How To Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally

Look Pretty

Hi Friends! Welcome back to my Blog. I will share with you How To Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally and how to Feel Good and Look Good every day. I can tell you how to make yourself feel fresh, fit, and good. 

 FriendsToday the topic which I want to share with you how to Look Good, Pretty, and Feel Good. I am sharing 10 tips for Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally. 


1.0 Morning Drink (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally)

When you get up (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally)  in the morning drink, at least one bottle of water. You might feel weird why she is asking to drink water also following. I also want that everyone follows and makes this a habit because it is very important.
This detoxicates the whole body if you drink. One bottle of water it keeps you protected from many diseases hydrates our skin throughout the day you will feel hydrated is very important also follow this and I also want that all of you follow too.  


2.0 Remove Puffiness:-

Remove Puffiness


How to (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally) remove puffiness from your face and feel freshen a recent post beauty queen Katrina Kaif has also shared. She also follows this routine regularly after watching her, I have also started this earlier I used to rub with an ice cube, but better why not we follow Katrina Kaif’s routine. Take one bowl of water and add 10-15 ice cube ship your face for 5 seconds and repeat this will remove the puffiness from your face and makes you feel very fresh. 


3.0 Clean Your Skin:- 

To Cleanse (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally) your skin, How do we cleanse you can mix Besan with Milk and cleanse with that Or uses one of the cleaners available in the market. I prefer the natural way I use the Besan and Milk combination. I apply to my face and let it dry and then I wash it off this very nicely cleans my face. So you can follow this method or use a cleanser available in the market, so this is a very important step for your skin to get clean looks, so friends we are done with cleansing.


4.0 Moisturize Your Skin:-


Moisturize Your Skin


Moisturize (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally) your skin moisturizing our skin after taking a shower is very important if you don’t moisturize make your skin dry and problem for those with combination skin problems for those with dry skin too. So better you moisturize those with oily skin use a gel moisturizer like I use a Lakme Aloe Vera Primer Moisturizer. That is very nice and as it is a gel it gets absorbed very nicely. 


5.0 Apply Kajal on Eyes:-

Apply Kajal on Eyes


To (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally) apply kajal on eyes if you apply kajal on eyes, it makes your eyes look brighter, like today I have not done any makeup, today I have just cleansed, moisturized, and applied kajal on eyes when you put kajal you get a brighter look on the face also covers up dark circles, if and creates a lot of difference, like I used to work earlier, so sometimes I used to go to the office without kajal here my colleagues would come and ask like what happened. Are you not feeling well today. But when I used to apply kajal I used to feel good.  


6.0 Use Lip Balm:-

Lip Balm


Lip (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally) Balm to Feel and Look Good. We always cleanse and moisturize our face or lips it is very important that you at least use a lip balm many of us don’t like lip balm you can put colored balm as well or any light color shade lipstick while sitting on your zoom call to look presentable I would suggest you can also use some colored the lipstick which suits your skin tone and should not be very loud this is very effective like I have applied a lip balm, today hydrates our lips and gives an overall fresh look. 


7.0 Tie Your Hair:-



To tie (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally) your hair we are at home and become a bit lazy I don’t mostly comb my hair most of the time I forget to comb my hair better if you are sitting in the zoom caller for your feel-good also you can just tie your hair nicely like I have done today this will make you feel good and energetic so always keep your hair tied just in case you want to leave your hair.  Opens use some kind of serum is very effective and moisturizes our hair also gives a smooth and tidy look Serum if you want to keep your hair open especially when you are in a call when we do Work From Home our conference calls are always on. So for this, if you keep your frizz under control and if you apply the serum then you will look even more presentable. 


8.0 Wear A Solid Color:- 

Solid Color


Wear a solid (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally) color attire we are working from home, Wear a solid color shirt or t-shirt that gives you a different look also makes you stand out. Solid color always makes you stand out of the crown floral prints do not look good on photos, so better you go for solid colors choose a color which suits you most mostly I would suggest black or white these are the colors which suit almost everyone like I have worn white today as well. And if you want to add up some color you can use a jacket or shrug on top, you can change your jacket or shrug daily so it will give a different look and will make you look good too.  


9.0 Eat Lots of Fruits:-



To eat lots of (Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally) fruits the living style which we have now we are not going out and eating at home only Better to add fruits to your diet especially seasonal fruits gives you a glow from inside and makes you feel energetic seasonal fruit is always advisable Benefits are according to the season will benefit you and suit you to try to eat lots and lots of fruits. I also eat lots of fruits daily. I would advise you too to follow the same to feel energetic. 


10.0 Walk:- 



Last but not least Last tip Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally does exercise or does some workout if you can’t do this, please try and walk at least 15 mistakes a brisk walk if you don’t want to go outside your house take a walk for at least 15 mistakes a walk and will give you energy removes laziness. I didn’t use to do earlier but now I regularly do this and I can feel the energy and I feel very fit and strong.

I would advise you the same try it out This also relieves our mental stress As we have heard recently your favorite star Sushant Singh Rajputdue to his mental stress he has taken a very wrong step. I would suggest adding some exercise to your life, It will be a stress buster, And will make you feel good too. So this was the I share with you these 10 tips because there is lots of mental stress now and, this is the most important step of my tips. So please follow it, 

So these were our 10 tips Look Pretty Without Makeup Naturally To stay and feel good This is also for your without makeup look if you want to know ow more in detail.