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How to Add 250 Participants in Google Meet

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How to Add 250 Participants in Google Meet


Today, we are going to learn how to use google meet. Most of you are aware of google meet. 

This article will be helpful for organizers who are planning to conduct online classes or online workshops. 

And you may know that google meet allows only 100 participants in a meeting. 

But I will show you how to arrange a meeting for more than 100 participants. Type 



Google meet
  •  This is the google meet webpage. If you are an organizer, you have to select this option.
  •  To start a new meeting. You can also start a new meeting using your Gmail. go to your Gmail account.
  •  And then select this option and go to the meeting. (SEO)
  • This is the google meet option. 
  • This is the meeting joining window. 
  • Before joining the meeting, make sure that you have turned off your audio and video. 
  • And select to join now. once you have select join now, you have entered into the meeting now you can copy the meeting link and you can add participants. (Top 6 SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic )
  • Select add people. Type the email address of the participant. 
Google Meet
  • Select add participant. 
  • And select send email. Once you send an email, 
  • The participant will receive an email with the joining meeting link. I select to join the meeting as a participant.
  •  Once the participant joins the link, you will see the participant list.  You can join your mobile or PC. 
  • This is the chat option. Where you can communicate without using the mic. 
  • So that it will not disturb the other participants here you can select the changing layout and change the layout of the screen. 
  • If you are an organizer and you want to demonstrate using your screen. select present now. 
  • You can select the entire screen, or window, or chrome tab. I select the entire screen. Now see another option available here. that is your presentation.



Google Meet



  • That shows that you are presenting the screen. 
  • Now you are presenting the screen. Go to another tab.
  • Now whatever the screen is visible to you on your desktop is shared with all the participants. 
  • Whatever screen, If the participants want to share their screen. They can present from their screen.
  •  Now the participant is sharing the screen. 
  • Now again you take over your screen.
  •  Now you presenting the screen. And another person will find the meeting link in the meeting details. 
  • Just copy the link. and you can forward the link using a medium like WhatsApp or email. 
  • This is how we join the meeting link. and present the screen for the participants as an organizer. 
  • To leave the meeting, we have to select this one, leave the call. 
  • To add all participants at a time, go to your Gmail. Compose. and select the email addresses. 
  • And just copy the meeting link. Just copy the meeting link and paste it. 
  • The issue in sending an email to all the participants is whenever the participant wants to join the meeting, 
  • Then it will ask you to admit the participant. In order to avoid this. Go to Gmail and select the calendar.  
  • Select create. select more options. 
  • Now, this is the calendar. Select the event name. Select the date of the meeting or workshop. Select time. 
  • And select add google meets video conferencing. A meeting link will be created.


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Google Meet


  • This is the meeting link and up to 100 participants. 
  • It shows it is the limit of google meet. And select notification by email. 10 minutes. 
  • And in guests, like this, you can add 100 participants to the guest list. 
  • And you can give permission to invite others or see the guest list. And finally, save. 
  • Whether to send invitations email to google calendar guests. Select send. 
  • Now you have created a calendar with a google meet link. The participants will receive an email like this.
  • Now you go to the organizer tab. 
  • And you join as an organizer. 
  • Now you have joined as a presenter as well as the participant. This is your organizer window. 
  • If you share your screen. Select the present now. Now the participants can see your entire screen.
  •  This is how we add participants using google calendar and conduct the meeting. 
  • The limit for any Gmail account is 100 participants. 
  • Now we will do, how to add more than 100 participants. we need two Gmail accounts for this. 
  • Go to one of the Gmail accounts. Select the calendar. More options. Give a title. Add google meet link. 
  • While adding the guest list, make sure you are adding the presenter. 
  • After adding the presenter, add all the 100 participants to the guest list and then select save. Similarly, go to your other Gmail account. 
  • And select calendar. create more options, title. Create a google meet link. Then add the presenter first. 
  • Then add the remaining participants. in this calendar. 
  • Then select save. and you have created two google meet links using two different email id’s and you have shared the two meetings with your presenter. 
  • Then the participants will be able to join both meeting links at a time. Now, these are two different google meet links from two different email IDs. 
  • Now you will try to present the screen. You have presented on your screen on one meeting link. Similarly, 
  • You will present this meeting link also. (Best Antivirus McAfee Total Protection For 3 Years) Now you can see, parallelly you able to present your screen to both the meeting links. 
  • Now you can use this present screen to present all your content to both the meetings. 
  • This is how we can use two googles to meet links to join as a presenter and present the screen to more than 100 participants. 
  • And if you have a google suite link, that is if you have a google account enabled by your organization, then you can add up to 250 participants.
  •  I will show, how to add 250 participants using your site account. 
  • You go to your G-suite account. then you go to the calendar. Create. Add google meet. Now you can observe. 

  • You can add up to 250 participants. And by using google suite account, if you create two google meet links, you can add up to 500 participants.


  • Similarly, if you have 3 G suite accounts, you can add up to 750 Participants.
  • If you have any doubts, you can post, them in the comment box. I will try to explore and respond to you as soon



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