend on April 13, 2012.

They were childhood friends from elementary school and met again after they became adults they had been dating for about two years before getting married.

The wedding was held at the world-famous hill a hotel which costs over 1,00,000 US dollars as a wedding venue in front of 600 guests which included many celebrity friends.

Jun Ji Hyun gave birth to their first son on February 10, 2016, at the age of 34 after being married for four years, Jun Ji Hyun then gave birth to her second son on January 26, 2018, after her drama the legend of blue sea finished filming, she is now the mother of two baby boys.


6. She Was Pregnant While Filming Assassination

Through a statement released by the agency in 2015, it was announced that john is already 10 weeks pregnant but has kept her condition under wraps until the premiere of her movie assassination according to the report.

Jun Ji Hyun kept the pregnancy news quiet due to movie promotions even family and friends were kept in the dark about the pregnancy a source stated

“The movie is business, and the pregnancy is personal. All the actors and staff worked very hard on the movie, and we were worried that the pregnancy news would steal the spotlight.”

Assassination tells of the assassination plot that is intended to take out an apron-Japanese group, she plays a deadly sniper and takes on the mission due to her strong desire to see Korea’s independence.


7. Her Cell Phone Had Been Illegally Cloned

By her former agency in 2009 police discovered that Jun Ji Hyun’s cell phone had been illegally cloned Seoul metropolitan police arrested a private detective identified.

As Kim who testified that it was ordered by situs HQ john’s former agency of 13 years for which he was paid 6.4 million won in cash by the brother of CEO jong hoon talk police believe john’s management company used the clone phone to keep tabs on her in an attempt to exert control.

Overall aspects of her life Cyrus HQ denied those allegations ceojong was later cleared after police could not find any concrete evidence of his direct involvement.

Kim was sentenced to one year in prison for an invasion of privacy Jon’s brother received suspended jail terms because of the scandal many expected.

Her to leave once her contract expired but she surprisingly extended her contract with Cyrus HQ for one more year then in 2011 she set up her own management agency and company entertainment which was later renamed to culture depot.


8. Kim Soo-Hyun Is Her First Kiss on Korea’s Screen

Jun Ji Hyun had some really steamy and passionate scenes with lead male actors such as Kim soo-Hyun in the past she even revealed that while filming her kiss scene with Kim soo-Hyun for the movie.

The thieves the director told that they would have to shoot the scene more than10 times no matter what even if they successfully kissed the first time he wanted to make sure it was perfection said

“All actors get nervous when they’re about to shoot a (kiss) scene. It was my first time acting with a younger man, and it was the first time I was shooting a kiss scene in Korea.”

“I asked Kim soo-Hyun, Is this your first time too? And he said no. I felt like I was in the weaker position but it was fun. I was satisfied that my first kiss scene was with Kim soo-Hyun.”

Then they met again in the drama my love from the star which featured more kiss scenes.


9. Her Husband Is Jealous Every Time She Had Kiss Scenes

When filming a kiss scene with Kim soo-Hyun for the movie the thieves they had to shoot the scene over 10 times because the director wanted it to be just right knowing.

John did a lot of kissing scenes with her co-star made her husband jealous, she overwhelmed to calm her husband down when she has to have a romantic scene with her co-star in an interview she said

“I like filming kiss scenes with Kim Soo Hyun. But my husband doesn’t like it, so I also have to dislike it.”


10. Her Couple Seconds on Kingdom Season 2 Took A Long Time

For her, after making a surprise appearance at the very end of the kingdom season 2, finale she excited many viewers by turning.

The Series’s end with the start of a new story, she shared her experience filming for her appearance in season 2, the finale, the interviewer mentioned that she only appears for a couple of seconds at the end of season 2 and asked whether the filming period was just as short she clarified

“No, it kind of took a long time. Although it was my first filming of “kingdom” I had to signal the end of that project as well as the start of a new season while also giving a glimpse into my character, so it was very difficult.”

“I don’t know if that’s why, but the long filming period was helpful.”

A special episode of the “Kingdom” series titled kingdom ocean of the north will be focusing on her character ocean and set for release in 2021.


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