My Experience With Geico Auto Insurance Company

Today, I will tell you about Geico Auto Insurance Company. I switched from State Farm over to Geico Auto Insurance and it was frustrating because I had been with State Farm for I think about seven years when I switched.

Geico Auto Insurance Company

I was going to have to pay eight hundred and twenty-four dollars and ninety-eight cents for State Farm with a totally clean record. I had the grades all this I had all this stuff all the discounts you could possibly get and they wanted me to pay 800 and $24.98 for six months of insurance.

I shopped around for progressive was 691 for the exact same coverage and then I ended up going with Geico Auto Insurance. Geico gave me five hundred and forty-one dollars or ninety dollars and sixteen cents a month for my 2017 Ford at the time I was 25 years old.

I’m now 26 years old and I’m gonna go through my whole Geico Auto Insurance layout here just so you can compare exactly what I have for my age car everything so 2017 Ford, bought it brand new $541 after six months of coverage with the four five-forty one it then went up to five eighty-five.




I had no claims I had nothing happened that could have possibly made my Geico Auto Insurance go up but it went up to $40.00 I was like you know what that’s still low I’m not gonna bother with it this time now I get another email I’m up for my six-month renewal on the 25th of October 2018 and we’re up to six hundred fifteen dollars and 36 cents still low.

I agree and the nice thing about the insurance that I currently have is there’s an extended warranty on my car so once I get out of the 36,000 miles to look you know full coverage and the 60,000-mile powertrain or whatever this is when the Geico Auto Insurance warranty will take over and that was an areally big selling point for me on this the only way you can get that is if you buy a car new or it has under fifteen thousand miles and is less than a year old or something like that.

So not everyone can get that I was in the situation where I could get that and I think that’s really nice to have because I do plan on keeping my st for a long time so it just you know I  don have to worry passed when my warranties are out it’s still under warranty.

I paid a $260 deductible and they will cover all the rest so I think that’s great why is this being driven up so I’m gonna call a couple of insurance companies today see what they offer me and I guess we’ll go from there but I think it’s kind of ridiculous.

That you know they just Jack the prices up on this and the reason insurance companies do this just like cable companies it’s just such scum but the reason they do this is because a lot of people won’t bother a lot of people get them and they just they don’t have the time to go and shop it and do all this stuff my advice to you is you probably should be using a broker because a broker has tools.




Where they can shop you know who knows ten-twenty companies at one time and knocked it all out for you in one step so if you have access to a broker I’d suggest if you don’t a lot of time I suggest you use a broker but if you have time like me and actually I enjoy this process.

I like gunning these people down and figuring out why the hell my policy went up so I’m gonna give Geico Auto Insurance a call first if they will drop it down to the previous rate of five eighty-five.

I will gladly stick with it if they don’t I’m gonna start calling so we will see what happens okay so let’s break down my vehicle coverage six-month premium of 615dollars and 36 cents 2076 Ford comprehensive $250 deductible.

That’ll be eighty-one dollars and thirty cents collision two hundred six dollars twenty-eight cents emergency road service three dollars thirty-five cents rental reimbursements $11.87 mechanical breakdown insurance21:45 and again that’s that special warranty.

I’m talking about which is why I have that on there now what this includes so bodily injury liability100,000 or per person 300,000 per occurrence property damage liability$100,000 per occurrence medical payments5,000 per person uninsured motorist bodily injury 100,000 per person 300,000per occurrence underinsured motorist100,000 per person 300,000 per occurrence.

So now you know exactly what I have what I’m paying for and how that all breaks down so the bodily injury is$118 and four cents property damage ninety-nine dollars fourteen cent medical payments 3601 uninsured motorists six dollars sixteen cents underinsured motorists 3176 let us give them a call I’m just juiced right now.




So I just got off the phone with Geico Auto Insurance a little bastard lizard made him too much anyway so why did my rate go up because medical and vehicle costs have gone up in the area have they okay.

My friend in Florida also got the same thing they also went up there they also went up in Montana they also went up in every to put up in every state across the country all of them 50 out of 50 it all went up everything’s up to Jesus.

I also asked for renters insurance she’s like oh if you do your renters insurance or the US you can get a discount3% line-by-line stack and pack so I’m like okay send me to them so my renter’s insurance I currently pay $119 direct this continues to go down.

I don’t even know why but I have my renter’s still through state Farm because it’s such a good rate so I told the guy to listen you’ve been not even close for the past six months on my renter’s insurance.

He’s like well for that same coverage through Geico Auto Insurance your renters will be 419 dollars annually I’m like that’s quadruple what I’m saying it’s their farm it’s like it’s $119 for a year.

He’s like yeah I’m like what the hell how can it fluctuate that much that’s a joke also something very interesting while I was on the call with the girl.

I was looking through my policy while I’m on the phone I was logged out of this account I was logged out of my Geico Auto Insurance account so I wasn’t able to look at it with her only she can look at it what kind of is that you’re kidding me.

So I can’t talk to you about I can’t look at it I have to just I don’t know so I’m gonna call some others right now and we’ll see what they have to offer let’s call the call progressive first just got off the phone with progressive for the mouth are pretty queers a pretty quick thing that less than 10 minutes or the exact same coverage. 

The mechanical breakdown insurance which is that extended warranty it would be a hundred and sixteen dollars a month for progressive so 698 for six months.

They’re in the ballpark but still, it’s not as good as of coverage and it costs more so I’m gonna call travelers insurance and see what they have to say but it has gone up a little bit since I first started with Geico Auto Insurance but having that warranty having all this stuff that I have on here it’s Geico is looking better and better.

So it sucks that it’s going up but I think you’re smart to continually shop around for this type of thing so I’m gonna call travelers and we’ll see what they have to say travelers insurance 966 dollars for six months.


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Wow, I guess what I’m telling you is I’m going to be sticking with Geico Auto Insurance know that and again that 966 does not include that mechanic will break down insurance which covers my car up to a hundred thousand miles for anything.

What happens to it so we are going to be happy staying with Geico Auto Insurance I did my due diligence Dujail due diligence and shopped around and I’m gonna go ahead and pay the bill.

I hope this was helpful to you I’m going to continue this process with it Geico Auto Insurance but post any questions you have below post your rates what state you’rein all that kind of I think you know that helps in the comments.

just to have all that information there for anyone that shopping around or maybe new drivers or anything like that but for me, Geico Auto Insurance you’re doing a great job so far even though the rates have gone up slightly each time but I’m watching you I’m gonna continue to do business through Geico Auto Insurance I love your little lizard. 


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