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Top 5 Netflix Series 2021 You Must Watch

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Today I will tell you about the top 5 Netflix series 2021 that you have not seen thus far that you should check out.

Top 5 Netflix Series 2021


1. Lock And Key


Lock And Key

Netflix Series Locking key is about a family that after their dad’s death they move into this big huge house it’s three siblings and this house is filled with reality-bending keys each key holds so much mystery so basically you watch these three kids navigate this house these keys and how it affects everything around them.


Just entered another adventurous magical make-believe world (Netflix Series) outstanding and mind-blowing series dropping trick cues from more series to come adapted from the famous comic series by joe hill.

The storyline is so refreshing it is allowed to create its own space they also said that they thought that this show will leave the same impact that harry potter has left on our lives

I was trying to see if I could find a manager that says it’s appropriate for I do not see one depending on your child I might or might not let my child watch it depending on what they have nightmares or like.

You know your kid they can watch like lightly spooky stuff they have like the weird voices and it can get pretty spooky at times you should probably watch a few episodes to decide

If that’s something that appropriates for a child I would say under the age of like 12, 12 and older I definitely would say um can watch easy and I like a lot of like magical type movies and love mysteries

It’s a great movie that if you want to just kind of like go on an adventure mystery so I’m definitely waiting for season two to come out because I really enjoy locking keys so check it out it’s a family-friendly series that is a delight to watch.


2. Good Girls


Good Girls

Netflix Series It’s a show about three women who get fed up with trying to do things the right way or it is never working out for them they are fed up with playing by the rules and not getting respect.

That they deserve they’re tired of the life they’re (Netflix Series) living they’re just like in debt and bills out the wazoo so they band together to control their lives by holding up a local grocery store rob.

The store everything went fine long story short the store that they ended up robbing was a store that was cleaning dirty money for a big-time drug dealer.

So now they’ve gotten themselves into some big trouble and these ladies have to find a way to get this man his money back and also still be mothers wives and have regular lives at the same time while being big-time drug dealers

So check that out it’s a comedy-drama but it’s a boatload of fun like it’s really a good enjoyable um wholesome show well not even I hold some because there’s some stuff in there that goes down it might not be so wholesome but it’s definitely enjoyable. 


Good girls were hilarious the drama and sometimes heavy consequences are balanced by talented cats who are able to deliver the requirements to keep your heart pumping this is the best show comedy-drama



3. On My Block


On My Block

Netflix Series It’s about a group of four kids who have to navigate their way through high school and also the hard streets of southcentral

These kids are working very hard to get one of their friends out of (Netflix Series) the gang but he has joined because of his brother and his um their father was in this gang and they are trying to prevent him from getting in the gang.

So it is just a lot of action drama romance it’s a very cute show depending on your family I would say it’s family-friendly but depending on the countless family.

You have it’s not like a unit’s still a kid it’s for young teenagers so it’s still kind of you know not too gritty kind of show but the streets of l. a are greedy

So you do get some of that gangbanging and all that stuff but I think it’s worth the watch so check it out they have not announced or I have not seen that they have announced.

the next season but as of right now it’s three seasons and every season was better than the last.


My block and who are navigating their way through high school including all the triumphs pain and newness that’s experienced along

The way this is the funniest thing that I have ever watched about new love heartbreak gang violence puberty and the rest of the ups and downs that come with freshman year of high school.


4. The Last Kingdom


The Last Kingdom

Netflix Series The Saxon series historical novels now let me tell you all now if you ball at the game of thrones or if you like any show like that like I said it’s the same kind of like I don’t know that’s medieval or what kind of like time

That is it’s about an invasion of different bands England has fallen into (Netflix Series) different parts and they are fighting to get the parts back as one some are fighting to take over the plenum.

But it kind of has that like game of thrones kind of feel to it if you ask me but I loved it actually I have to say in comparison love game of thrones

The way game of thrones ended was terrible so they kind of lost me with that but um yeah I’m having this definitely have to say that I do love the last kingdom

It was entertaining it was kind of gave you the same vibe that the game of thrones game you and I kind of was looking for something with that kind of vibe after a game of thrones went off.

Because I just like I love the game of thrones so much I mean being that (Netflix Series) we watched it for so many seasons if you watch the game of thrones it was just like I felt like without once it went off I needed something to fulfill that gap for me.

I fell in love with Utrichutrich (Netflix Series) you’ll see what I’m talking about if you have if you watch it or if you have watched it you already know he is one sexy specimen. 

But I just have to say he’s one of the reasons why I actually enjoy watching the last kingdom he’s a very nice-looking fan.

So that made it even more interesting it’s nice to have a little eye candy series you know so he was definitely eye-candy for me like I said if you like the game of thrones field go check it out 


The last kingdom someone stated I have recently been all four seasons in a week one word for this show is a masterpiece in every aspect from storytelling to action scenes to character development and obviously.

The betrayals this show has all the right elements of being a wonderful show and last but not least I put these in no specific order.


5. Dear White People


Dear White People

It’s a Netflix Series dear white people that takes place on a college campus on a predominantly white campus. it is an American comedy-drama show.

That follows several black college students at an ivy league institution these several black students touch on issues surrounding modern American race relations.

So it is just hilarious like have to say this is one of the funniest (Netflix Series) shows that I have watched on Netflix I mean it is very controversial but at the same time, it is just so relieving how they talk about these topics on this show.

That person actually never talk about in real life they actually address a lot of topics that people are scared to talk about just on regular college campuses like really enjoyed the show.


Show while the title was a bit jarring in the beginning I got over it right when the show opened up because the actors are so relatable understandable it truly shows the evolution of black (Netflix Series) experiences and life within highly non-black and non-people of color heavy environments like ivy league colleges


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