Panasonic Arc 5 Vs Braun series Shaver

Panasonic Arc 5 Vs Braun series Shaver For Men

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It’s an advanced five-blade shaving system designed to provide the ultimate close, comfortable shave. But, how will this Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun series Shaver 9?

Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun Series Shaver

So today, we’re taking a look at the Panasonic Arc 5 men’s electric shaver, model ES-LV95-S, which Panasonic claims provides the ultimate in control and comfort.

The Panasonic Arc 5 is an Amazon Best Seller, ranking at #18for the category of men’s foil shavers. It also holds an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star review rating. Inside the box, you’ll find the Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95-S shaver including the cleaning station, which includes a cleaning detergent pack that will last 30 days if used once per day.

You’ll notice that these two men’s electric shavers are very similar, yet carry a substantial price difference of over $80 between them. While Panasonic markets the Panasonic Arc 5’s five ultra-sharp, nano-tech blade that provides a 30degree cutting edge for a more comfortable shave,

Braun hypes the Braun Series 9 as their best electric shaver, with 5 synchronized shaving elements and an intelligent auto-sensing motor to shave more hair in one stroke than any other shaver.

Braun Series 9 9385cc

I’ll let you knowhow these trimmers compare after the shave. Now let’s dive into the specs on the Panasonic Arc 5. So, this is the Panasonic Arc 5 and just like that Braun Series 9, this is a wet-dry shaver. There’s a lot going on in the shaver head, as well as inside of this device.

So, if you take a look at this shaver head you’ll find 5 shaving elements. These include a lift tech foil that applies reverse tapered edges to raise and cut flat-lying hair, a slit blade foil that grabs and cuts longhairs, and the finishing foils to capture those stubborn hairs ensuring a smooth result.

So, similar to the Braun Series 9’s10-D Flex head, which goes back and forth here as well as the shaving elements that go in and out. If we look at this Panasonic Arc 5, it actually has a flex head that goes side to side, goes back and forth and the elements in here actually move down in different directions.

So, this is good for contouring on the face, (Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun series Shaver) you know, getting in that neckline, the jawline, and going in any direction that you got to get those hairs. Also, you’re going to notice on here that on the back it actually says free or lock. So, this can be in free mode go all over the place or you can put it up to lock and this locks in position

If you’re trying to get, you know, a certain spot and you don’t want it to move, you can do that as well on this device. The Braun Series 9 has a similar locking feature if you push this button down here, but I’m finding that this moves a lot easier if I want to get it out of position than on the Panasonic Arc 5.

It’s in the locked position right now and it (Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun series Shaver) really doesn’t move that much. In addition to that free and the lock setting that’s on the back, you’re also gonna find a setting for the precision trimmer. This Braun Series 9 also has a precision trimmer, but it goes straight up.

So this one you just push it slides right up, just like that. As far as removing the shaver head on this, it’s very easy. There are just two buttons here on the side. You simply push in and lift up, comes right off. You want to put it back on, you just push it right back on just like that, snaps into place, you’re all set.

Now, if we take a look at the front of this Panasonic Arc 5 we’re gonna find the LCD screen right in here. And there are multiple indicators that’ll pop up. But they’ll come up as necessary, not, you know, right when you’re just turning this on as you get this out of the box.

So, when you turn it on the first time it goes to shaver sensor mode and that’s where it is going to automatically adjust the speed of this device and the power based on the thickness of your beard. For that one, you press it once and you’re gonna see this power indicator, it’s kind of like a circle with these little dashes, and inside of that is this little kind of squiggly line and that indicates that you’re in that shaver sensor mode.

If you press it twice, that takes that off and it’s a constant speed the whole time that you’re shaving. Then, there’s a third power mode where you press this(Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun series Shaver) three times and it just goes off. You’re also gonna see on there it says 100%. Those circles there mean 100% charge and you’re also going to see when you turn it on, it’s gonna show your time elapsed as it’s going.

So, 4, 5, 6, you can see the time that you’ve been using the device, as well as you can see the power. But after about five seconds all this goes off and you can continue to shave.

Now the Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95-S will get you 45 minutes of runtime for 60 minutes of charge versus the Braun Series 9here that will get you 50 minutes for that same 60 minutes of charge.

As far as charging the Panasonic Arc 5, there are two ways you can do it. You can either take the plug and plug it directly into the device or you can take the cleaning station, plug the charger in the back and then place the Arc 5 shaver in there and it sits back and it’ll start charging.

Now, unlike the Braun Series 9, this Panasonic Arc 5 actually has a nice feature on it where it comes with this power lock. So, if I push this little switch here and put it to the locking indicator I can’t push this on which is great if you’re traveling or if you have this somewhere and you don’t want it to turn on while you’re on the move.

So, if I just want to put it back, I switch it back, press the power button, goes right on. Now, if you look at the cleaning station there’s a little button on the side, you press it down and this actually pops up, and inside here is where there’s an actual cleaning fluid compartment.

So, simply pour the tap water and the included detergent into the cleaning liquid unit and you’ll be good to go. At this point, you just insert the trimmer into the cleaning station, you press the select button and you’ll get three different modes.

For the first one, clean/dry/charge. (Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun series Shaver) Press it twice, you’ll get dry and charge and press it a third time and you’ll just get a charge. Depending on the model you select you can expect an average clean time of around 10minutes with a dry time of around 80minutes,

Which is substantially more than the three minutes of cleaning and the 40minutes dry time with the Braun Series 9. Alright, so now we’re gonna see what this Panasonic Arc 5 can do. To demonstrate I’m gonna compare this with the Braun series 9.

I’m gonna shave with this Panasonic Arc 5 on the right side of my face and we’re gonna use the Braun Series 9 on the left. So to get started, I’m gonna take my beard down to about 0.5mm, which is about a three-day stubble that a manufacturer recommends.

Now that we’re ready, let’s see how the Panasonic Arc 5 compares to the Braun Series 9. Alright, Guys. So, there you go. That was the Panasonic Arc 5 versus the Braun series 9. And as you can see there, both went through there very easily. Both sides are very smooth.

No snagging or pulling, so both of them work very well. I will say, as far as the precision shavers did kind of like the one on this Panasonic Arc 5 better than this Braun Series 9. I don’t know for some reason it just didn’t feel like it was cutting as well but this one on the sideburns did pretty well.

I do like the swivel flex head that’s on the Panasonic Arc 5. It does seem to move around a lot easier than the Braun Series 9. Just going under those, you know, jawlines and things I could actually feel this moving a little bit differently than that Braun but they both got the results.

Now, as far as the noise level from these two devices you know they both give out a noise that’s not very pleasant. But, definitely, I would say one isn’t as pleasant as the other. So, if you take a look at this Braun, here’s the Braun…and here’s the Panasonic Arc 5…

This one, it’s just you know that that humming noise is just too much. It’s not very appealing and you know I definitely give the advantage on noise to the Braun Series 9. Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun series Shaver

The Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95-S also cuts at14,000 cycles per minute, which they claim is actually one and a half times faster than this Braun Series 9 and it performs with twice the cutting force.


Features Panasonic Arc 5


Five Ultra-Sharp Precision Blades

The sensitive razor’s five ultra-thin, ultra-sharp blades are honed to a 30° edge to cut hair cleanly at the base. Varied foil patterns capture and cut various hair types for clean, efficient shaving.


Active Shave Sensor Technology

As you shave, the electric razor’s advanced sensors detect differences in beard density. Power flow is adjusted automatically to accelerate where your beard is thickest, and soften where it’s not.


Multi-Flex Pivoting Shaver Head

As you shave, the Multi-Flex Pivoting Head flexes side-to-side and back-and-forth to follow the individual contours of your face, neck, and jaw for the ultimate in close, personalized comfort.


Precision Pop-up Trimmer

Instantly engage the precision pop-up shaving trimmer to quickly and easily detail sideburns and mustache, or trim down long stubble before you shave.


Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun Series Shaver, This was a little bit smoother going through than this Braun Series 9. I could just feel a slight difference as I was you know gliding through there.

Might clean it a little better, a little bit faster than this one. But, as far as the charge time is concerned, you get five minutes more out of this for the same 60 minutes charge.

So, they’re very comparable and the results that you’re getting in your face, you know, I would definitely save the $80 and go with this unit over this Braun. So, overall both the Braun Series 9 and the Panasonic Arc 5have an LCD screen, they cut very efficiently, cut very smoothly.

They both have their auto-sensing technologies in thereto adjust the speed, you know, based on the density of your beard. Both come with these, you know, precision pop-up trimmers that are on the back. But, the cost is the difference. When I look at something like that I can think to myself,  hey,  for $80why don’t I go out and I add another device.

I can go out and get, you know, this Panasonic Arc 5, which is great for shaving, and then I can also add that Multi groom 7000, which I think is a great product and I’m always talking about.

So, in that department, I look for the best deals. Now, if somebody’s got more of a budget concern you know we can go with something like Remington F5-5800, which I have a video on and that’s a, you know, a lot cheaper device, but it’s also going to get you maybe the shave you’re looking for at a cheaper price with these foil shavers.

Now, one of the other things you always want to look at with the cost is what is the replacement time for this actual foil shaver. And with this Panasonic Arc 5 here, this top one, they say you can replace this once every year.

But, they’re also saying that you got these little inner foils right here and these should be replaced once every two years.

So, at least they’re giving you a year out and then two year time periods, so you have some time there between it, and if you’re saving the$80 from the Braun Series 9that’s always good too because with that Braun they also have a replacement for the foil on there and that’s going to cost you more than the $250 going forward.

Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun Series Shaver, But, if you’re online, if you’re on Amazon and you happen to see that the Braun Series 9 has come down in price and it’s very similar to the Panasonic Arc 5, then by all means, it’s a great device, great shaver and I would definitely go with it.

But, when the price is so much higher, we’re comparing, you know, what’s it actually doing for us, that’s where I say they save the money,  

Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun Series Shaver, Buy something else that you’ve been looking into maybe a nice beard trimmer or something, you know, along those lines, and go with that.

But, just because it’s a higher-priced item doesn’t always mean this is the best item. At the same price point, if they were both right there,

I would say pick either one because they’re both very close. But, right now at the price point that it’s at, I would definitely say that the Panasonic Arc 5 has an advantage over the Braun Series 9.

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