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How To Get Slim Hips – 5 Fast Ways For You

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Hi, guys welcome to my blog. Today I am telling you, friends, How To Get Slim Hips – 5 Fast Ways on how to grow your hip muscles, or actually, I should just say muscle. 


You know have a more hourglass shape and muscle. I primarily focus on with the gluteus maximus and it’s the largest and most superficial muscle of all the three muscles and our glutes, so yes you can look a lot more Courier if you work your gluteus maximum, you know minimus and also medius which are the three major muscles in the glutes so don’t get me, wrong friends, you can totally build your hips by working out your gluteus maximus.

 I’m just telling you friends a different approach to getting Slim Hips or a curve your figure base I feel like the majority of the workout articles focus on the gluteus Maximus. 


So today I am telling you friends some exercises that target the tensor fasciae late, so the tensor fasciae lata is one of the muscles of the hip and the muscles of the hip are the ones that cause all movement in the hip so the muscles of the slim hips are divided into four major groups and today we’re going to be focusing on the Evo group so the tensor fasciae are latae.


What is Tensor Fasciae Latae (Slim Hips)


Slim Hips


TFL (Tensor Fasciae Lataefor short it is part of thegluteal Group.


So the TfL it’s the most anterior of all the muscles in the gluteal group.

The origin of the TfL is the anterior superior iliac spine or aka the front and most top part of your pelvis and when I say origin I (Slim Hips) mean where the muscle is attached to so most muscles will have one end that is fixed in its position and it will be attached to the bone.

So the bone that the TfL is actually attached to is right on top of the Halas making it one of the main muscles.


That’s actually friends give you that shape on the side of your hips and doing exercises.


That target the TfL will actually you know cause it to grow and give you that curvier figure as well.

So even though the TfL, is a small muscle and it’s not a very thick muscle compared to the gluteus Maximus can be hard to target and also grow.


I am friends tell you some exercises that you know primarily target the TfL and if you really work on, you know focusing and growing the TfL since it is the most superficial and most anterior and you know it’s the one that’s closest to your hips you really allow for your hips to grow the movements.

  • That the TfL is predominantly involved in with the flexion hip abduction and also medial rotation.
  • So an example of hip flexion would be like squatting and if your hip abduction is when your legs go outward it’s kind of like that you did know like the hip abduction machine and you did know medial rotation.
  • Would be bringing your legs like if you’re standing straight up and we bring your legs in words like the kind of like turning your leg inwards toward the center of the body.
  • So if you do exercises that have you know hip flexion hip abduction and also medial rotation that’s what’s gonna really target the TfL and it’s gonna work that muscle.
  • I am telling you a bunch of exercises that include you know hip flexion abduction and also medial rotation and these exercises are really activate the TfL.


1. Smith Machine Bar Exercise


Slim Hips
  • So one of the (Slim Hips) movements of the hip that I had mentioned earlier that involved the TfL is hip flexion.
  • So during the lowering part of the squat and when you’re at the top of the eccentric phase or at the bottom of the squat your hips are flexed and the TfL is flexed.
  • So (Slim Hips) You feel it working your hips the most if you stand just a little bit in front of the smith machine bar.
  • That when I squat down I’m basically almost like in a froglike stance so you would need to do this on a smith machine because if you were doing squats like this on a squat rack be completely off balance and you’d probably fall backward.


2. Cable Sidekick Exercise


Cable Sidekick Exercise
  •  This exercise is the cable sidekick that utilizes the hip abduction movement so for this.
  • You just want to make sure to have a neutral spine lean forward slightly and have a slight bending of your knees as you abduct your leg to the side.


3. Medial / Internal Rotation Exercise


Medial Internal Rotation Exercise
  • This medial /internal rotation of the hips and femurs medial/internal means towards the middle of the body. 
  • So You rotating your hips outwards and then back toward the midline of your body.
  • So I’ve added a twist to the typical bodyweight fire hydrant by utilizing the cables which will add more resistance and also adding an immediate rotation movement in this exercise (Slim Hips)  in order to incorporate the use of the TfL.
  • You just want to situate your body so that your ankles align with the cable attachment and you want to bring your legs out to the side like for a normal fire hydrant and then rotate it back to the first position.


4. Hip Abduction Exercise


Hip Abduction Exercise


  • This exercise (Slim Hips) is another hip abduction movement and if you on the hip abduction machine.
  • Your t appellees flex at the top of the movement where your hips are completely open again this is an awesome machine to use for beginners and you can really feel this in your hips.
  • I don’t like to hold on to anything with my hands when I perform this exercise (Slim Hips) on this machine because I feel like (Slim Hips) it takes away some of the tension from your hips and glutes.


5. Isolated Hip Exercise


Isolated Hip Exercise
  • This exercise (Slim Hips) is kind of like an isolated hip abduction where you’re only abducting one hip at a time.
  • You would need a resistance band for this exercise and to perform the movement.
  • You need to get into a squat position that doesn’t have to be asked to the grass though and while you keep one leg stationary.
  • You want a step diagonally backward in order to target your hips or the TfL.
  • This is (Slim Hips) another variation of a sidekick and hip abduction exercise except it’s a posterior sidekick.
  • The working leg starts behind the body and then kicks to the side and also toward the front, the working leg eventually gets aligned with the body. 




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