Kennedy McMann
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Kennedy McMann is an American actress who is best known for her role in the CW reboot Nancy drew the ease with which Kennedy McMann slid into her role as the narrator and the titular character makes.

She looks like an overnight success but that is definitely not the case, however, it cannot be denied that she was extremely fortunate to bag the life-altering opportunity right after completing her graduation at the age of 23.


10 Things About Kennedy McMann


1. Early Life

Kennedy McMann was born on October 30th, 1996 in Holland Michigan, she is the only daughter of two kids born to Lisa McMann and matt McMann the family relocated from Michigan to Arizona in 2004.

She graduated from skyline high school in mesa where she was a standout student, she was named student of the month in her senior year and president of the skyline performing arts club at her school and at the local valley youth theater her performance in Macbeth at valley youth theater won her an Arizona award


2. She Got Into Acting As A Child

While Kennedy McMann is considered a newcomer by Hollywood standards, she got into acting like a child to cope with her old, she’s been on stage since she was nine when Jessica alba opened up about her own struggles with OCD McMann felt encouraged to be an actress too while she says she still struggles with anxiety during high-stress situations she doesn’t hesitate to tell others about her journey particularly if it helps them


3. She Went To School For Acting

After high school, she attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she majored in acting she graduated in 2018 with a BFA enacting her first television debut while at crusher built her theater resume and also made


4. Her First Television Debut

As a kidnapped girl in one episode of a gone in 2017and an episode of law and order svu in 2018.


5. Her Big Break

After graduating from cmu Kennedy McMann moved to new york where she began going to audition she worked as an after-school nanny and would enlist the kids in her charge to help her learn her linisher hard work paid off when she landed the role of nancy drew in the CW reboot making it her first major role in what’s promising to be a long career.


6. She’s Always Been A Big Nancy Drew Fan

Landing the role of nancy drew must have been a dream come true for Kennedy McMann nancy drew has been a staple in her life she devoured the novels growing up played nancy drew computer games and has even been compared to the character a few times in real life when news of her casting was first revealed the star wrote on Instagram

“The 12-year-old girl in me hugging the family computer playing nancy drew computer games then living out fantasies in her head about solving mysteries has been crying tears of joy for the past three days. An absolutely incomprehensible dream come true.”

Kennedy McMann version of nancy drew differs a bit from the original this particular nancy is a modern one someone who’s taking a gap year ahead of college following the death of her mother sure she still solves mysteries but at the same time she works at a diner with her friends and shares sexy scenes with a mechanic.


7. She’s From A Creative Family

Her mom Lisa McMann is a young adult author who has published new york times best-sellers like the wake trilogy the unwanted series and many more her dad matt McMann is a musician who has also written books in the self-help genre her brother Killian McMann is an artist and works as a designer and illustrator.


8. She Loves Spicy Food

Specifically, she’s a huge fan of curry

“No matter where I am, I’m obsessed with finding the best curry indian and Thai are my favorites.”

The stand down the street from where she lives is her favorite place to stop for a six dollar plate of her favorite food, she’s also a big fan of Brooklyn’s Gandhi restaurant


9. She Is Married

Kennedy McMann is married to her long time boyfriend sam mcinerney an acting grad from Carnegie mellon school of drama just like her barbara mckenzie wood

Their professor and a member of their college’s drama faculty set them up sometime around 2014. the endearing couple has been in a happy and stable relationship ever since and has been with each other through the thick and thin of life.

Kennedy McMann announced her engagement to Simon in December 2018 and in November 2020 she took to Instagram to share the news of her marriage with her followers and friends revealing that she had a small closed ceremony Mcmann captioned the image

“A little while ago we got married we’re gonna do it again with our beautiful friends and family later best thing we’ve ever done forever for us started a long time ago but now it’s on a piece of paper so deeply happy to be married to you my dearest the sweetest love.”


10. She Believes In Ghosts

Kennedy McMann said that she was never a big believer in the supernatural prior to joining Nancy drew

“We started filming in this abandoned mental institution, and there was a time in which lee lewis, my co-star who plays George, and I got trapped in our cast room during a fire alarm because all the doors shut with no prompting and locked from that point on I do believe in ghosts.”


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