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10 Things About Antonia Gentry

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Antonia gentry is a Hollywood newcomer and with “Ginny and Georgia”, she is now one of Hollywood’s most talented rising star the actress has been receiving critical praise since the show aired and her career is only just beginning in light of all the gentry buzz Here everything you need to know about the young star.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Antonia Gentry

1. Ginny And Georgia Is Her First Leading Role

Antonia Gentry isn’t new to Netflix having appeared on high school rom-com candy jar and the superhero series raising Diane but ginny and Georgia is her first leading role.

She plays Ginny miller the 15-year-old daughter of Brianne Hoey’s Georgia miller the show follows a young single mom Georgia miller, who has moved her daughter Ginny and young son Austin around repeatedly as she tries to escape/

Her past and rebuild her life but it’s not easy for them not when Ginny and Georgia have secrets they’d like to keep hidden the series also stars Scott porter Felix mallard Jennifer Robertson Sarah ways glass Raymond the black and more.


2. Early Life

Antonia Gentry was born on September 30th, 1997 in Atlanta Georgia and grew up there she went to Davidson fine arts magnet school in Augusta Georgia, and acted in multiple local productions throughout her childhood.


3. She Wanted To Pursue Acting At A Young Age

Antonia Gentry was a film-obsessed theater kid who decided at a young age Antonia Gentry wanted to pursue acting it was roman Polanski’s the pianist with Adrian Brodie that sealed the deal for her.

“I just was so in awe of his incredible talent and dedication. I was like four or six, I don’t know, but that movie was the one that really piqued my interest in performing and becoming an actor.”


4. Her Mother Wrote Her First Play

According to her IMDB page, the actress’s first play she performed was written by her mother who is a poet and artist she even competed in theatre competitions of the regional state and national levels throughout her time in high school.


5. She Was A Part of An Improv Troupe In College

After graduating from Davidson find arts in 2015, Antonia Gentry attended Emory University and was a member of emery’s Prestigiousrath sculler comedy improv troupe she even gave the troop members a shoutout on her Instagram before graduating.


6. She Is In A Relationship

Antonia Gentry is dating Ezra pounds a producer and compost-based in Atlanta it appears they have been together since at least 2012. the two have posted a ton of pictures together on social media and look very much in love.


7. She Graduated From College The Same Week She Auditioned

For Ginny and Georgia, her life completely changed the week of her graduation while working a part-time job and finishing up her classes.

Antonia Gentry recorded an audition tape for Ginny and Georgia to her astonishment she got a call back in an interview with entertainment weekly entry said

“I was graduating the same week that I got the audition, so I was very swamped with all of my finals and exams. I was kind of stressed out, but then I got this really really cool script and thought, Okay, well, I’m just gonna do a tape and think nothing of it because I have all this other stuff going on.”

They ended up loving it and calling me back.


8. She Developed Blood Clots

From flying back and forth to auditions in an interview with teen vogue gently revealed that Antonia Gentry was so committed to landing the role of Georgia miller and her cross-country flights to attend auditions and chemistry reads caused her to develop blood clots, Antonia Gentry said

“That was kind of scary, but I (had) booked the role, and I wasn’t going to tell anyone about my blood clot, I was like, this is too important. I’m just going to deal with it.”

“The doctors were like We need to see you this in such amount of times. I was like, listen I’m going to Canada we Gotta fix this ASAP I’m fine now and that was kind of hard, but I wanted it to work.”

“This was my dream. It’s a very serious thing, I don’t want to make it light, it was very scary, but I wanted to make sure that I did everything I could to follow through with this. And I’m so glad I was able to.”


9. She’s Obsessed With Karaoke

In an interview with entertainment weekly to promote Ginny and Georgia, Antonia Gentry revealed that she has an unhealthy relationship with karaoke, she even used it as an excuse to bond with her castmates

“We all went to a karaoke night shortly after we started filming. I’m obsessed with karaoke. I love it. It’s an unhealthy relationship I have with karaoke. So we went to a karaoke bar and to break the ice, I just started singing “Chandelier” by Sia from the top of my lungs and then everyone joined it.”


10. She’s Spoken About The Racism She’s Faced

For being mixed race in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police entry opened up about her experiences with Racism in a candid Instagram post saying she’d experienced racism all of her life after listing just some of the many horrible things she’d heard over the years entry wrote

“I could write a book filled with real quotes from white people and people of color that I have been subjected to in my 22 years of life, but I’ll spare you.”

“It is important to know the costs of covert racism, and to know that it is taught through example, not mommy and daddy sitting you down and saying, Black people are sub-human. And to know that for centuries, black and brown people have been objectified, commodified, dehumanized, and undermined in ways that are insidious, incendiary and intrinsic.”

I recognize my own privilege, despite the racism I’ve experienced. Recognizing the overt problem is note enough. Racism is a disease that has infected us all. Be the cure for yourself, for your community, for your family, for your country, for the world.


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