Romance Movies On Netflix

Top 10 Best Romance Movies On Netflix

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Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 best romance movies on Netflix, but that night me and Avery we had something and it was real we bonded we were laughing and she said I was cute okay cute you’re clinging to cute for this list we’re looking at our favorite Netflix original films that have a focus on the romantic. 


Best Romance Movies On Netflix


1. Tall Girl (2019)


Tall Girl

The best romance movies on Netflix is a tall girl this 2019 film seemed to largely fly under the radar but it managed to amass a serious fanbase despite the fact that it didn’t manage to hit the mainstream,

The tall girl tells the story of Jody a high schooler (Malcolm And Marie 2021 Netflix Movie Review) who is precisely six feet one-and-a-half inches tall which she has been self-conscious about for her entire life her dating life is complicated because she is reluctant to date anyone.

Who’s shorter than her she ends up falling for a foreign exchange student from Sweden and does whatever, she can to win his affections this leads to a love triangle because one of Jodi’s friends who always had feelings for her tries to make his feelings. 


2. Naples in Veils (2017)


Naples in Veils

The best romance movies on Netflix.  Napoli ever after based on the novel by Trisha Artemis Napoli ever after focuses on violet a young black woman.

She always had a complicated relationship with her hair it was an ever-present source to prove that I was just as well-groomed as any white child they would play with hair and columns no shoes her perfectionist mother always encouraged her to straighten it despite how much work it took.

And she continued these practices into adulthood but an incident at a hair salon and the fact that her boyfriend doesn’t propose when she expects him to cause her to reevaluate everything this movie uses violets hair as a representation of her inner self and brings us along on her journey to acceptance.


3. Art of Falling in love (2019)


Falling in love

The best romance movies on Netflix, falling in love if what you’re in the market for is a rom-com with a comforting and predictable plot look no further than 2019 s falling in love.

The new owner of an inn in new Zealand that needs a little TLC she’s a fish out of water in the charming small-town setting and quickly (Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel (2021) Review) meets Jake a contractor with who she ends up partnering with despite their confrontational beginnings this story goes exactly where you expect it to but hey that’s not always a bad thing 


4. All The Bright Places (2020)


All The Bright Places

The best romance movies on Netflix, all the bright places what are you doing violet Markey some teen romance movies are frothy and fun but all the bright places.

Which are based on the novel of the same name takes a look at some of the darker themes that are present in the lives of teenagers. 

This movie is packing following the love story of violet and Theodora through a turbulent moment in both of their lives this film might be heavy but it’s also beautiful and reminds us to appreciate every moment.


5. The Incredible Jessica James (2017)


The Incredible Jessica James

The best romance movie on Netflix, The Incredible Jessica James starring Jessica Williams tells the oh-so-relatable story about two people who come together (Top 5 Netflix Series 2021 You Must Watch) but who still aren’t over their exes featuring some familiar faces and situations that every millennial has encountered.

You can’t help but love it the titular character of this quirky modern rom-com is magnetic and Lisa wishing this was a half-hour TV show rather than a one-off film. 


6. Happy Anniversary (2018)


Happy Anniversary

The best romance movies on Netflix, happy anniversary you may recognize Noel Wells as the primary love interest from the first season of master of none.

But more recently she was starring in this film morning beautiful you’re only allowed to say that it for me man I do mean it I like you like this no make up this you really oh but your breath smells like happen with an engaging premise.

And a distinctly indie babe (Orange Is The New Black, Cast Review) happy Anniversary takes a look at a couple three years into their relationship who are deciding whether they should stick it out or call it quits the film features a series of flashbacks so that viewers get to experience.

Their relationship right along with them as they decide how to move forward maybe Molly and I are just too different like I see the glass of water is half-full she sees the water is poisoned.


7. Let It, Snow (2019)


Let It, Snow

The best romance movies on Netflix, let it snow but above all snow is the power to bring us together sometimes just for a moment and especially on Christmas Eve.

That exactly what we need to be released just in time for the 2019 holiday season let it snow is a delightful Christmas movie that feels like Love Actually for a modern teen audience featuring a diverse ensemble cast and multiple interweaving storylines. The best romance movies on Netflix

There’s no reason that shouldn’t become a December classics there’s something for everyone here since the romantic subplots all vary wildly with other prominent stories about friendship and family included as well the book that this flick is based on was a collaboration between some of the biggest names in y-a literature Maureen Johnson John Green and Lauren miracle no I want to tell you something I freaked out about it being you for me but it is you


8. When We First Met (2018)


When We First Met

The best romance movies on Netflix, when we first met we loved a rom-com with a unique and compelling premise you know when you are about to fulfill your destiny I waited too long and then I got hugged in this film Noah played by Adam Devine has one-nightstand with a girl. The best romance movies on Netflix

Who he totally falls for but she wants them to be just friends after their initial tryst years later she’s engaged to another guy but he’s still harboring feelings for her he wants to figure out how he managed to mess things up

So he uses time-travel to relive their night together over and over again in an attempt to get her to see him differently that’s all right now would you know never (Moxie Hit Show on Netflix) keeps spinning around the same relationship over and over and she’s going nowhere yeah yeah I’ve been in that relationship before.


9. Ali’s Wedding (2017)


Ali's Wedding

The best romance movies on Netflix, Ali’s wedding Osama Sami wrote and stars in this film which he calls the first Muslim rom-com which debuted on Netflix in 2017.

I got 96 also pointful Ali’s wedding tells the story of a young Muslim man living in Australia who faces extreme pressure from his family to live up to their high expectations and marry the woman who they think is the right match for him unfortunately though the heart wants what it wants (romance movies on Netflix) so even though he’s betrothed he strikes up a romance with someone else it’s a movie unlike anything you’ve seen before and offers up some diverse representation.


10. The Princess Switch (2020)


The Princess Switch

The best romance movies on Netflix, the princess which Netflix has kind of cornered the market on schmaltzy holiday movies and we are not complaining to do anything different with all of the hardships we’re facing in the world

Today sometimes you just want a rom-com that you know is gonna end up with a happily ever after in the princess which a champion Baker goes to the small fictional country of Belgravia

She realizes that she looks identical to the duchess of Montanaro who is slated to marry the Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia the two end up switching places which give us not one but two adorable love stories to follow I’m not very good at dancing well you know what they say practice makes perfect. The best romance movies on Netflix.


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