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How To Wear Stylish – Clothes Fashion Tips

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s I will be sharing how to wear stylish clothes fashion tips for girls.
So I will be dressing (Stylish Clothes Fashion) in a way that might not be ideal maybe sometimes you, you wear these items I’m sure I do too and I’ll be showing specific things you can tweak and change to improve that outfit and again take you from shabby to chic.

1. Big Hand Bag


Hand Bag

I have definitely had (stylish clothes fashion) done this it’s really easy to do and I know a lot of you out there do this too but it’s wearing a very large.
So we’re gonna take you to chic you’re going to invest in just just one oversized tote bag that is sleek it’s modern it’s nice you can fit a lot of things in it but it looks a little more elevated it looks more polished and put together another thing that sees this is I’m kind of just tying it in with this first point sometimes people wear too many bags at one time
They have a lunch box they have their regular purse they might grab that Greenstein the kitchen before they leave and then they’re just carrying and it’s just like too many things so again really recommend buying a large tote bag stuff it all in there you’ll look way chicer in no time.

2. Stylish Hair


Stylish Hair

I see people looking a little bit shabby involves just a bad hair day maybe their hair is really really greasy which I’m not knocking a greasy hair day I love a good greasy hair day but there different things you can do to style it to really conceal it and again take you from shabby to chic so a lot of times.
If you’re having a bad hair day people just throw their hair up into a messy bun there’s hair flying everywhere you can kind of see you know the hair parted and separated because there’s grease and.
So in this situation, I really recommend a simple trick. all you do is literally slick your hair back in a low bun there’s no hair flying everywhere it looks so polished and again very very stylish and chic now another thing that I see people sometimes do is actually show up to a function or work or wherever still with wet hair.
So it’s like totally the opposite of greasy hair their hair is very clean but it’s just very messy and wet again perfect trick slick your hair back into a low bun and you are good to go so I’m moving on to this next one because it kind of involves the last thing I said that you’re going to ignore what I just said about slicking your hair back.
If your foundation doesn’t match appropriately or correctly if you have a line here do not slick your hair back that is when you will look shabby, not good and I have this problem all the time it is so hard to match you are found inappropriately but the easiest way to instantly fix that is to actually style your hair and wear your hair down it covers it conceals it smoking mirrors you know that’s what you want to do if your foundation looks great then hey slick that hair.

3. Not Use Outfit Dress Stylish Clothes Fashion


That you might be (stylish clothes fashion) looking a little bit shabby without realizing it is never giving your outfit some shape somewhere on your body it could be so there could be so many different ways that you do this so, for example,
The before or like the bad outfit units just really boring it’s kind of boxy on the top and the bottom it’s loose again there’s no shape anywhere on my body or throughout the outfit um so a little simple change is to just throw on a pair of skinny jeans instead again it gives some shape to my legs a very simple change but makes a big difference. another example is this jumpsuit it is a really nice jumpsuit I love the color love the style but by itself, it’s kind of boring and again no shape so to fix that I’m just going to tie this rope belt around my waist it doesn’t have to be like crazy tight it can still be very flattering but it gives some shape to the outfit and that tiny little change makes such a big difference. Clothes Fashion
4. Wear Pants Clothes Fashion


The next thing that you (stylish clothes fashion) should try to avoid doing is having your pants drag on the floor and I’m sure almost all of you know that this doesn’t look great I mean as you can see in the before this looks kind of sloppy it looks a little bit messy but I feel like when it happens its almost always unintentional people put on their pants for the day they think they’re fine they start walking around they might sit down things start to stretch out just a little bit and then before you know it the pants are a little bit droopy a little bit saggy and your pants are dragging ever so slightly on the forum.
5. Wear A Heel


The easiest way to fix this is if (stylish clothes fashion) you have a pair of pants like this that don’t fit perfection I really recommend wearing a slight block heel you don’t have to wear stilettos or anything crazy but that slight block heel will prevent any dragging on the floor it’ll actually save your pants from you know ripping at the bottom that looks not good either or you could just be familiar with a tailor that’s I mean that’s like the ultimate suggestion that I’m sure you’ve heard before most people don’t actually follow through and do it but getting you your clothes and your pants fitted to perfection that’s what you should do but I don’t it either.
6. Wear Shoes


This is one that I actually feel like I don’t do so go that is wearing shoes that don’t fit I I used to do this I used to actually fall in love with a pair of shoes and say they didn’t have my you know my size I’d be like it’s okay I’m gonna suffer through the pain because I love the shoes that much I was so stupid but now I just feel like not only is that just not comfortable it’s a waste of money and it just looks bad it makes the whole outfit look bad if your heel is over the edge of a pair of shoes are too loose and as you’re walking your heel is consistently repeatedly coming up out of the shoes just looks bad it just it looks so bad. So just buy shoes.
7. Wear Jacket Clothes Fashion



That fit so another way that I see people (stylish clothes fashion) dressing and not coming across as chic as they might be hoping is when they mix too many masculine pieces together which isn’t really a bad thing as you can see in the before outfit it’s not a bad outfit at all but if you want to take it to another level maybe look a little bit chicer.
I really recommend inserting a few feminine pieces so you’re going to see the little tweaks that I make are not crazy they’re kind of along the same lines but they do again make a big difference so as you can see in both outfits I am wearing faux leather pants but in the before or like the bad outfit guess I am wearing a moto jacket which is very masculine Clothes Fashion
So in the after the chic outfit I decided to wear a jacket that has softer lines I’m wearing a boyfriend blazer or maybe a cardigan and it’s longer so it kind of elongates me makes me look taller than I really I’m also wearing a lace cami so you can really see my neckline which is very feminine and obviously the lace detail is another feminine detail whereas the before outfit it’s just a t-shirt it’s just kind of boxy not really giving me any shape again both outfits aren’t bad but if you want to look a little bit more chemistry inserting a few feminine pieces. Clothes Fashion
8. Wear Sunglasses


That you might be looking a little bit shabby without realizing itis having smudges on your glasses or your sunglasses and I probably see it more often on sunglasses just because they’re so reflective of the light and the smudges show up way more than people realize you don’t really see them when you’re looking out but people see it when they’re looking at you so these are a pair that I absolutely love highly recommend them I feel like they are so flattering on every face shape and size but they do show smudges obviously um so just you know really try to remember to clean them off anytime you grab them from your purse or from the cart takes your glasses from looking cheap to high-end designer even though they’re totally not.Clothes Fashion
9. Clothes Fashion Wear Shorts 


The next way that you might not be looking so good is if you’re having to constantly adjust your outfit there’s just no way you’re gonna look chic and stylish Clothes Fashion
if you’re having to fix your bra shop all day or pull up your pants or pull down your shorts because your butt’s showing so just keep that in mind but if you’re having to constantly adjust it pretty much means your clothes don’t fit well, to begin with, so that just kind of ties back into the rest of all of my points. Clothes Fashion
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