Son Ye Jin
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Son Ye Jin is one of the most famous actresses in south Korea she’s got it going on and she’s not afraid to show it off either she’s known for her romantic films her sweet roles her talent and her beauty.

She’s got a lot to offer the people around her and she’s nowhere near done with her career she’s got more to do and her star continues to rise.

She’s not as famous in the states as she is in her own country but that’s all changing the more she works it’s time we all get to know this international superstar


1. She’s The 80s Baby

Son Ye Jin looks much younger though doesn’t she, she was born on January 11, 1982, which means she got to grow up in the greatest decades of all, yes we mean the decades in which childhood was not marred by social media and the internet.

Son Ye Jin was one of the last remaining people who know what it’s like to grow up without being constantly reachable


2. She’s Coming To Hollywood

We told you it was time to get to know her she’s making her Hollywood debut in anew role with sam Worthington in a project entitled cross that’s going to begin soon we understand it’s meant to be a sci-fi movie which is a slight departure from her typical roles either way though we can not wait to see what she brings to the television in this role


3. She’s Dating Her Co-Star In Crash Landing on You

After becoming along suspected and denied multiple times a report was revealed that, Son Ye Jin was dating her co-star in a crash landing on you, yon in on January 1, 2021, along with the report it published photos of her getting into yon bin’s car they were also captured playing golf together her agency ms team entertainment stated

“The two of them got to know each other through their acting projects and after the end of their drama they developed an interest in each other and ended updating.”

Yon bin’s agency vast entertainment similarly confirmed

“Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin met through their projects and after the end of their drama, their positive feelings towards one another developed into a romantic relationship.”

Son Ye Jin

4. She’s Always Been Looking To Act

She’s known her entire life, she would become an actress, Son Ye Jin knew that her work would be important and that it would take her to new levels of success and she was there for it.

She’s been studying for this role her entire life and she’s so happy to have finally made it she attended the Seoul Institute of the arts growing up this prestigious school is where almost all famous Korean actors and actresses go to learn the craft before becoming famous.


5. She’s A Great Friend

There’s one thing she doesn’t appear to sacrifice in her life and that is time with her friend’s shes constantly with them posting photos on her social media account we love that despite her busy schedule and her life of excitement she always finds time to spend with the people who mean the most to her that is everything


6. She Loves Food

Who don’t we love that she loves food and she loves to show it off on her social media accounts too she’s someone who is always up to try something new who has great taste and who loves adventure when it comes to eating.


7. She’s Into Pilates

What we love about her is that Son Ye Jin works hard to keep her gorgeous figure she’s not someone who is afraid to share that either she’s been known to take pilot classes and she enjoys them.

This is something that is important to her and we get it it’s important to keep up with your good health however she does not stick to just pilots she’s also a huge fan of tax which is a widely popular workout


8. She’s The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

We don’t say that lightly either Son Ye Jin really is according to the thermometer’s list of most beautiful people she ended up with the most votes of anyone else in the competition.

This means Son Ye Jin must be the most beautiful of course it is so easy to see why people would vote for her not only is she gorgeous but she has a look that is so down to earth and lovely that we can almost imagine that she is literally.

The nicest human in the world on top of being so gorgeous her entire family is beautiful her mother father and her older sister all look so much younger than they are and they are all gorgeous

It’s clear to us that there are great jeans going around this family and we are all for it they are the most adorable family and we imagine she must spend a lot of time with them.


9. She Loves To Travel

Son Ye Jin like so many of us loves to travel not only is it the most amazing way to see the world and to have new experiences it’s also something.

Son Ye Jin views as a way to discover herself we cannot agree more anything is more honest than learning who you are when you are in a new place going through life without your comforts and habits surrounding you.


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