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Top 10 Netflix Action Movies 2020 Watch Now

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Top 10 Netflix Action Movies

10. The Last Jedi Love Movie


The last Jedi love it Netflix Action Movies or hate it you have to admit star wars the last Jedi is a bold film it’d have been easy for looper filmmaker Ryan johnson to simply craft a fan service before awakened sequel that follows all the expected storytelling beats

But instead, he leaned hard into character puffs specifically those of Rey and kylo retelling a story mostly through their eyes the result is a wildly thrilling wholly original, and surprising sequel that delivers entertainment and thematic heft and equal measure

It’s a story about self-doubt growth and the spark of a rebellion and it’s lovingly crafted with show-stopping iconic visuals like the throne rooms at peace and howto’s gas-producing moment whether you’re watching the last Jedi for the first for 15th time you’re getting a whole meal of a movie.


9.National Treasure Movie


Netflix Action Movies If the Davinci code was fun it would be a national treasure the plot follows benjamin franklin gatesnicholas cage in an action hero role.

that suits hima treasure hunter who discovers there’s a map on the back of the declaration of independence and goes on a mad dash to steal the document and find orin

his view protect the treasure before unscrupulous billionaire and how sean bean does the movie is fun from the start to finish as it makes a mad dash through various points of American history with ample comedy and earnest adoration for our nation’s pastel.


8. Justin Bartha’s Movie


Netflix Action Movies, The throwaway joke about the preservation room is an Alzheimer’s beyond the skyline. beyond skyline is a special kind of wtf of all the movies to spawn a franchise I never would have guessed the much-derided 2010 sci-fi pick skyline could pull it off much less than the follow-up film

would be such a glee globetrotting action-packed adventure a proud puppy b movie featuring aliens that ripped the brain right out of your skull beyond skyline stars Frank Grillo as a cop at odds with his son johnny Weston

when an alien attack sends them scrambling for their lives once the aliens make contact the film ricochets through settings and characters at a breakneck pace packing in a paperback book series worth of sci-fi lunacy into a single feature film

that travels from subterranean tunnels to the nuclear wasteland of Los Angeles to an alien ship and all the way to Laos where mark teams with rebels to battle

the alien threat you’ve got frank Grillo playing hero with a baby in one hand in a space blaster on the other Antonio Fargas is a Vietnam vet who calls everybody [ __ ]iko Uwais and Yaya Rohan beating the[ __ ] out of giant aliens and there’s even an honest-to-god kaiju battle beyond skyline won’t be for everyone but if you love a banana’s b-movie the feature debut from writer-director Liam O’Donnell takes all the right boxes


7. Triple Frontier Movie


Netflix Action Movies If triple frontier isn’t your dad’s favorite movie that just means your dad hasn’t seen triple frontier yet directed by j.c Chandra a most violent year from a script he co-wrote with mark ball zero dark 30triple frontiers is basically the mancave of movies part military drama part action-packed

Heistand all the story of men who have mad bro love for each other oscar Isaac stars as Santiago Pepe Garcia a d agent who gets the old special-forces banned back together to rob a drug lord’s jungle hideaway joining Isaac is the similarly strong-jawed crew of ben Affleck charlie Hunnam Pedro pascal and Garrett headland the kicker of the triple frontier is that there’s actually a good amount of brains under all that brawn it’s an explosion and helicopter sflick first yeah but it also has a lot to say about what happens to professionally violent men once the gunfire stops


6. Solo Star Wars Movie


Netflix Action Movies solo star wars story a throwback love letter to the star wars tradition solo a star wars story got the brunt of the post the last Jedi discourse and the dramatic behind-the-scenes squabbles during production

but the final product is a light breezy intergalactic adventure that would have been plenty entertaining if unremarkable had it arrived in theaters without the star wars baggage given an impossible task called an Aaron right does as good a job as you could ask from any actor trying to recreate one of cinema’s most iconic characters without doing the impression

and backed by a supporting cast of weirdos played by woody Carlson as a Regis mentor to handhold glover absolutely loving cape life as Lando Calrissian and phoebe waller bridge as the kinkiestdroid that ever was it’s a strange Frankenstein’s monster of a movie and you can feel the stitches but there’s plenty of fun to be found among the aggressive callbacks and fanservice


5. Quentin Tarantino Movie


Netflix Action Movies Gloria spaceterds while Quentin Florentino has yet to make a bad film his 2009 world war ii epic and glorious bastards may just be his greatest masterpiece this is a man on a mission movie by way of Florentino and while the film took some by surprise given that basically, only one-third of it is in English and brad pit the leader of the titular-based ends is one of several lead characters in a true ensemble it is a thrilling unique entry to the genre all the same as with many of Tarantino’s Netflix Action Movies

this film is a passionate ode to cinema itself self but Christoph waltz’s breakout performance is downright delectable with Pitt clearly having a blast as the unforgettable all-terrain bloody hilarious shocking and innovative and glorious space turns is a genuine new classic with action galore


4. V For Vendetta Movie


Netflix Action Movies It’s a tricky thing to adapt any work by alan Moore the dense and aggressively allegorical comic book scribe who also might be a legit ass wizard luckily warner brothers called the Wachowskis who changed the genre film game six years earlier with the matrix to adapt v for vendetta together with director James mate

They were able to craft one of the most satisfying comic book adaptations of all time blending in political intrigue science fiction and just plain old slick action filmmaking one dark dystopian thriller at its center are two dynamite performances and operatic Hugo weaving as the guy fox mask-wearing vigilante known as and soon to be Oscar winner Natalie portman as f Hammond the tv news runner that v brutally shapes into a revolutionary


3. Olympus Has Fallen Movie


Netflix Action Movies Olympus has fallen boy I hope you like heads tubbing because Michael banning is one of those particular set of skills guys and above all those skills involve stabbing some [ __ ] in the head a lot Olympus has fallen as one brutal sometimes downright nasty. Netflix Action Movies

And mean-spirited action movie led by Gerard butler as an absolute force of head stubborn who winds up trapped in the white house during a terrorist attack and sets out to protect the president from the nefariousintr under excessive ultra-violent and profaneolympus has fallen is the kind of hard Netflix Action Movies

We don’t see much of the days and director Antoine Fuqua revels in the excesses delivering a relentless action movie that’s easily among the most extra of the die-hard inspired trap with terrorist sub-genre


2. Snowpiercer Movie


Netflix Action Movies Snowpiercer, before he became an awards darling with parasite Bong Joon ho, spent the last two decade digging into the guts of genre storytelling and mixing them all around in everything from his 2003

Serial killer thriller memories of a murder to his 2006 class conscious creature feature the host and in 2013 he took on an environmental post-apocalyptic nightmare society with snow piercer. Netflix Action Movies

The concept is simple and elegant after an environmental experiment turns the world into a frozen wasteland the citizens of an ever-halting train live in literally compartmentalized economic bubbles depending on what class

They were riding on the day the world ended the first-class customers live in decadence while those the rear trains started to death until the poor and the hungry have finally had enough and lead a violent revolutionary charge to the top of the train car director bong fails each car with rich and dangerous life bracing style and yes relentless action in fact the key fight scene just landed a spot on our best action scenes of the decade list.


1. Avengers Infinity War Movie


Netflix Action Movies Avengers infinity war is so much movie it that shouldn’t exist at all just look at that cast list movies aren’t mean to have that many stars.

But Captain America the winter soldier and captain (Netflix Action Movies) American civil war filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo pulled off the impossible by putting the focus on their big bad.

Thanos and swinging him across the galaxy like a wrecking ball that scatters the avenged guardians of the galaxy and all of the MCU’s biggest heroes in an epic battle to save half of all life literally all lifelike even your dog talk about steaks infinity war are as episodic as movies get and it’s at its best

when it leans into the (Netflix Action Movies) character dynamics and crazy thrills of seeing all these heroes together on one screen there’s a lot of joy in watching wizards fly through the streets of manhattan and seeing spider-man sip through strange’s portals on a far-off planet infinity war marks the culmination of a decade spent in the marvel cinematic universe. 


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