Difference Between Java And Net

Difference Between Java And Net Applications

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Today we’ll be discussing the difference between Java and net both platforms that are used to create large-scale applications and software.

Firstly we will discuss what Java exactly is and what .net exactly is and then we will see what kind of impact these two technologies have in the software industry and then we will go ahead and differentiate both of them by setting a few criteria.

Difference Between Java And Net, that we can use to compare them and finally we will conclude by discussing the salary trends that are there for both of these technologies in the software industry.

Now we know there’s a very huge demand for software these days the market is hungry and we have to supply them now to do so we need many different tools that will help us to go ahead and build this offer to develop the software.

These tools can be your coding languages your frameworks and integrated development environments and many other tools that will basically help us to develop software and provide it to this hungry market.

Now in today’s, we’ll be talking about two such tools that a Java and.net


  The JAVA

Java is a very popular programming language it was developed by Sun Microsystems in the 90s now this language is very easy to learn and it has many many advantages and utility now one advantage of Java is that once you write the code.

You can use it anywhere or basically, you can run it anywhere so if you had java code then you would first give it a java compiler where we will compile it, and then it will send it to JVM.

Now this JVM will be different for different (Difference Between Java And Net) OSS so you have your windows OS your Linux OS and your mac OS these JVM has basically converted the bytecode from the java compiler into the machine language for each of these operating systems.


  Benefits of Java

The first benefits are that it’s very portable like we just discussed Java even though it’s written once it can (Difference Between Java And Net) be used in a lot of different places that’s why it can also be called write only once read the anywhere coding language.

So if you suppose written it in Windows you can use it anywhere you just have to use the appropriate JVM for that then it is an object-oriented language now a clear advantage of Java being an object-oriented language is that it gives a clear structure for programs which can be used to implement abstract data types.


Security Benefits of Java

Now coming to talk about security benefits Java was developed with the security key feature in mind anytime you want to download a code from an untrusted source.

You can do so without worrying as (Difference Between Java And Net) the source should be operated on in a very secure environment and security is one of the most important features of Java.

there comes compatibility well basically Java versions are supposed to be backward-compatible for example if you’re working with Java 8 and you want to switch to an older version of Java then you can do so without any trouble all right.



Java is a development language used by a lot of companies, for example, you can see

Spotify, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, Alibaba, eBay, Myntra, Indian companies, Chinese companies, and American companies

Difference Between Java And Net, All of these companies make use of Java. Java is an open-source language and a lot of developers know about it and hence you know developing software is very easy for these companies you can use this language and you can get developers who know how to work on this language.



Dot net is not a language, to be honest, it’s a framework it’s an entire framework that is used to develop end-to-end applications it was developed by Microsoft to be an open-source development platform.

now itis basically a bunch of tools like it has tools like ID eases your languages and your libraries so all these tools these IDE s languages and libraries combined together to form the dot-net framework.

Basically, it was developed by Microsoft for the reason of making an end to end applications so you see they make a lot of applications right and they saw that a lot of times the libraries that they wanted to use were very similar in all the applications.

Difference Between Java And Net, They just decided to make a framework so they didn’t have to make these libraries again and again so that’s why they use this framework for end-to-end application development.


Benefits of .Net

One of the first benefits is that it’s very robust which means that what for code or whatever software you’re developing using this framework will be very polished and will have the least amount of crashes possible and it also has a very robust caching system.


Security Benefits of.Net

The next benefit is basically security now just like java.net also provides a lot of security scope for the software that is being developed.

Now it also helps in (Difference Between Java And Net)reducing memory leaks as much as possible it is able to do so as the dot net common language runtime that is the CLR provides a very managed environment where the memory is maintained by a garbage collector and hence it has very reduced memory leaks also guys.


Now without any further ado (Difference Between Java And Net) let us begin with the session now coming to the fact that it can support multiple languages it can support so many languages.

You have your C++ C sharp F sharp visual basic.net and Cobra so many languages and since it can suppose so many languages a developer does not have to be constrained to a particular language to work for .net.

You can see companies like Intel GoDaddy Fujitsu Microsoft, Dell, and Stack Overflow now these companies also make use of the .net framework.

Obviously, Microsoft because they developed it and internally they would obviously prefer that people use .net now all of these companies that I’ve mentioned.

Just now will not be just using Java they’ll be using so many different languages for so many different purposes but you can see both of these languages or both the language and the framework have had a very big impact on the industry.

They’ve helped them to make a lot of software very fast and very good software on top of that and hence increase the profits of all of these companies.


Difference Between Java And Net

All right now let’s move on to compare both of these technologies or the language Java and the framework .net

Let’s compare both of them let’s set criteria to compare both of them first so these are the few criteria

First, we’ll discuss the fundamental Difference Between Java And Net then we’ll discuss the operating systems then we’ll discuss the IDs and tools both of them use and then we’ll talk about the efficiency of both of them and finally, we’ll be talking about the languages they both support


  1. Fundamental Differences

So let’s start off by talking about the fundamental differences between Java and net 

Java here is basically a programming language .Net is an open-source framework
Java is used to write the code .Net is a framework that allows you to use the tools and use another language inside of it to develop software


  2. Operating Systems Difference

The next criteria are OS or basically portability (Difference Between Java And Net)

We know that Java can be used on many different systems or different environments why because it uses specific JVM for those particular systems .Net only works on different versions of Windows you cannot use .net anywhere else unless you are working with .net core.
Java has specific JVM’s so supposed for Windows you’ll have Windows-based JVM and then for Linux you’ll have a Linux JVM for Mac you’ll have iMac JVM so you can just write the code in Java only once and you can execute it in any of these different operating systems


  3. IDs Difference

So the next criteria are IDs

Java works on a few default ID that people basically use or that are very popular to use when you working with Java you have your Eclipse you have IntelliJ IDs Oracle Net Beans and Oracle J Developer .Net people basically use Visual Studio as it is integrated into.net now this id acts as a single workspace where you can do a lot of things you can even use the querying feature of .net 


  4. Efficiency Difference

The next criteria are basically efficiency now there are multiple factors that play into the efficiency of both of these languages. 

Java is an interpreted language and it gets converted to machine language only after execution of the code now this is a big factor in javas efficiency .Net the code is compiled already and is run on the system where the code will be initiated as in with Java you can use it anywhere.
Whereas with done you can use you are using the code only where you’re creating that code because windows and the Java you can use it on many other operating systems another  Thing is that linq which is basically a querying ability is only available with .net where is as it’s not available with Java
We know that Java is a language so it by itself doesn’t support anything but if you talked about JVM that is a Java Virtual Machine you can use Java Virtual Machine with different languages so you have a java virtual machine for Ruby and you have a Java Virtual Machine for Python so if support is that kind of languages but only through JVM and this is only when you want to use those languages and use some of the libraries that are present in Java other than that they have no use or very little use whereas .net .Net is a framework it’s not a single language so you can use a lot of languages with .net one of the most popular ones is c-sharp c-sharp is very popular for developing in .net but you have other languages also like c++cobra f-sharp vb.net and etc so guys those were the criteria and that was the comparison.

Difference Between Java And Net, So these factors play a major role in the performance of both of these technologies or language or frame and framework then comes language support.


   Job Trends

Now with Java you as you can see in America as a junior Java developer you’ll be getting around this figure that is $55,000 this is not three figures but this is a really good figure for a starting off or a junior Java developer as I see you as Java developer you will move into six figures where you will be earning $98,000 and even more depending on your skills and depending on the company Now let’s talk about .net job trends so with .net you can see a similar pattern as a junior .net developer in America you’ll be earning $62,000 the average salary in America and the average salary of a senior dot net developer is ninety-six thousand dollars again these just figures the average figures
If you talked about India in India as a junior job helper you’ll be earning around 4.6 lakhs per annum now for in India a fresher salary of four point five lakhs is good it’s not amazing but it’s good enough but as you get more experienced you’ll start earning more you’ll earn nine point two eight lakhs per annum as a senior Java Developer again these figures are average salary figures that are reported by people you mostly will be earning more based on your skills based on the company and based on your resume You may earn more or less depending on your skills the experience you have or the company you’re applying to with India it’s 4.1lakh per annum as a junior dot net developer average salary and a senior dot net developer salary is 8 lakhs per annum so remember guys again these figures are rounded figures or average figures that have been reported by employees


You will earn (Difference Between Java And Net) more or less depending on your skills depending on the company applying – and depending on the experience you already have but to be clear you’ll be earning a good amount if you’re applying as a Java developer or as a.net developer.

So which one is the better that is the main question you might be asking yourself which one should I choose Java or should I choose .net but this is a tricky question.

As you can see both Java and.net a very good for developing software now a company may prefer Javaor.net for the choice of developing software.

So maybe if the choice of (Difference Between Java And Net) your company maybe you like a company a lot and you see that the use Java then you should choose Java or if a company like a dot net then you should try for .net

Take into consideration all the information I’ve given you think of which one you’ll prefer and then choose that language and make your career. 


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