5 Simple Fashion Ways to Wear Clothes in Winter


5 Simple Fashion Ways to Wear Clothes in Winter to incorporate color into your wardrobe. If you are renewing to my blog, welcome to my goal through my blog is to help you look like the very best version of your self each and every day that’s never going to be perfect because perfection isn’t possible but here’s what I know when you look good you feel good and so my goal is to help all of you feel good.

Today I want to talk about color incorporating color into your wardrobe this winter it’s a tricky thing to do we often forget about the color I’ll get into the color in just a minute.

 I first started it would have saved me a lot of trouble and I think it’s not just for people that want to do fashion in Winter it could be Beauty it could be lifestyle any type of blog really so just wanted to remind you all about that tip alright now let’s get back to color.

So I want to share 5 simple tips and 5 simple ways that you can incorporate color into wardrobe this winter color is often overlooked this time of the year because we’re reaching for our graves and blacks are kind of going into our comfort zone of those basics and those very neutral colors

But what happens is color can literally and figuratively lift our spirits make us feel a little a bit more joyful a little lighter and that’s so important especially now because many of us are suffering through post-holiday blues and the winter blues and get your vitamin D checked by the way you may not see

Sun for days on end and you’re just missing that light and you’re missing that that little extra pep in your step that happens sometimes during the winter there’s a real thing called seasonal affective disorder I used to get it for short when I lived in the Northeast

I think this year I had a version of that but it wasn’t necessarily from the season it was more from all of the hype and crazy leading up to the holidays and then after our big trip coming back, I just couldn’t really get back into things I just was really bummed and feels silly to be like that when you have like you’re so lucky and you have so many things but I just truly was bummed I didn’t want to get out of bed I just wasn’t feeling motivated wasn’t feeling inspired so I’m sure many of you are feeling that way and adding color into your wardrobe and that’s really.

So I want to share 5 simple ways to Wear Clothes in Winter to do it for those that may not be sure my rule for color is very simple when in doubt pick one bold color one piece in one bold color so it’s the same piece keep everything else neutral and quiet that’s your the failsafe rule for color when you do that you cannot go wrong so let’s dive into those 5 simple ways.


1. Winter Clothes Color


Winter Clothes

Where the one is to wear a sweater in Winter or blouse and the bright bold color I feel like this one is so easy it’s also one of my favorites because I feel like when you re putting that pop of color right by your face it really does brighten and lighten everything up and when you’re reselecting those colors remember I’ve talked about before just pick colors you feel good in that you get compliments when you wear those are your colors

You know those are your colors in Winter so just grab and gravitate toward those colors if you don’t have any and you look in your closet and it’s like all gray and black then go ahead and look online or go into your local store and see what you can find in a nice bold beautiful color that makes you feel like oh I love that it makes you happy you feel like you look cute in it grab a couple of blouses grab a couple of sweaters just a pepper into your wardrobe this winter and that’s really going to help brighten things up and make you feel a lot lighter you know you could go the bold color route

But you can also go the pastel color route so don’t forget about pastels too but I wanted to show you I have this really beautiful fuzzy green turtleneck that I love to pull out just makes me feel like I said a little lighter a little brighter and also it’s very warm and very functional so there that component to it too I also have that the same sweater in a v-neck that’s In ina beautiful royal blue that is another color I love I love emerald green and I love royal blue.


2. Winter Wool Coats 


Wool Coats

Another option (Winter Fashion) is your outerwear and that is either your coat your puffer your jacket whatever your climate dictates that outerwear that the third layer that you’re wearing this time of year can be a beautiful bold color I know again you want to have those basics you want to have that black puffer or that black wool coat

But it is nice to have a little color here too so this year I invested in a bright green faux fur and I do love to wear that I feel so glamorous wearing it and I just love the color pop and then last year I did buy a reversible kind of burgundy reddish tone faux fur I have some wool coats that are in bright bold colors

I have pastel (Winter Fashion) wool coats you know you can figure out what the right color and what the right option is for you whether that’s a moto jacket a puffer jacket a wool jacket a faux fur you know whatever makes sense for your wardrobe and also your climate but think about adding some color with your outerwear that’s another really really non-committal simple way of incorporating that beautiful color into your wardrobe.


3. Winter Pretty Shoes 

Pretty Shoes

Your third option is with your shoes in Winter so again this is climate-dependent so what you might wear in Texas is a lot different than what you’d wear here in colorado you know you get tired especially in this in the snowy climates you get tired of wearing like the snowy boots every day and occasionally go on a date or you go do something special and it’s nice to bring out a real pair of shoes obviously

Your Winter boots (Winter Fashion) are real shoes but you know what I mean like like shoes like pretty shoes so maybe it’s a red boot maybe it’s a white bootie maybe it’s a leopard print bootie maybe it’s just areally fun printed pump or a pump in a bold color like a bright pink or bright red just something adds color using that footwear option and then you can keep everything else really neutral so it doesn’t feel super in-your-face it’s really easy to do any body type can doit any age can do it it’s a really nice way of adding color.





Similar to shoes are your handbags and here’s another one that’s like if you’re not sure and you’re feeling insecure about the color the handbag is a great option it feels very easy it doesn’t feel like a huge commitment so it’s a bright red bag it’s a pink bag it’s a lovely burgundy bag it’s a green bag it has this bright print or patterns it is going to give you that easy color pop that’s noticeable but doesn’t feel overpowering overwhelming still feels effortless chic sophisticated good for all ages all body types you don’t have to worry about if it’s adding bulk to what half of your body or any of that it’s just so easy to do so definitely think about the handbag option.


4. Beautiful Earrings 



Beautiful Earrings

I want to talk about is jewelry and jewelry is another simple way to add some color you can do something like I’m doing right here with these little feathers Burgundy earrings it just adds a little color pop around your face you could do a nice bold necklace you could even do like headbands,

Just anything that sort of adorns around your face that gives a pop of color is a lovely way to go and just again to incorporate a little bit of something other than black and gray or gold and silver into your wardrobe giving yourself a pop of color in such a simply lovely way like earrings if you are on the hunt for colorful fun earrings that aren’t going to break the bank because here’s where you could just really look to save money

If it’s something you’re not so sure about maybe you’re not gonna wear it as much as you’d wear your everyday jewelry look a store like an online store like bauble bar they’re gonna have really affordable very modern fashion-forward very colorful jewelry it’s not gonna last forever but again just for that quick pop that you don want to invest a lot of money in I feel like that’s a great resource I do these are from Express can be aresourcej.crew has beautiful jewelry BananaRepublic has amazing jewelry I would just kind of browse around and see what strikes your fancy with the jewelry.


5. Makeup 



I want to give you a bonus tip and the bonus tip is makeup you can use your makeup to add a pop of color so inevitably you’ve reached for the black and the gray again and you’re like man I forgot about the color thing and I don’t have time to switch my handbag and I can’t wear the shoes because it’s there are three feet of snow on the ground that’s where I would add that color pop with your lipstick or your eyeshadow

So this time of year I love to pull out like green shadows and burgundy shadows love to do burgundy lipstick red lipstick I really love the Sephoraalways red it’s color one and it’s a lip stain that’s my favorite red in terms of just like the daily color pops I do love Milani lipsticks and matte and those are very affordable and I have a whole tray of them because I really do love the matte lipstick and I love the way that they really stay on your lips and it doesn’t bleed and it is matte and the colors are very pigmented again they’re you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get that color pop

You can go to your (Winter Fashion) drugstore get some Milani lipsticks and be on your way when you are infusing something like color or print that you’re not so sure about you’re not sure about the versatility of it and how much you’re going to wear it there’s no reason to spend a lot of money on those purchases like those are where you look to save your money you spend your money on your basics so again I will put some of my suggestions (Winter Fashion) below or you guys to check out but these are things you could probably find in your very own closet poke around in there see what’s happening and I bet you can find some really cool colorful pieces.