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5 Stylish Fashion Tips – Every Girl Should Know

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Hello everyone welcomes to my Blog You will actually find out the most important stylish fashion tip that actually people tend to neglect and it’s not what you think. 

I want to present 5 digestible things that you really should think about when you style yourself and when you go shopping for stylish fashion.


1. Body Shape (Stylish Fashion)


Body Shape



This one is not going to really (stylish fashion) come as a big surprise for you. The reason for that is, how many times haven’t you heard me talk about dress for your body shape?

Make sure your clothes fit properly, have clothes that are tailored for your body because that’s really how you are going to look expensive and you’re going to look elegant this way.

I need to really (stylish fashion)  stress once more about how important it is to actually dress for your body shape. It is the second most important when it comes to choosing what clothes you’re wearing. So why dressing for your body shape gets a little bit neglected is because people assume that whatever is in the shops,

You can pretty much wear as long as you manage to fit it on you. But that’s not really the case because you have to start thinking about the shape of the garments and does it go accordingly to your own body shape? It’s not only necessarily about does it fit well, but it’s also about what does it enhance?

What does it camouflage? Does it work in favor of your body or is it just making you look worse? Maybe it makes you look bigger, fatter, bulkier, chunkier. Maybe really put an accent on where you don’t want to have an accent. 

As an example, a very common body type is the hourglass and it’s actually probably the luckiest body type. Because an hourglass can pretty much wear everything.Well, not everything.

So when (stylish fashion)  you dress and you have an hourglass body shape, so you have a curve, you have a beautiful natural curve, you have a defined waist, and let’s say you put on this massive bulky sweater that is pretty trendy right now. You do not put any accents on your waist, which actually gives you a slimming effect.

Instead, you bulk up and you end up looking, I dunno, two sizes bigger than you actually are. That is a very common practice right now in fashion and I don’t really think that would give you any favors. Same for instance, if you are a rectangle body shape, meaning that you might not have a very defined waist, you’re very much straight.

Now for you, it will be very tricky to wear clothing that really puts emphasis on the waist when it becomes very obvious that you are very much straight there. 

You don’t want people to see that. Now, on the contrary, you could actually create an illusion by having clothing that maybe has a cinch that kind of gives you that illusion that you have a waist.

Now that would be, for instance, the correct way for a rectangle body shape to find clothes that will be flattering on her. So you see what I’m going ladies, body (stylish fashion) shape and dressing for your body shape, it is a jungle and it’s not a very straightforward practice. For that reason, body shapes in future teachings stylish fashion.


2. Pretty Look 


pretty look


I’m actually talking about the (stylish fashion) scale. Meaning, are you petite, average, or a tall woman? Of course, petite and tall, those who are, you know what your issues are.

And of course, there are some pretty basic things that we kind of all know. The lucky people are of course the average because they can pretty them much, get away again with everything, just like the hourglasses do.

But going back to the tall and petite ones, you really have to start thinking about small details. Like for instance, do you think a petite can wear large prints and do you think a tall woman should wear small prints?

The answer is no. It should be reversed. The same goes, for instance, if you have an evening clutch, would you say that a petite lady can wear a larger evening clutch?

Would you think that it will do a tall woman a favor if she had a small evening clutch? No. You have to balance out the proportions of things and there are so many small details that you must think about stylish fashion.


3. Silk Wear Stylish Fashion


Silk Wear


Not all (stylish fashion)  materials will be suitable for all people and all lifestyles, and all body shapes. Yep. We are getting even more complicated now. For instance, my favorite material, which is silk stylish fashion.

It does not work for everybody. For instance, let’s say you are a bit more voluptuous, it might be tricky for you to wear silk in a way that it’s flattering on you. Silk can really show a lot. Let’s say, you’re wearing a silk skirt. It can get really tricky because silk can really show things like cellulite for instance.

Another thing, if we go back (stylish fashion) to the hourglass body shape. They for instance, because they are usually curvy and they can be slim and curvy, and they can be more full and curvy. 

So now I’m referring to people of all kinds of sizes, but as long as they have an hourglass shape, hourglass should always think about having flexible material. For instance, like jersey,

Things that stretch because they have that natural curve. An hourglass should not be wearing stiff material because that won’t really fit her well on her curves or move along well when she moves her limbs. In the country, for instance, going back to the rectangle as an example.

I know we’re talking a lot about (stylish fashion) hourglass and rectangles, but I just think that they’re quite good examples in this case because they’re very straightforward.

We can go quite complicated and start talking about triangles and inverted triangles, and apples, and pears, all of those. Let’s just focus on the things where we have to start shifting our mindset in terms of how we look at clothes and how we dress.

So going back, a rectangle (stylish fashion) as an example, she, on the contrary, should definitely wear a little bit stiffer materials because that will kind of help her not emphasize too much, the fact that she’s very, very much straight. It will look more natural for her body shape, the fact that she might have much stronger material. 



4. Clothes  Color Stylish Fashion





I am going to tell (stylish fashion) you about the most important thing that you should think about when you dress. But don’t switch off just yet because there’s actually one important point after this point that is a little bit of connected.

So I had to really present this point first. Now number four, the color is the most important (stylish fashion) when you dress. Why is that? Of course, we all knew that we have our favorite colors. We have colors that perhaps look a little bit better in us and so on. 

 Okay, so this colorwork on this type of people and this, on these and so-and-so, and it was really interesting.

I had so many aha moments when it comes to color. Because I am somebody, I must say, I didn’t really wear color as I should have. And I’m now referring to the black phase that I went through. 

I actually wore black only more or less for about two years and black is not a color that really works on that many people. Yet, almost everybody, this is what they’re wearing most of the time.

Black is a color that usually suits better on darker ladies because it doesn’t wash them out, their skin tone as it does on lighter ladies. People like me with my type of blonde hair and light skin tone, should not wear black.

The darkest we can go to is a light navy but not as dark as black. And if you look into my wardrobe,50% of my clothes are black. 



Stylish Fashion


So yes, it’s going to be a lot of shopping. Moving onwards, I really need to do a big closet cleanse. I have been very modest when it comes to wearing color and the reason for that is I went through my black phase.

I got so tired of the black clothes that I ended up only wearing beige clothes and I’m probably in my second year of wearing beige mostly. Now I’m getting a little bit tired of that as well.

And the reason why I didn’t end up going so much for colors is that I found it very difficult to understand what colors are my colors. So now that I have this proper color training, then, of course,

I’m definitely going to be buying loads of colorful clothes moving onwards. I really can’t wait because I’ve had a black phase, a beige phase, now I’m ready for color, and actually baby blue, the one that I’m wearing today is one of my best colors.

So that’s how you have to look at when you’re choosing a color. Not all colors will work on everybody. At this color training that I did, we were working with about 135 different color shades.

Of course, you can have even more shades than that, but that’s a pretty good baseline to start from.  These 135 colors, you have approximately 42 colors that work well on you.

And then you can actually narrow it down even more to something that becomes more like your wow colors, colors that really work the best on you. Ultimately, ladies, you want to buy those colors, those wow colors. You want to have colors that really make you pop, I dunno, really makes you glow. 

A big color mistake that people do is like I said, wear black and black washes a lot of people out, meaning that it’s a very domineering color. You end up seeing the color instead of seeing the person behind and we really have to take that into account.

So maybe the little black (stylish fashion) dress is not always necessarily the best dress for everybody. But it is better than, for instance, having a color that makes you look ill, and trust me, ladies, there are colors that can be extremely unflattering on people.

As an example, if you are a redhead, pink is probably the worst color you can ever wear. There are other colors as well that literally makes a person turns green in their face. 


5. Makeup  




The importance (stylish fashion) of really choosing either a warm tone or a cool tone in your makeup and we’re talking everything, blusher, foundation, eye shadow, we’re talking lipsticks, definitely lipstick, very important. I always knew that whenever you choose a foundation for instance, or concealer or powder, anything that has to blend in with your own skin complexion. 

You really have to take into account if you have a yellow tone or a pink tone. But I never really saw it as is it a warm tone or cold tone? And that was a major aha moment for me because actually, now we understand why red lipsticks can look so different.

We all know red can have different (stylish fashion) shades but not all shades of red will be suitable for you because some red colors can be of cool nature and some red colors can have a warm tone to them. And this is why you’d really need to know, do you have a warm skin tone or do you have a cold skin tone?

And whenever you do a color analysis, like the one I just mentioned, number four, when you go and get your colors checked to see what kind of clothes to buy and so on,

You will also find out what kind of makeup to buy. Should you go for cold makeup or should you go for warm makeup? I, for instance, I have a cool tone. 

So now I really (stylish fashion) understand that those coppery, peachy type of warm lipsticks, they were never going to work on me. I need something with a cool undertone and now,

I know it’s just going to make my life so much easier to go and choose makeup. Because you know, whenever you walk into the makeup section and you see all those lipsticks, more or less looking to save, you have no idea which one to pick.

But now I know and see now, which one is warm, which one is cool, something you get from an image consultant training. Ladies, this has been really a big eye-opener for me.

I have so many more tips like this and trust me, we will be going more in-depth on such topics. But I wanted to start the thinking process for you and that you start thinking about these things stylish fashion.





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