Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

Top 20 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

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Top 20 best Korean dramas on Netflix, Netflix, and chill count us in more and more Korean dramas are being added to Netflix and no one’s complaining with so many genres and actors to choose from you might be having a hard time deciding what to watch next lucky you.

We have 20 top-rated Korean dramas for you to choose from just a quick note some of these Korean dramas might not be available in your country let’s cross our (Best Korean Dramas on Netflix fingers that they are available where you are reaction time if you ask me which Korean drama excites me the most it’d have to say our number two pick stick around to find out what drama its.

20 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix


20. Defendant (2017)



In the 20th spot on our list is the legal drama entitled defendant suffering from temporary amnesia a prosecutor wakes up and finds himself on death row without a clue as to how.

He got there he’ll try to remember everything in order to prove his innocence and save himself it’s always a challenge for illegal dramas (Best Korean Dramas on Netflix) to gain the attention of viewers for the defendant it captured the interest of viewers with its brilliant plot and great acting make sure you check out this gem.


19. Chicago Typewriter (2017)


Chicago Typewriter

The drama brings us two time periods the Japanese occupation of Korea and the present 21st century two men and a woman will fill our screens.

We have one who was a writer in the past and is now a best-selling author in the present next to a bar owner in the past and a talented ghostwriter in the present lastly.

We have a sniper in her previous life and today she’s a book lover running her own delivery service let’s all find out how their lives are interconnected Chicago typewriter is an interesting story.

That makes well-thought-out connections between the past and presents the bond between the characters is one of the things to look forward to in this Best Korean Dramas on Netflix check out how their friendship unfolds while the cast brings out their A-game in acting.


18. 18 Again (1988)


18 Again

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, Divorce is about to happen and so is a magical turn of events a man in his late 30s suddenly transforms back into his 18-year old body.

He still has his 37-year-old mind wow, Orange Is The New Black wow is he in great shape or what now in a situation where he can do his life all over again our male lead goes back to school and uses the opportunity to be18 again based on the hit American film 17 again with Zac.

Efron go watch its Korean version and find the similarities and compare the changes18 again will bring in humor and life realizations you wouldn’t know unless things are seen from a different perspective quick side.


17. Sweet Home (2015)


Sweet Home

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, Ending our 2020 with a last sweet home gained lots of attention, and viewers moving into a new apartment after the death of his family a man’s quiet life is about to be turned upside down as strange things happen in the building and monsters

Start to appear to watch our characters try to survive from all the monsters as they tell us their own stories sweet home will serve some action and show us how characters make decisions good or bad in order to survive the special effects the storyline and the cast sweet home should definitely land in your watchlist.


16. The Guest (2014)


The Guest

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, The evil killings start to happen again causing a trio to join forces to defeat a powerful demon this demon possesses weak people to go mad kill.

Their families and stab themselves in the eye the trio consists of a young psychic who’s now a taxi driver a man born into a religious family and a daughter of a detective the details of the plot and how the story developed made viewers keep coming back for more the strong bond of the trio is also something to look forward to.


15. Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)


Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

You in for some romantic comedy yet full of swag is a weightlifter with big dreams working to bag a gold medal romance comes into the picture and starts to conflict with her weightlifting training entering.

Her life is a handsome swimmer and together they’ll make us all laugh light fun and romantic I’m sure we’re all suckers for this type of drama luckily weightlifting fairy Kim bok choo gave us a wonderful time its approach on friendship dreams and romance had us laughing and emotional at the same time the onscreen couple was is to be dating in real life but after some time the two called it quits.


14. The Uncanny Counter (2020)


The Uncanny Counter

One of the most recent Korean dramas that took over our hearts is the uncanny counter rolling on your screens is your next favorite squad here are demon hunters disguised as employees at a noodle restaurant.

We have a counter with healing abilities one with incredible strength another who can read memories and sense locations of evil spirits and lastly a member.

They’re trying to recruit a young student who suffered a car accident this drama gives viewers a fresh take on demon hunting with lots of twists and new concepts just when you think the excitement might die down it doesn’t the uncanny counter continuously gave viewers a thrilling roller coaster ride with heartwarming and heart-wrenching scenes along the way. Best Korean Dramas on Netflix.


13. Mr. Sunshine (2018)


Mr. Sunshine

We’ve got an ahistorical drama for you not letting poverty get in the way a young boy escapes and travels to the united states years later he returns to Korea as a u.s marine officer here our male lead falls in love as he discovers something about a plot of colonization from the makers of the guardian.

The lonely and great god and descendants of the summer sunshine do not disappoint the drama stood out with its cinema to graphic character developments and strong female characters each episode just keeps giving you more reasons to keep watching. Best Korean Dramas on Netflix.


12. Goblin (2010)



The plot affects friendship comedy romance and bromance what’s not to love in goblin oh and that great Austin everything fits perfectly together goblin gave viewers a time-worthy drama filled with beautiful and heart-wrenching scenes about the sacrifices made for love.

One’s immortality is something others long for but for our goblin, all he wants is to leave this world and finally be able to rest you can’t really blame him because he’s lived for 900 years and has had to watch everyone around him die in order for him to finally vanish he must find his bride who can see the sword in his chest and who is the goblin bride is it true that she can end the life of the goblin. Best Korean Dramas on Netflix


11. Stranger (2020)



Are you a stranger to this Korean drama we hope you’re not but if you are a time to change that because you are missing out stranger is a drama that will put your detective skills to the test delivering a great story are talented actors who portray their roles

So well lacking emotions cold and lovely welcome a prosecutor who has not involved in corruption something you could say is rare nowadays one day at a murder crime scene he meets a police lieutenant who will join forces with him to end corruption and solve a serial murder case. Best Korean Dramas on Netflix


10. Kingdom (2015)



Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, A zombie drama that everyone can’t get enough of probably one of the best of its genre kingdom continuously surprises viewers with its twists and revelations no one’s complaining though cinema to graphic plot and production value.

Everything was well thought out run for your life because there’s a mysterious plague spreading taking us back to the Joseon period crown prince starts to get suspicious.

When the king acquires an illness and tight security is placed around the palace blocking him from access to his father in a mission to find out the truth he embarks on a journey and finds out about a deadly plague running rampant around the kingdom, Best Korean Dramas on Netflix.

The kingdom has pulled in so many viewers seven of those that don’t ordinarily watch dramas and it became a total hit the second-season brought us an even greater story

That kept us intrigued at every turn the development of the characters and the story itself is a masterpiece and talk about the cinematography and zombie makeup superb crossing our fingers for season three to be just as good. Best Korean Dramas on Netflix.


9. Healer (2017)



Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, An interesting story with a great out we’re definitely adding this to our watch list time to get to know more about healer a special night courier who gets tasks done for a special price as long as it’s not murder

He’ll do the work for you while working bait leads him to a tabloid writer and a famous reporter Ji chang-Bok and Parkman young are here to entertain you with an action-filled drama, of course, they didn’t leave out the romance because the two actors gave us great chemistry. Best Korean Dramas on Netflix


8. Reply 1988 (2015)


Reply 1988

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, 5 childhood friends are now teenagers ready to face the challenges of their lives all living in the same neighborhood lets fall in love with a middle child of a poor family a man whose family got rich overnight a student council president a geek who struggles academically and a great Baduk player together.

They’ll create new memories and find comfort in each other reply 1988 perfectly delivered a story about life no sugar coating or exaggerated scenes all pure and realistic the drama is enjoyable to watch and the level of friendship and scenes with their families are so heartwarming good thing it’s available on Netflix we can binge this masterpiece anytime and anywhere, Best Korean Dramas on Netflix.


7. Sky Castle (2018)


Sky Castle

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, Tells the story of families living in a luxurious private neighborhood with each other they act all friendly but when backs are turned all are against each other and want to be the head of the pack.

The parents in this drama will create chaos and put pressure on their children as they prepare for university sky castle gives us a fresh take (Top 5 Netflix Series 2021 ) on how competitive people are viewers will continuously be in shock as the characters dive into deeper problems and desperate attempts to be on top aside from that we’ll also see how these acts affect the children.


6. Crash Landing on You (2019)


Crash Landing on You

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, A Korean drama that created a bigger Korean wave to tell the story of a South Korean heiress crash landing in North Korea with some paragliding one wrong an elite army officer will encounter our female lead and he will help.

Her leave the country unnoticed crash landing on you gave us lovable characters that were hard to let go of from the main couple to the second lead couple and the lovely squad crash landing on you is a drama.

That is easy and fun to watch as if our k drummer hearts will never be any happier earlier this year our favorite on-screen couple was reported to be dating in real life up our Hyun bin and Sonya dan ship is sailing.


5. Signal (2020)



Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, Witnessing a crime at a young age and learning that the culprit was not found police officer along with a criminal profiler does not fully trust.

The police one day his life changes as he finds a walkie-talkie that connects him to the past gaining communication with a detective from the past the criminal profiler and the police officers work on cold cases always clicking for the next episode signal brings you a mystery crime drama that won’t put your mind at rest in a good way though.


4. My Mister (2018)


My Mister

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, A middle-aged engineer will be in a web of problems as he has to think about his unemployed brothers and work rivals not to mention that.

His wife is having a secret affair one day he comes across apart-timer who takes care of her sicker and mother here’s another great drama from (Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel (2021)  the singer-actress in my mystery shows stories of ordinary people getting by day to day hurting and healing in the process my mysteries available on Netflix so take this as a sign to start binge-watching it.


3. Hospital Playlist (2020)


Hospital Playlist

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, Rolling on your screens are 5 doctors who went to med school together and are now working in the same hospital they’re in a band together too does that qualify as squad goals for your hospital playlist will tell us.

The stories of individuals and their lives inside and outside the hospital, hospital playlist is a drama that hits right in the heart it captures a slice of life scenarios excellently and gives us stories of friendship work and romance that’s the beauty of hospital playlist and yes that’s soothing music too.


2. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)


It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, It is definitely not okay if you don’t watch it’s okay to not be okay the psychological drama is one of the books for tackling mental health issues.

That other don’t normally address our Kim Seo yan is back on the small screen so you better not miss this a community health worker at a psychiatric ward will be in a different situation.

He meets a popular writer suffering an antisocial personality disorder the author is selfish and rude while our health worker is so kind-hearted how will the opposite attitudes click together and will romance develop despite their inner struggles.


1. Flower of Evil (2020)


Flower of Evil

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, Hooray just recently added to Netflix is the mystery thriller drama flower of evil he may seem like the perfect husband and father to his family.

But you might want to take a closer look because a dark secret is just around the corner hiding his real identity and personality disorder will his wife who is a (Malcolm And Marie 2021) detective find out the truth about him ready to pull you in right from the start is the flower of evil grab onto the edge of your seats.

Because the scenes are mind-blowing and intense the drama’s well-written crime story is something to look forward to and the mysteries will keep you cooking for the next episode did your watch list becomes longer or are you such a k-drama addict.

That you’ve already watched all these Best Korean Dramas on Netflix we’re sure some of your favorites on Netflix didn’t make this list so feel free to share them with us in the comment section down below thanks for reading. 


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