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New Surprising Features Added In Windows 10

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When was changed

It’s time to talk about the new Windows 10, May 2020 Update. Hey guys, how are you all doin’? Really, that’s just great, you know I’m doing pretty great today too because a new version of Windows 10 is just on the horizon. Now the suspected release date was May 12th, but that might slip just a little bit.
Check your Windows 10 updates, and you’ll see it soon enough.
And if you’re a Windows Insider, you can actually get access to the beta builds right now.

New features can we expect? I’m glad you asked. (whooshing) Part of this Windows 10, May 2020 Updates something you may have already seen. I’m talking about those new app icons.

Microsoft is adding color into the icons as they move away from the primarily monochrome look.
This is part of a bigger interface update which we’ll see more of in the future. I n fact,
Microsoft teased this concept on Instagram, back on March 19th, 2020.
Two of the notable changes from the teaser video were the removal of the colored fills in the Start menu tiles and a new File Explorer.

New Latest Best Features In Windows 10

That aside, let’s take a look at some of the new features.

1. Application

Cortana is now a standalone application. You can un-dock it from the taskbar, and the window behaves like any other Windows 10 application. In the Settings,

2. Input Voice

You can change the default input to be (Top 6 SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic ) voice or text, and you can summon Cortana with Windows Key + C on your keyboard in Windows 10

3. Best Apps For PC

You can also use (Windows 10) Cortana to launch apps, and change settings again, speaking or typing. But I had some trouble while performing some of these actions, but keep in mind, it is a beta. Movin’ on, let’s take a look at the search.

4. Search Button

Quick searches now appear at the bottom of the panel, and there’s a cool reverse search button, which is also available in the Photos app.
Click it, and you can drag a marquee selection around an image, then Bing will automatically display visually similar search results.

5. Game Bar


The game bar has a new performance overlay. You can pin this to your game so you can monitor performance, without having the rest of the game bar UI open. It will (Best Antivirus McAfee Total Protection For 3 Years) also display frame rate, except for some reason it doesn’t work in any of my games.


6. New Calculator

Sad face, moving on, the calculator now has a new button, which makes it float above other apps, pretty neat- o. Another small feature is, you can now rename the Virtual Desktops inside your task view.

7. Task Manager

Click, type, boom, done. Also, the Task Manager can now display GPU temperature, but I guess it does network with my system. Macs Fan Control the text in macOS, so I know a thermal sensor is there, but I guess it’s not compatible with this Windows 10 build.

8. Control Panel

Another sad face. Now let’s transition to the settings application. It seems like, with any new version of Windows 10, Microsoft is taking those classic Control Panel items, and moving them into the modernized Settings application.

9. Data Usage setting

They’re doing more of that, but they’re also adding in some other features. Let’s take a look. First up, you can now set the data limit under the Data Usage setting. You can set the size of the limit and have it reset monthly, or you can have it reset after a certain amount of time.

10. Bandwidth

You can also set additional bandwidth limits for downloading updates in the background. Under the Ease of Access setting,

11. Mouse Pointer

you can change the mouse pointer color, including an inverted option, and you could enable a new feature called Text Cursor Indicator.
This makes the text cursor easier to see, and you may also adjust its size and color too. And now, yes, you can adjust the mouse pointer speed in settings without having to summon the classic Control Panel.

12. Sign-In Options

Let’s switch over to the sign-in options. If you use Top 10 Best WordPress Movie Themes) any non-password options for sign-in, you can now disable the password field on the lock screen.

13. Cloud Download

Here’s another handy feature, you can now reset your PC with a cloud download. So if your system is full of junk and you need to reinstall, you can download a fresh copy of the OS, without having to restore ISO files, or carry physical media with you.

14. Notification

One more setting change I want to show when you get a notification you’ll notice a new gear icon. If you click it, you’ll see options to instantly turn off all notifications for an app, or you can use it to jump right to the notification settings.
All right, we covered a bunch of new settings and a bunch of new features, but now let’s jump over to Windows for Linux Subsystem. (whooshing) WSL was originally released on August 2nd, 2016, and version two was released to Windows Insiders on June 12th, 2019.
So it’s been around for a while. Go ahead and play with it if you haven’t already. In the May 2020 Update,

15. Linux Binaries

Microsoft has been reading some improvements. The biggest change is the complete architectural restructuring with a real Linux kernel (SiteGround vs HostGator WordPress Hosting 2021) that runs in a lightweight Hyper- Virtual machine environment. One of the benefits of this is you’re essentially killing the middle man, aka the translation layer from WSL
This means the Linux binaries now have full system call compatibility. I don’t know what that means 100%, I’m not a programmer, I’m just paraphrasing the documentation.
WSDL 2, how to enable it on your system.
And if you want, download windows Terminal too, it lets you run multiple shells inside of one program, and you get tabs and all these cool, customizable settings. So go ahead and try that out too.
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