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How To Find Your Home Décor Styles 8 Tips

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Today, I Will tell you about How To Find Your Home Décor Styles 8 Tips. The way we decorate our homes can say a lot about our personalities, it’s somewhat like a creative expression of who we are. In this article,

I’m going to show you how you can figure out your personal home decor styles, something that’s unique and personal to you, and I’m going to walk you through the process that I use with examples from my home, and I’m going to do a mini home decor styles tour along the way.

 I’m going to show you how you can figure out your personal home decor styles, whether you’re removing to a new home or whether you want to redecorate, I hope that these tips are useful. Let’s begin.


 1. How To Find Home Decor Styles

The first step is to take a style quiz. Now a style quiz can not completely capture your style, this is just a foundation, this is just a starting point,


home decor styles


Just to get a sense of where you lean. I took the quiz from a website called Havenly, it’s a really simple quiz to take and my results were ‘Minimal with a touch of Scandinavian’ and I think that captured my style 70 to 80%, not quite a 100%, but no style quiz will capture your style100%,

But it was a good starting point. I decided to take this one step further so I found a list of different home decor styles. So from this list, I decided to cross off any styles that were definitely not me.

So for example bohemian was definitely not me, I crossed it off, I crossed up rustic, and I crossed up a bunch of others. So I was left with a few styles and I didn’t know a few of them so I ended up looking for them on Google Images to see what they were and eventually I paired down my style to four different decors styles that I really liked.

So what I ended up with was ‘Minimal with a touch of Scandinavian, Coastal and Glam’, so this became the starting point for my home decor styles journey. I would suggest not having more than four to five decor styles because it becomes very hard to mix and match,

But do what works for you, it’s about figuring out what you like.


   2. Created A Style Board

I created a style board on Google and I used all of the home decor styles from step one, the ones that I chose, minimal, coastal, glam, and Scandinavian, as search terms.




So for example I would type in coastal decor into Google and then find a few images and then any images that spoke to me, anything that I really liked, I put it into my style board. So at this point, you’re not searching for perfect images.

You’re searching for images that you like that give you a good gut reaction and pin about 60 images, don’t go over that, because it becomes a little overwhelming. I would suggest cap-out at 50 images and that becomes a really good starting point to understand what you like.


   3. Style Out Your Likes And Dislikes

Which is to style out your likes and dislikes. So you have a Google board, it has roughly 50 images, and it has a variety of images that tie into the home decor styles you have chosen in step 1.


Home Style


Now it’s time to look at these images and figure out what you really like about them and what don’t like, and create a list. You can do a handwritten list, you could do a list on the computer. 

So this list really helped me figure out what it is that I wanted to include in my home decor styles and things that I wanted to omit. So as an example I realized after going through the images that I didn’t like the minimal decor that didn’t have any color, I didn’t like it when it was just neutrals, to me it was too simple, too stark, and I knew that in my decor I wanted color. So by doing this exercise you really figure out what it is that you want to include in your home decor styles.


   4. Pare Down The Style 

So at this time your Pinterest board probably has about 50 images. That’s a good starting point but it’s still too much you want to hone in on exactly what you like now because you’ve done the likes and dislikes exercise.




Start to pare down the images, cut down any ones that truly aren’t you, that really doesn’t fit in with your likes and dislikes. At the end of this, you should have roughly 10 to 20 images.

I had about 15, and I’ll put them up on the screen so you can see, and at this point, it really started to come together. I could see that mix of minimal, Scandinavian, Coastal, and Glam, and it was a really good point for me to discover further what I wanted to do.

Now you could just stop here and use that Pinterest board as inspiration for your shopping, but I don’t think that’s very personal. I would love my place to look like a Pinterest board, but it lacks that element of personality, it’s not truly unique, it’s not truly you. So we’re going to take this a few steps further.


   5. Find Ties The Home Decor Styles

Think about how you can tie in your personality, your experiences, and your inspirations into the home decor styles that you selected.




So this is a little bit of a difficult step because you have to really think hard, but I think this is a step that truly makes your style unique. So I wanted to show you what I did and I am going to explain. So remember my home decor styles from step one?

It was minimal with a touch of coastal, glam, and Scandinavian. I’m going to talk about how I basically took my life inspirations and connected them to the home decor styles. So let’s talk about minimal first.



So minimal can mean a lot of different things to different people. For me when I think of minimal I think of white, and then when I think of white, I think of the whitewashed walls of Santorini. I went there from my honeymoon and I absolutely loved it, and there was something about that bright white and I knew for sure that I wanted to incorporate elements of that into my home decor styles.



As for Glam, what’s my personal connection to glam? So I thought about this and I thought about my cats. So I love faux fur and a good way to bring in that connection was the cats. The cats are furry, they’re cuddly, they’re cozy, and I wanted to bring in that element of faux fur to remind me of the cats. So that’s my personal connection to glam home decor styles.



As for coastal I also have a personal connection to that. Now coastal can mean a lot of different things to people. So if someone was born and raised and grew up in a place like Maine, coastal could mean something completely different. But for me Coastal’s not about seashells,

it’s not about starfish, it’s not about those kinds of things. For me, coastal is about the Mediterranean – the rich blues and the rich bluish greens, and that is what I wanted to incorporate into my home decor styles.

So again it’s coastal, it’s a home decor styles, that many, many people do, but you’re trying to bring in an element that’s personal to you.

So let me show you a few examples that bring in these elements. For white I have white frames, my speakers are white, and I also have white walls. For the coastal element, the blues and the greens, I have wall art that includes blues and greens, are heavy on those colors, and for glam,

I have faux fur in different parts of the condo. I have a faux fur throw that I have on my couch.


6. Define Your Color Palette

We’re really going to get into the details, we’re going to figure out your color palette. Now a color palette is totally your decision. You may decide not to have one but I think it’s a good idea to have a color palette.




A defined color palette that has both neutrals and accents because this way your home can have a cohesive look. So for the neutrals, I picked white, beige/sand, and soft gray.

There’s a reason for picking each one. I’m going to walk you through it and show you examples in my home. The first neutral I picked was white. Of course, I’d have to pick white because I love white.

It reminds me of Greece and it’s such a good minimal color as well, and my cats are white, so by choosing white furniture and white upholstery I don’t have to worry about cat fur being visible all the time.

So I had reasons for it. So the things that I have are white in my home include white walls, I have white picture frames, I have a white couch, so there quite a bit of white in my condo.

The next neutral I chose was beige/sand. The reason I chose this color is it’s a very beachy color, so it ties into that coastal element,

He has a little bit of a beige color going on on his back and on his fur. He’s not a pure white cat so it was a personal element that also was included.

I have a wall clock that beige, I have dining chairs that are also beige, and my flooring is also this beige/sandy color. The last neutral I chose was soft grey, and the reason for choosing this is I do have quite a bit of marble in my kitchen, and I wanted to tie in the grey with that, 

So I wanted to include something from his style as well. Let’s move on to the accent colors. The number of colors you choose really depends on your style.

If you’re more eclectic you can have a lot more colors, but I wanted to keep it to about two main colors and one color that I would occasionally use.

So I ended up choosing blue, blue-green, and purple. I chose the blue and the blueish green because they’re both coastal and I really love these colors, and you’ll notice that I have a lot of these colors on the channel as well, and I chose purple because it’s feminine and I wanted little hints of feminine color throughout my condo.




I have some purple in my bathroom and I also have a little bit in my bedroom, not too much of it. As for the blues and greens I have quite a bit throughout the condo, for example, the wall art that I talked about earlier has a lot of blue.

I also have a lot of blueish green as well. I have home decor styles items that are blueish-green and I also have cushions that have a little bit of that bluish-green.


7. Select Palettes Metals Patterns Textures

Your metals, patterns, and textures palette. So this is totally dependent on her style, you may not have a metals palette if you don’t really like metals,

But because I have that touch of glam in my home decor styles I needed a metals palette. For my metals palette, I ended up choosing silver and muted gold. I chose silver because it goes well with the soft grey that I have in my neutral, and I chose muted gold because it adds that touch of glam without being overly blingy.


picture frames


So examples of silver in my home include picture frames, also home decor styles items like this candle holder that I have on my TV stand. I really love it, it has a beachy look plus a little glam, and I have this interesting piece on my dining table. It’s supposed to be some sort of a fruit bowl but I don’t put fruit in it.

It’s a little bit beachy because it reminds me of coral and it’s got a lot of texture, and it’s also silver, so it’s a unique piece that goes with my style. As for muted gold I have muted gold frames, picture frames, and I also spray-painted some of the knobs on my dressers this champagne gold color.

So I have this dresser from Ikea, it’s called the Hemnes dresser, and it’s really, really popular, but it comes with black knobs and black doesn’t go with my style. So I ended up spray-painting the champagne gold. So you can always take furniture pieces and personalize them to your personal home decor styles.

For the patterns palette, it will depend on whether or not you like patterns. I’m not big on patterns, I do like to wear stripes, but I didn’t want stripes in my home. Sometimes you can wear things but you don’t want to live around them, so it really depends.


cushion covers


But I do have very soft patterns in certain items. So for example my cushion covers on my couch do have a pattern, it’s somewhat reminiscent of waves, so it kind of ties into that coastal element, and is the right color, and it actually has a touch of glam.

So it really fits in perfectly with my home decor styles. Now I do have a textures palette, I think textures palette is important, this will help you figure out whether or not you want couches that are made of leather or faux leather, or if you want something that’s cloth and whether the cloth is rough or textured or not.

So it’s important to have a textures palette. The textures I chose were cloth, seagrass, and faux fur, and there’s a reason behind choosing all of this. The cloth goes with the minimal look, the seagrass goes with the beachy coastal look, and the faux fur goes with glass. So there was a reason to pick all these textures.



   8. Put It All Together And Go Shopping

This is the fun step! So you’ve done all of this prep work, you figured out what you like, what you don’t like. Now it’s time to go shopping! I would suggest when you go shopping, take two things with you – take your Pinterest style board,




The pared-down version and the second thing is to make a design cheat sheet. This design cheat sheet should have your home decor styles on it -your colors palette, your metals palette, textures palette, and any miscellaneous notes.

By having these two items when you go shopping, it becomes so much easier to pick and choose what you need, because you’ll no longer be in this confusing state where you’re like I don’t know if this is good for me or not, I don’t know if this is my home decor styles.


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