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I genuinely don’t know what to make of this one I mean here we are in the year of our Jennifer Lawrence 2021 and skylines is now a trilogy not dreads not Hellboy not dread not amazing spider-manor dread but skylines freaking.

Skylines get to be a trilogy little backstory for those who thought this was a standalone film and, to be honest, I don’t blame you the first skyline 2010 was literally shot in one of the director’s flats and featured a bunch of those guys from various tv shows as they attempt to survive an alien invasion.

Cast Skylines

James Cosmo, Alexander Siddig, Daniel Bernhardt, Yayan Ruhian, Jonathan Howard, Ieva Andrejevaitė, Samantha Jean, Jeremy Fitzgerald, And Naomi Tankel


Where opponents clear from the first 10 minutes that this is a hopeless situation it’s actually a pretty solid little film in its own right and I’ll tell you (Malcolm And Marie 2021 Netflix Movie Review) about it some-time then a mere seven years later we got straight to DVD sequel the original somehow got a theatrical release skylines 2.

Skylines harder or beyond skyline as it’s called in some territories which pretty much ignored the first film-completely and somehow naturally managed to go from desperately trying to survive in sewers against a seemingly unstoppable alien enemy to a pacific rim-style fight in the middle of some Vietnamese temples followed by something that might be a space battle.

If you squint hard enough it’s a fun ride and then in 2020 we get skylines and were the first two at least tried to do something slightly different and overcame the fact that they had the type of budget normally associated with a coming-of-age indie designed to be seen by four actual people and eight million award circuit judges.

Skylines just don’t instead we get a fairly generic recovery of the thing before the time runs out plot unimaginative characters pointless subplots and where the first film had people’s brains being ripped from their skulls and then uses them to run huge heavily armored drone warriors called pilots.

The sequel sees an infinite infected with alien DNA and growing into a child with powers over the aliens just in time to help the survivors fight off (Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel (2021) Review) newer more eye-popping threats every development along the way in the first two films was imaginative unexpected and gleefully over-the-top violence.

So it feels strange that the serious kappa skylines are so conventional in both its story beats and its action it’s like your friend who used to be the center of every party is turned up after a few years away and quietly asked for a diet coke and it’s not like

This film doesn’t have any potential on its own merit searth is like a mixture of district 9and aliens if the aliens or human brains trapped inside alien suits that everyone just accepts as a fact of life anyway a new virus has emerged which threatens to send all the pilots back to their default kill all the human settings and for some reason.


The best way to cure and save what little remains of the actual human race is to go to the aliens home planet and nick something of theirs this is not a war it’s the highest as one piece of cardboard says to another now that’s several very very solid plots there imagine a (Top 5 Netflix Series 2021 You Must Watch)  film about being a police officer in this world desperately trying to keep the peace ora pilot trying to retain.

Their humanity in these impossible circumstances and even if we are going with the heist on an alien planet plot could you at least have some aliens on the alien planet loads of good ideas

There no the alien planet is completely deserted apart from one alien leftover I think for an old episode of flash Gordon Gordon’s alive which is a shame we’ve never really seen the actual aliens from this franchise they’ve always been hidden from view behind their drones.

This film did remember that practical effects are always better than CGI even times of fight choreography did remind me of an old episode of power rangers and the sets as well were the same but the film does move quickly enough.

That you’re never really allowed to dwell on any particular flaw it’s also a shame that everyone’s so generic they literally get a one-line introduction each and then we’re off to the races that when they die it’s less a case of.

I can’t believe that hicks just died more than I wondered what would happen when the ticking clock above that person’s head reached zero which is a little annoying at some of the token character moments were actually quite sweet and would have been affecting.


The less generic flick in the film’s secondary subplot of a doctor trying to contain an outbreak of aliens reverting to that basic kill or human subplot either needed to be greatly expanded or cut completely.


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