Avatar The Last Airbender
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Hello, friends today I will tell you about Avatar The Last Airbender New Series Netflix 2021, the new Netflix series what’s going on with new versions of animated avatar the last air bender series


Avatar The Last Airbender New Animated Series

The big Disney investor day that they did a while ago with all the big marvel trailers all the big star wars trailers for the 10 new marvel tv shows and 10 new star wars tv shows,

Now they’re actually getting much closer to doing their version of the Disney plus investor date  where they actually announce what some of that new programming is going to be for the streaming  service because before he mentioned new avatar the last Airbender content new shows within the avatar  universe the stuff that he read off like the Spongebob the godfather stuff a lot of that’s not  going to get people to pay for another streaming service

But avatar the last Airbender has the potential to be one of those big-ticket items that get old fans the older people now who were fans of the original series when it first aired and all the younger people who are hungry for something that’s a little more complex than *Malcolm And Marie 2021 Netflix Movie Review) SpongeBob who are just burnt out on a lot of the same old same old that they’ve been rolling out for the last 10 years.

That seems like a no-brainer pretty much anybody who’s been a fan of the series just wants to see another avatar series set in the universe during a different part of the timeline with another new avatar  Viacom is so thirsty to get people to subscribe to their new paramount plus streaming service. Avatar The Last Airbender  

The only way you do that is with really compelling programming so no surprise that they’ve probably  been asking mike and brian pretty much every year on the regular to do a new animated avatar series what do we have here the way mike and brian explained it is when they did the original avatar  

The Last Airbender series is that it took him about four years to develop a project it took  a long time to bring it from concept to actual episodes so if they were to do a new animated  series we might not see it for a while and there were some clauses in their contract with Netflix  

That probably stated that they couldn’t just turn around and do another new avatar series right away  with someone else like the new Viacom streaming service they got paid a big chunk of money by  Netflix they also get paid every time the avatar series and legend of Korra go to new streaming  services

So don’t worry too much about them they just got paid big time because both avatar and  Cora hit Netflix in the last year but just in terms of what that new avatar animated series  would be I think most of us are in agreement that they should complete the avatar (Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel (2021) Review) cycle or at least  go to the next step in the avatar cycle and just do a series based on an earth bender avatar  normally

You would just assume they would just continue forward in the timeline but one of the  issues that a lot of you have also asked about on my previous avatar videos is that they were to  do that then they would actually turn into a cyberpunk avatar series like do we want an avatar  series

Where they’re walking around with iPhones remember during legend of Korra they’re kind of in  like the 1920s 1930s era they have cars they have airships so if Cora lives for like another 40 or  50 years you’re basically really close to present-day with modern-day technology

There’s been a lot  of fan art of the avatar characters in modern-day clothing and it actually looks pretty cool but I don’t know how cool a series set during that era would be so the obvious conclusion is that they  should just do a series with an earth bender avatar (Top 5 Netflix Series 2021 You Must Watch) said in the past and who is the most  notable earth bender avatar set in the past it would be avatar Kyoshi of course just do an avatar  Kyoshi series

If you haven’t been reading (Avatar The Last Airbender) all the expanded material they just released the rise of  Kyoshi in the shadow of Kiyoshi novels but it only covers a little bit of her life and it’s actually  really really fascinating I would say just in terms of avatars

That they’ve actually done a good  job of (Orange Is The New Black, Cast Review) developing within the other shows Kiyoshi is at the top of that list next to avatar 1 she’s  probably the most hyped-up version of the avatar that just hasn’t gotten her own series yet avatar  Kyoshi is like the stabby avatar in fact during those Kyoshi’s stories

Avatar The Last Airbender

She has her own version of a Darth Vader rogue one hallway scene just wrecking a bunch of fire benders we’ve even started to see a lot of fan animation for avatar Kyoshi series and it’s actually pretty solid what do you think you’re doing the lady asked you to step away. Avatar The Last Airbender  

If you did it in modern-day there was also a big Avatar The Last Airbender reunion this past day I haven’t had a chance to watch the entire reunion video it was mostly the cast and the crew just getting together talking about their favorite moments and their memories (Moxie Hit Show on Netflix) from the series dante Bosco has been like a thousand percent more involved with avatar since it hit Netflix Avatar The Last Airbender.

The avatar the last Airbender Netflix series but before that  actually really turned into a big thing mike and brian wound up leaving the project he said he’d  still have to be involved with that series

 So it sounds like they’ll also talk a little bit about potential future animated (Avatar The Last Airbender) projects as well but just in terms of when they’d actually be able to do a new animated series remember there’s probably a little bit of a cooling-off period with their Netflix contract Avatar The Last Airbender.



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