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Andy Samberg has come a long way from being the guy with funny hair on SNL along with his lonely island cohorts he’s managed to take over primetime tv and he’s even scored a couple of cult hits at the box office, he kills it as Jake Peralta on Brooklyn nine-nine.

He’s happily married to indie musician Joanna Newsom with whom he shares a daughter he even hosted the 2019 golden globes with, Sandro


10 Things You Know About Andy Samberg

1. He Changed His Name When He Was Five

In an interview with time out Andy Samberg revealed that he wasn’t always handy he was born David a.j Samberg but no word on what the AJ bit was about when he was just five years old, he decided that he no longer wanted to be known as David and changed his name to Andy and that what he’s been known as ever since.


2. He’s Been A Fan of SNL Since He Was Eight

As early as elementary school he was obsessed with Saturday night live which would perhaps foretell his future he officially joined in the fall of 2005, but we didn’t see much of him on the screen until later on, he was a writer for the show first before he became an actor


3. He Left SNL Because He Hit A Wall

All good things must come to an end and that finally happened for Andy Samberg when he decided to leave Saturday night live in 2012. while his time on SNL helped make him famous it was apparently a grueling experience according to screen rant when asked why he left SNL, he told glamour

“I just hit a wall, emotionally and physically. I needed to start having a life again.”


4. Celeste And Jesse Forever Earned Him A Spot

On Brooklyn nine-nine according to Andy Samberg, he wasn’t in the running for the lead role on Brooklyn nine-nine until the producers saw him in the Rashida jones penned romantic comedy

“Mike Schur told me that when he saw Celeste and Jesse Forever, it made him think of me for this show.”

“Andy Samberg said I had always found things you did on SNL funny but after I saw Celeste and Jessie thought maybe you can act a little bit too.”


5. He Nearly Passed on Brooklyn 9-9

According to the screen rant, the actor was genuinely thinking of passing on the lead role in the Fox TV show because it didn’t match the career trajectory.

He had envisioned however he was so impressed by what the show’s creators Michael Sher and danger did on parks and recreation that he decided to accept a role and all was right with the world Samberg told the rap back in 2013.

That the leading role on Brooklyn nine-nine was too good to pass up it took Andy Samberg a few days to decide but he did eventually say yes to the role and now we have one of the funniest shows on television


6. The Lonely Island Began In Middle School

When Andy Samberg was in junior high school he met his two best friends Jorma Tacon and Akiva Shaffer the three of them would always be kidding and joking around while in school coming up with sketches that they would perform for their friends and all of their classmates.

That was the beginning of the lonely island as the three best friends got older they continued to come up with their hilarious comedy sketches

But instead of performing them to friends and classmates, they decided to start recording them calling them digital shorts they would post these shorts on the internet for the world to see in fact the three of them were credited with popularizing digital shorts on SNL which really wasn’t a big thing prior to them joining


7. He Was A Stand-Up Comic For Seven Years

Before making it onto SNL and hitting it big in his digital shorts Samberg was a stand-up for almost a decade and apparently, he spent most of his time on stage eating it

“The cardinal rule of comedy is if Noone’s laughing it’s your fault not their fault I was so hammered and bombing so hard that I forgot the cardinal rule and it got very uncomfortable.”

“But there were two people in the audience laughing real hard and that was Kiv and Jorm.”


8. He Went To Two Colleges

Once he graduated from high school in 1996 he attended the University of California Santa Cruz, he was there for two years before he decided to transfer to new York university Tisch school of the arts Sandberg graduated in 2000 where he received a degree in experimental film


9. Hot Rod Wasn’t Originally Meant For Him

Samberg’s first movie was hot rod what many people don’t know is that the lead role that he played was originally written for will Ferrell, so when Farrell didn’t take the role and Andy Samberg stepped in him along with his friends in the lonely and rewrote the script since they couldn’t stop picturing will Ferrell for the role


10. He Did Some Voice Acting

In addition to writing being a cast member of Saturday night live and starting his own separate acting career Andy Samberg also did a little bit of voice acting one notable role was for the Hotel Transylvania movies that came out in 2012-2015 and 2018. he also had a role in the animated movie storks in 2016.


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