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Top 5 Best Habits For Your Health 2021

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Today, I will tell you about the top 5 Best Habits For Your Health 2021. I felt like since we’re at the beginning of a new year it would be perfect to kind of talk about the 5 Best Habits For Your Health that you can implement into your everyday life that I think will have a tremendous impact on your health.

So some of these Best Habits For Your Health I do just wanna say are probably things that you’ve already either heard me say before or other health experts before but there are things that I want to reiterate because they are incredibly important for your overall health and wellbeing.


5 Best Habits For Your Health


1. Drink Enough Water



The first Best Habits For Your Health is to drink enough water. And I’ve talked about this in some of my webinars and workshops.  but I recommend that you drink at minimum half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.

So that can be really challenging for some people, it’s super challenging for me personally so I will sometimes incorporate tea or seltzer or sparkling water or flavored water just to help me get my hydration up.

But it’s really (Best Habits For Your Health) important and I think it’s a goal that we should all try to drink more water because drinking water, not only, of course, (12 Health Benefits of Dark leafy Green Vegetables) keeps you hydrated but it just helps your body function more smoothly. It helps your internal organs. It helps your digestion.

It can help with hunger cues. It can help with brain fog and energy levels. So super important, it’s definitely something that I personally am going to focus on in 2021and I encourage you to as well.


2. Must Go Out Every Day


Increase Height

Number two Best Habits For Your Health is to get outside every single day. Sometimes I will use this as movement every single day but I’ve realized throughout the pandemic that it is so important to actually physically go outdoors every single day and breathe in the fresh air.

Now I know sometimes that might not be possible. Maybe you’re in lockdown right now, but if you aren’t, I encourage you to try to get outside for at least a minimum of 15minutes every single day.

Just go for a little walk, breathe in the fresh air, clear your head. If you are doing this as your movement then try to get a minimum of 30 minutes. I also would encourage you to unplug at this time.

So instead of having your phone with you or scrolling through emails or reading the news or listening to a podcast, just try to unplug, you can keep (16 Best Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera) your phone in your pocket you don’t have to look at the screen and just try to enjoy being outside and being in nature hopefully, or just like breathing fresh air, as I said. And yes, even in the rain, I do think that it’s important to get out every single day.


3. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables


Healthy Eating Foods

Number three Best Habits For Your Health is to eat more plants. Obviously, I am a big proponent of eating primarily plant-based and I personally eat a lot of plants but if you are somebody that is maybe thinking about transitioning to a more plant-based diet, or you’re still kind of on the edge,

just try to incorporate more plants especially fruits and veggies into your daily life. I try to get fresh fruits and veggies in at every single meal.

That’s an easy, like, just way for me to kind of think about putting my meals together. I try to have at least one fruit or vegetable at every single meal.

So if that helps you as you’re (18 Best Selenium Foods For Your Health)starting to plan your meals, then I encourage you to think that way. This can also include things like smoothies which are obviously a really easy way to sneak in fruits and vegetables.

Maybe you’re a pasta lover and you love marinara red sauce with pasta, try throwing in some spinach, try throwing some chopped mushrooms or something like that.

Just try to kind of ramp up your (Best Habits For Your Health) vegetable intake, your fruit intake, and I feel like you will not only be more nourished from the inside out because fruits and vegetables are so full of nutrients and vitamins and minerals, but you also will have better digestion because they’re amazing for digestion and keeping you regular and you’re just gonna feel really satisfied and healthy.


4.  Must Proper Sleep


Proper Sleep

Number four Best Habits For Your Health is sleep-related. Again, I’ve talked about this a few times on the channel before but try to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep every single day. It can be really challenging especially if you’re now working from home.

Balancing that maybe it’s kids and school and work or maybe it’s even just turning off of work. It can be challenging to do that, but I really want to encourage everyone to try to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep every single day.

Sleep is also going to obviously have a (Best Habits For Your Health) tremendous impact on how you feel the next day with your energy levels but it also (15 Best Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate) affects our hunger cues, it affects digestion, it affects our stress hormones, and it has just an overall effect on our health and wellbeing and how we walk through life. So sleep is a huge priority for me and as it should be for you, hopefully.


5. Mental Implications And Stress



Number five Best Habits For Your Health is about finding joy. And the reason why I feel like I wanted to include this and I haven’t really talked about this before in any of my other habits is that I know that the mental implications and stress of what we all just went through the last year and are going through this coming year are huge.

So I want to encourage you this year if you haven’t thought about finding something that brings you joy, then I want you to sit down and brainstorm. Best Habits For Your Health

And what I want you to try to come up with is an activity that brings you joy. Maybe it’s a new hobby, maybe it is something that you can try to turn into a side hustle slash business, something that you’re passionate about, something that you just want to do and that you find that when you do, you don’t wanna stop doing and that just makes you happy.

As I said, last year was an incredibly trying and challenging year for everyone across the globe, no matter what country you live in. And I think that into at least half of this year, it’s going to be still incredibly challenging.

So if you can find something that makes you happy and that you really enjoy doing on a daily or somewhat regular basis then it will help with your overall health and wellbeing and especially your mental health.

And I think that these are the Best Habits For Your Health that everyone would benefit greatly from. When you are constantly taking information, whether it’s from social media feeds or the news or YouTube or whatever, you’re going to be eventually overwhelmed with all of that, that’s coming in and you never give yourself a chance to fully like breathe and step back and digest and just be.

So I encourage you to maybe put some parameters on your screen usage. You can even find apps that will lock you out of your phone or lock you out of certain apps during certain times of the day.

So maybe it’s 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM that you don’t wanna be on your phone anymore. You either should go put it in another room. You should lock it or put yourself somehow to get yourself to stop consuming and that you really can step away and be present in whatever else you’re doing.

I think that it will not only help with your mental health, whether it’s reducing stress, keeping you more present, helping you get out of that comparison trap that social media so often gets us into, but it also will generally just help with anxiety-reducing and also happiness increasing. Best Habits For Your Health.

So that’s definitely a benefit whichever way you think of it. And I just think it’s something that we could all benefit from. So that concludes my quick (11 Healthy Morning Routine Habits To Weight Loss) and easy six easy habits that you can incorporate into your life in 2021. If you have any goals that you’ve set for yourself in 2021 or any habits that you wanna pick up,

let me know in the comments because I would love this to be an open conversation. We can all be sharing our different goals Best Habits For Your Health and what we’re hoping to achieve in 2021. I do think that as trying as it has started out to be, I do think that this year is going to be amazing and it’s going to hopefully bring us a lot of relief more than we had last year.

So I do think that we have bright things ahead of us and I encourage you to just continue to try to do things that help you feel good, whether it is exercising or reading or taking a break, just making sure that you are your own priority and that your own health and wellbeing, your own self-care, is prioritized this year. Best Habits For Your Health.



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