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Today, it seems like doctors are linking almost every processed food to causing cancer, but when it comes to the food we eat regularly, we need to be fully aware of everything, where it comes from, what goes into the making of it and what the pros and cons are of eating it.

While you think you may be doing the right thing for your health by drinking diet sodas or low-calorie popcorn, in reality, you’re eating some of the worst cancer-causing foods out there!

We’ll give you all the information with this list of 16 cancer foods you should avoid and don’t worry we have made a better recommendation for each product!


1 Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn is usually on the safer side of snacking, but when it comes to microwave popcorn you will be surprised! Microwave popcorn is usually not natural, and the butter flavoring used in most microwave popcorn releases diacetyl, a chemical that is known to become toxic when cooked.

Last but not least the bags are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid, which is a carcinogen. Our advice: We said it before ‘popcorn is usually on the safer side of snacking’ so there is no need to stop eating popcorn at all! But avoid the microwave popcorn, instead, switch to the old-fashioned way and use a stove or a popping machine which also tastes much better in our opinion! Before we continue please subscribe to Rite Entertainment for more information like this. Cancer


2 Soda

Soda drinks are flavored sugar water. The soda drinks contain not only sugar (the preferred fuel for cancer) but also caramel color. This synthetic dye contains a by-product of the carcinogen 4-MEI. Laboratory tests have shown that 4-MEI is present in caramelized soft drinks. Our advice: Water is the healthiest beverage or drinks fresh fruit/vegetable juices. If you want or need soda, pick a soda drink without the caramel color(4-MEI). Cancer


3 (Grilled) Red meat

studies have found that eating grilled meat increases your risk of developing cancer. The problem comes down to carcinogens, cancer-causing substances that may be formed as part of the grilling process. The amino acids, sugars, and creatine in meats react at high temperatures forming heterocyclic amines. Our advice: reduce your intake of red meat, cook gently and if possible, choose organic meat whenever possible.


4 Artificial sweeteners

must industrial sweeteners are produced through a chemical process and there isn’t enough data that you can consider it safe. Some studies indicate that artificial sweeteners cause the accumulation of DKP toxin in the body and can cause brain tumors. Our advice: The best choice when it comes to sweeteners is those that are plant-based like stevia.


5 Canned Food (Especially Tomato)

Canned food bins are pretty harmful because the cans are coated with BPA, a known hormone disruptor. Tomatoes may have a special effect due to their acidity, which can cause BPA to be added to food. Most tomatoes are healthy, but the packaging is the issue here. Our advice: Avoid canned foods and buy fresh or frozen products.


6 Processed White Flour

you may have heard it’s bad for you, but you probably don’t realize that chemically bleaching flour with chlorine gas kills all of its healthy nutrients. Chlorine gas can be deadly when inhaled, so why would we want it in our dinner? Furthermore, refined white flour is a carbohydrate that breaks down into simple sugar, which as we saw earlier, is cancer’s best friend. Our advice: Unbleached, wheat flour is your best alternative. Read labels to determine the white content of the packaged products.


7 Farmed Salmon

A meal that includes salmon might be something you consider healthy, and in the case of wild-caught salmon, it is! But when it comes to their farmed counterparts, you’re getting a lot of chemicals, antibiotics, and pesticides. Farmed salmon is also “fatter”, meaning more the capacity to carry all of that unhealthiness in their bodies. Our advice: Eat wild salmon or increase your diet by adding pure fish oils.


8 Processed Meat

Processed meat includes things like sausage, salami, and bacon. This meat goes through a processing method to achieve the final look and taste. This processing method often adds large amounts of salt and dangerous chemicals, especially nitrates and nitrites. Because of this, there is a serious health risk. Our advice: Try to eat fresh, organic meat whenever possible and look for products with minimal processing and no preservatives.


9 Hydrogenated Oils

vegetable oils are naturally extracted from the source but instead should undergo a chemical process. Subsequently, more chemicals are added to achieve the desired appearance and texture of the product, this results in an abundance of unhealthy Omega-6 fat. Our advice: choose naturally extracted oils like olive, soy, canola, coconut, etc.


10 Potato Chips

Who doesn’t like potato chips? But potato chips have excessive sodium levels, which cause high blood pressure and artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. Another risk is the presence of acrylamide, a known carcinogen found in cigarettes. Our advice: if you want a snack like chips, try the banana chips, apple chips, or the baked nachos.


11 Non-Organic Fruits & Vegetables

whole fruits and vegetables are one of the healthiest forms of food in the world, pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in growing them are not. Atrazine, for example, is a herbicide that is banned in Europe for causing serious human problems, but it is still commonly used in the United States. Our advice: buy organic whenever possible and always make sure you wash all products thoroughly before eating.


12 Genetically Modified Organism Foods (GMO)

Large food producers love GMO foods because they have been modified to better resist pests, their transport is easier, and they last longer. Although there are very few safety tests available to verify whether GMOs is actually safe and what the long-term effects of eating this food are.Our advice: Try to get fresh and organic produce and check for products with a non-GMO label.


13 Alcohol

Alcohol use is the second leading cause of cancer, right behind tobacco use. While moderate or low consumption of alcohol can be healthy and lead to a reduced risk of heart disease. Studies conducted at the National Cancer Institute have found links between drinking alcohol and the increased risk of cancers in the head, neck, esophagus, liver, breast, and colon. Our advice: You don’t need to give up your glass of wine, but for your health’s sake, stick to one!


14 Refined Sugars

Refined sugars are just as notorious as any other refined or processed products we saw on this list and as we know, cancer likes to eat sugar. High-fructose corn syrup is considered the worst offender and it’s found in lots of processed foods and drinks. For example, a 20-ounce soda can represent15 teaspoons. Our advice: Try to eat fruit! It’s nature’s candy and there is so much variety in it.


15 Margarine Originally

margarine was considered to be a healthier substitute for butter, it turned out to be worse! Margarine is made with vegetable oil, which as we saw, is full of trans fat. Recent studies have suggested that trans-fat is far worse than the saturated fats found in butter. Our advice: choose butter over margarine. An even healthier choice is herb-flavored olive oil. It can make a great topping for bread, vegetables, and meat.


16 Diet Foods

You may be thinking you’re doing the right thing when choosing a food with a “diet” label, but you’re doing way more harm than good. In reality, these products are often stuck with extra sugar or artificial sweeteners to replace the fat that is removed. Certain studies have indicated that chemicals that are designed to make the food more addictive are also added to such foods. Our advice: Fresh, organic produce is always your best option, even on a diet.



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