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How To Remove Facial Hair Permanently At Home

Friends, I will tell you about how to remove facial hair permanently at home, using the simplest and safest method possible. 

Most (remove facial hair) people have body hair underarms and the bikini/groin area are two parts of the body where there are always hair whereas chest hair is more commonly found usually in men and as to how dense the hair growth on your arms and legs is, that is decided by genetics many people have almost no hair on their arms and legs

Whereas others have so much hair on their arms and legs, that they feel awkward wearing short dresses and sleeveless clothes.

Now, whether it is according to the season, or whether it is your personal preference almost everyone wants to get rid of the remove facial hair, from some part of their skin.

Temporary Remove Facial Hair Method

The most commonly used methods to remove facial hair are having

Hair Removing Creams



But all these methods can cause one problem or the other in your body.


Hair Removing Creams


Hair Removing Creams


If you shave, (remove facial hair) then hair usually grows back pretty fast, and oftentimes, one has to shave daily  In hair removing creams and gels there are strong chemicals that basically dissolve your hair, and when these chemicals contact the skin.

They tend to dissolve the top layers of skin also, causing it damage and many people develop irritation, allergies, and rashes, as a result, there is no hair removing cream or lotion which removes only hair and causes no damage to the skin





Many people have regular (remove facial hair) waxing sessions wax causes the hair to be pulled out from the root and if the wax used is old or if it contains some kind of contaminants such as when the same container of wax is used for waxing multiple different people than it can get contaminated and infection of the hair roots and can result leading to infected hair follicles.

This can even lead to long-term scarring some people can develop a fungal infection due to contaminated/old wax and if very hot wax is accidentally applied to the skin.





It can lead to a burn Sugaring is one of the natural methods for hair removal, but it is quite messy.

If the solution is too cool then (remove facial hair) the hair cannot be removed properly and if it is too hot, then the skin can burn to Besides this if you try making it at home and then storing it.


 Permanently Remove Facial Hair Method


Electrolysis Hair Removal Machine


Electrolysis Hair Removal


Remove facial hair in this, a very fine needle is inserted at the site of the hair root and then a current is passed through the needle which basically burns or destroys the hair root In this procedure.

Each hair root is individually targeted and electrocuted that is why electrolysis not only takes a lot of time but is also quite painful and practitioners have to be specially trained.

That is why this process is also quite expensive however, for the upper lip, eyebrow shaping, and forehead or if a lady has some small amount of hair on her chest area then electrolysis is a very good treatment to get a permanent solution to remove these body hair another process.

Where the quantity and density of hair are permanently reduced but not completely eliminated.


Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal


Remove facial hair. This treatment is also quite expensive and can cost anything between 100$ to 300$ for a single sitting that is why this process should be done in a good clinic or hospital which has high-quality Laser Machines and your work is done honestly and properly

The hair in the groin/bikini and underarm area can be permanently reduced by Laser Treatment.


Hair Removal Cream


Hair Removal Cream


Remove facial hair, There is also cream in the market, which is known as Nair and it is sold under the brand name of Nair which when applied twice a day, for at least a month results in the skin being hair-free for about 2 months.

However, every two months this cream has to be re-applied for 1 month again to ensure the same results.

Nowadays a lot of men also don’t want hair on their arms, legs, underarms, chest, etc Shaving using a razor is something that has to be done every 2-3 days and many people who shave develop the problem of ingrown hair in which thick hair turn and are unable to penetrate the skin resulting in their growth inside the skin

This results in the formation of pimple-like spots on the skin which can also get infected sometimes body hair is usually extensive anyway and are spread out over almost every part of the skin

That is why we need a method for their removal which is economical which removes the hair easily which does not cause damage to the skin and removes the hair cleanly. 


Epilator Hair Removal Machine


Remove Facial Hair


Remove facial hair there should be no risk of infection or ingrown hair on the skin following hair removal in my opinion and experience the best method to remove unwanted body hair is Epilation the machine which is used for this purpose is sold in the market under the name of Epilator.

Using this machine, hair all over the body can be removed easily and relatively painlessly Epilator causes the hair to be removed from the root, and because your epilator is a personal grooming device,

Therefore, the chances of infection in the hair root are also quite less the problem of ingrown hair is also not there and neither is the skin damaged during epilation for the first few months,

The hair has to be removed once every 2-3 weeks and slowly slowly, the hair start taking longer to grow back and you will then need to use the epilator only once every 1 or 1.5 months

This machine, which is known as an epilator is easily available in beauty and medical stores, as well as in online stores like Amazon.

Epilators of good companies, such as Philips Braun cost about 50$ to 100$ this is a bit expensive but it is actually a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

This can be used by you, sitting at home, as per your convenience suppose you have to go for a function or a wedding and you notice some hair on your hands and legs which you want to remove.

Then all you need to do is pick up your epilator and run it over the areas that you need to remove the hair from no need to take appointments and run to the beauty parlor.

Wherever the epilator has to be used on the body should be first moisturized using a moisturizer or natural oil and only then run the epilator this causes hair to be removed smoothly.

If there is very thick hair on your face then you can use the epilator on your face as well for facial use, there is a smaller epilator available which is known as a facial epilator and this is also available on Amazon.

There is no medicine, chemical, or sugar which has been invented which can cause hair to permanently stop growing however, in my experience

The best method to remove facial hair permanently, as well as the safest, simplest, and healthiest method, is using an Epilator I hope that you will implement this method and be able to control your body hair and also protect your skin from infection and ingrown hair.


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