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Best Method For Your Increase Height Step By Step

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Hi, friends today I will tell you about the best method for your increase height step by step, and until when you can do so I will try my best to give you complete information about this.

Many people remain quite worried and concerned about their height because if your height is good then your persona is more radiant As to how much our final height will be this is decided by our genes, to the extent of 55%-75%

Which means that if your parents are not very tall then most probably your height will be equal to theirs or slightly more than them, however,30-50% of people can by simply taking a good diet and vitamin supplements as also by daily/regularly exercising and with the help of some medication, manage to increase their height by a slight margin.


Age Criteria For Increase Height


Increase Height


Those people who want to gain weight should know one very important fact first that as a rule that after the age of 18 years for women and after the age of 21 for men height cannot be increased through natural,

This is because of our height increases due to the lengthening and growth of our bones during the ages of 18 to 20 years.

The cartilage (growth plates) which are found between our bone joints these growth plates allow the bones to grow freely and thus gain height however during the ages of 18-20 years.

This special cartilage begins to deplete and shrink and once it is completely depleted, the bones get fused to our joints and when the bones and joints are properly and firmly connected to each other then our height stops increasing further.

This happens usually at the age of 18 for women and for men it happens during the ages 20/21Many people make videos that if you take a certain medicine or remedy, or inject yourself with certain medicine.

You will see your height increase overnight, at any age but this is simply lies and a way of misleading people now, if someone is really desirous of increasing their height then how can it be done?

Those people who want to increase their height should take the decision to do so by the time they are in the age group 12-16 years

Because our height increases due to the lengthening and growth of our bones and our bones are made of proteins, minerals, and nutrients such as Calcium Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Copper, etc


Good Diet For Increase Height


Healthy Eating Foods


That is why, in order to increase height, a good diet is the most essential ingredient in the process order to increase height the most important is Proteins.

Proteins are not only important for our overall growth but they are also crucial for the repair and maintenance of our body plus they also increase our immunity In Western and Middle Eastern countries people’s diet usually consists of non-vegetarian food.

Which is meat, fish, chicken eggs, etc which is mostly all protein and that is why people from these countries are usually tall, But this does not mean that a vegetarian diet does not contain enough or adequate proteins and that your height will not increase if you consume vegetarian food.

As an example, some people are mostly vegetarian but they consume a lot of ghee, milk, butter, paneer porridge, dal, rajma, gram peanuts, and spinach, etc and all these foods contain good quality protein.

That is easily digested and that is also the reason that people from these areas are usually quite tall and strong and are also quite accomplished in sports like wrestling, boxing, etc

If you are a vegetarian then you can increase your height by eating the previously mentioned protein-rich foods those who cannot digest milk can take curd or buttermilk instead of proteins.


Vitamins For Increase Height




The minerals which are needed to make the bones grow, and to make them strong such as calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, etc are also contained in the vegetarian food items mentioned previously there is another essential vitamin for bones these are Vitamin C & Vitamin D

Vitamin C is essential for keeping our bones, teeth, nails, and skin healthy

vitamin D helps to transport calcium INSIDE the bones, teeth, and nails besides this, it also keeps the heart healthy as for Vitamin C, the easiest natural sources are Lemon and also Amla (Indian Gooseberry). Besides this, Amla also contains Vitamin C in good quantity and the best source of Vitamin D is sunlight

When sunlight hits our skin then the skin produces Vitamin D naturally So when people become a bit age they begin to stay more at home and do not really like to get out in the sun and due to this,

They face a shortage of Vitamin D in their bodies which makes their bones weak and even a small injury results in broken bones that is why everyone from a child to a senior citizen should get at least half an hour of sunlight daily.

This will ensure strong bonesBesides this, Fatty fish meat, egg yolk soy milk, soya beans, and cheese contain a large amount of Vitamin D Dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, and dried figs contain Vitamins A, E & D, and also Calcium and Magnesium in good quantities.


Exercises For Increase Height




Now, in order to make the nutrients which you consume, reach the bones your body must have good and efficient blood circulation in place this happens mainly by doing exercise

Exercising helps to make the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals reach not only the bones but for every part and pore of the body plus it also helps to remove waste products (free radicals)completely and properly in order to supplement your diet


Ayurvedic For Increase Height

Many people, in order to increase height, take an ayurvedic medicinal herb called Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha contains natural steroids, magnesium, and Vitamin B6 and in Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is also administered as a Wellness Medicine.


Hormones For Increase Height

Nowadays, on social media, people are being advised to take growth hormones, steroids, health foods, etc in order to increase their height growth Hormone treatment for increasing height is given to those children.

Who have a deficiency of growth hormone from the time of their birth or it is given to children with normal levels of growth hormone to increase their height using growth hormone therapy.


Hormone Therapy For Increase Height




This therapy usually commences around the ages of 10-12 years and this can help the child gain a height of 1-3 inches however, such a treatment can be given only by a doctor who is a qualified Hormone Specialist.

Who is known as Endocrinologists This treatment should be done only under their supervision and care you should never simply follow what is said on social media regarding hormone treatments, especially when given by unqualified people because this can prove to be very dangerous for you



Hormones For Increase Height

Those people who try and after the age of 20/21often search for methods to increase height on the internet and get fooled by unqualified people with half baked knowledge and commence hormone therapy on their own.

I would like to tell you that after 21 years of age, Growth Hormonesteroid injections will not result in a height increase but by taking these hormones.

The bones that are already fused with the joints will be unable to grow longer, and thus they will become thicker and get deformed.

This causes the facial bones to become enlarged and wide as also the feet and legs to become unnaturally stout it also leads to joint aches and people who take this hormone can also become victims of psychosis and depression.

My advice to you is only this that without thinking and getting proper advice please do not commence any kind of hormone treatment/therapy however if you do certain stretching exercises and yoga then once the bone structure gets straightened out and your posture improves your height

May appear to have increase height by half or one inch that is what 25-30 years of age please do not spend thousands of rupees to increase height just eat good, healthy food exercise regularly and well and develop your personality.


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